The Sea and the Land surface


 <And with Him are the keys of the unseen treasures none knows them but He; and He knows what is in the Land and the Sea, (SURA 6, verse 59 )

 The singular word 'Bahr' means sea has occurred 32, all land words has occurred 13 times ('Barr' means land has occurred 12 times + the word 'Yabas' means land occurred 1 time) so the total would be 32 + 13 = 45 times

sea percentage would be: ( 32/45 ) * 100 % = 71.1111 %

land percentage would be: ( 13/45 ) * 100 %= 28.8889 %

and it is the exact percentage of the sea to land ..

Finally after this simple calculation  we come to a miraculous result which stated the Quran  for more than 1400 years and which the modern Science confirmes.

[53.3] Nor does he ( Muhammad p.u.h) speak out of desire.
[53.4] It is no less than revelation that is revealed, 
[53.5] The Lord of Mighty Power has taught him,

 In Encyclopedia Britannica we can read  :

Ocean : 

continuous body of salt water that is contained in enormous basins on the Earth's surface.

When viewed from space, the predominance of the oceans on the Earth is readily apparent. The oceans and their marginal seas cover nearly 71 percent of the Earth's surface, with an average depth of 3,795 metres (12,450 feet). The exposed land occupies the remaining 29 percent of the planetary surface and has a mean elevation of only 840 metres (2,756 feet). Actually, all the elevated land could be hidden under the oceans and the Earth reduced to a smooth sphere that would be completely covered by a continuous layer of seawater 2,686 metres deep. This is known as the sphere depth of the oceans and serves to underscore the abundance of water on the Earth's surface.

ANOTHER THEORY :The sea level would rise due a global warming


This what I read for a few days in an article about the global warming which could provoque the melting of the  West Antarctic ice sheet which probably collapsed before and could collapse again.  If it does, the massive melting of ice would raise global sea level by 20 feet. Twenty feet might not sound like much, but it's enough to inundate several small islands in the Pacific, and low-lying coastal regions in Southeast Asia, western Africa, the Middle East, and southeastern US. More than 200 million people could be forced to move. Millions of acres of farmland would be lost.

Read related article.

Now if we take the occurence of the word " Land"  in the Quran but this time taking into consideration just the scribal form of the word "Barr" so the total would be 12 :

and Land percentage would be   :   12/44 * 100 % = 27,27272727 %

Now does it mean that in the future about 1,6 % of our Planet would be covered by water ??

Allahs knows better.

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