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Joseph was 90 years old when he married 12 to 14-year old Mary!  Was Joseph also a pedophile?  This piece was added to the article Prophet Muhammad's marriage with our mother Aisha, peace be upon both of them.  This should further silence the barking hypocrites from the Jews and Christians who insist on calling Prophet Muhammad a pedophile for marrying a young girl, for the step-daddy of their god, who ran to Egypt for his life from king herod after he wanted to kill him, was also a pedophile according to their hypocrisy.


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  • Challenge to Shamoun:  Since GOD Almighty enabled females in Aisha's age to get pregnant, as it happened even in our world today with the 9-year old Thai girl giving birth, then why can't her age be the minimum age for marriage, especially during the Biblical and Islamic days where people used to die between the ages of 40s and 50s due to diseases and malnutrition?

  • Another Challenge:  Why did Shamoun fail to give a single reference, beside that ridiculous message board's post, from a Hadith of Prophet Muhammad that Aisha did indeed get "thighed"?  And why is Shamoun not rejecting his Bible for containing far worse points (virgin girls as young as 3 were raped and little boys were killed by Moses and his men) than the one he raised against Islam, which is doubtful to begin with?

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    Aisha and the Prophet Muhammad




    One of the most common polemic thrown against Islam is the prophet Muhammadís marriage to Abu Bakrís daughter Aisha. The Anti-Islamicís claim that the marriage was very wrong due to Aishaís young age.

    I will not be going through this subject in vast detail since the topic has already been sufficiently dealt with. What I will be doing is to simply give a short summary of points which refutes the entire anti-Islamicís position. This will make it easier for Muslims in the future to be able to respond to Christians who bring this argument up.


    1-     If the marriage was so wrong, then why didnít Aishaís mother object to the marriage? Instead she happily gave Aisha for marriage, and prepared her for the marriage

    2-     Why didnít Abu bakr the father of Aisha object to the marriage? If it was so wrong you would expect the father to have not allowed such a marriage to take place.

    3-     Why did the women who were present with Aisha when she was about to be given to the prophet for marriage wished her luck and were happy for her. If the marriage was wrong, the women present would have been sad, and they would not have been happy for Aisha, rather what we see is that they were happy for Aisha and had no problems with this marriage whatsoever.

    4-     Are we supposed to assume that Abu Bakr, and Aishaís mother, and the women present with Aisha are all pedophiles and child molesters? Indeed such a conclusion with be very ignorant, and arrogant.

    5-     Why didnít any of the prophetís enemies use this against the prophet Muhammad? If the marriage was so wrong, then you would expect to find his enemies to be the first ones to start using this against him, instead what we find is that his enemies NEVER EVEN ONCE brought this marriage up in a negative way against him.

    6-     In fact why didnít any of the Arabs around the Hijazi area object or talk against this marriage? It was not only the pagan Arabs in Hijaz who didnít object to this marriage, but the surrounding Arabs didnít object to it neither!

    7-     Are we to assume that ALL these Arabs were pedophiles and child molesters? Indeed such a conclusion would make the one making this conclusion a very stupid man, because only a very stupid arrogant man would accuse an entire race of being child molesters and pedophiles.

    8-     Why is there not a SINGLE hadith from Aisha showing her being displeased of the marriage? Why is there not one hadith from Aisha showing her to be like a victim, instead when you look at Aisha you find no symptoms of a victim. She became a great leader for Islam, a great scholar for Islam who would teach about Islam to many men. Does this seem to be the symptoms of someone who has been abused?

     9-If Aisha was indeed a victim and so on, then why did she love the prophet Muhammad so much, and would sometimes get jelous around him because she loved him so much, does this sound like someone who is a victim?

    10- from all the hadith literature we have, we can confidently say that if Aisha was alive today, that she would distance herself from these Christians making these sick arguments, and that she would want nothing to do with these people, this in itself speaks volumes since these people making this sick argument are supposed to be the good guys who are trying to be helpful.


    All these points made here are enough to refute the Anti-Islamicís entire position, and they themselves know this. I could show more points, showing that the age of marriage in the past used to be at a very young age, something history agrees with, but these Anti-Islamicís are so hate filled and arrogant they will say ALL OF HISTORY is wrong but only today in our modern world we are right. Yet if we look at our modern world, we are a disgrace, and the past is much better than us, look at us today in the modern world. You have men marrying each other; you have late night television showing people having sex like animals doing all sort of sick things. You have people dropping atomic bombs on each other; you have countries invading other countries to take all their natural resources. And this is just the tip of the ice-berg, much more bad things could be said about our modern world, but something which I do find interesting is most of the bad things occurring in our modern world is a result of western Christian influenced societies, that says it all.




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