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Ali Zina does it again! Yes, he makes a joke and a fool of himself!









Yet again Ali Sina has shown himself to be a complete joke and fool. In fact this may be the best one of all. On his site Ali Sina now begins to advertise about his new upcoming book which I am sure will be rubbish and not even worth reading. He advertises his book and then goes on to quote what some other people had to say about it, here are some of their comments:


1- A blisteringly honest, thoroughly documented, and piercingly insightful investigation of the root causes within Islam of the fanaticism and violence that today threatens the entire world. Should be required reading at the State Department and the White House. -- Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch and author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades (Regnery)


2- A powerful, no holds barred look at an ideology of hate and what must be done to eradicate it. This book pulls no punches. A must read for anyone seeking to understand Islamist terrorism" Professor Kim Ezra Shienbaum, Ph.D Dept. of Political Science, Rutgers University Camden, NJ. Chief Editor of Beyond Jihad.


3- With great courage, perspicacity, and trenchant wit, Ali Sina demolishes a host of politically correct myths about Islam, and its founder. One wishes policymaking elites would avail themselves of his insights which shatter the dangerous delusions of their own invented Islam. Andrew G. Bostom, MD, author of “The Legacy of Jihad”


4- Half a century ago Whittaker Chambers in his book “Witness”, warned us about the deadly danger of Communism. Now Ali Sina issues this clarion call regarding the threat of Islam. "Witness" could only have been written by one who knew Communism from within; the same can be said of The Islam Threat that is written from a perspective of one who knew Islam intimately from within. Islam is more dangerous than communism because it is camouflaged as “religion”. Jacob Thomas, Consultant on Middle Eastern affairs / Columnist   


5- Ali Sina is one of the bravest thinkers of our time. Read this brilliant and piercing analysis if you want to understand why there is no such thing as a moderate Islam, and why failure to understand this could put us all at great risk. Wolfgang Bruno, writer, author of "Reformation Impossible"  


There are some more quotes but that shall do. Now has anyone realized what is hilarious about these quotes? Well if you didn’t, then I’ll tell you. What is so funny about these quotes is because all Ali Sina does is quote anti-Islamic people!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! So Ali Sina is trying to show how credible and good his book is by basically quoting people who simply already agree with him and are not even open minded!! It’s like if a KKK member went and asked a group of Nazis about what they thought of their publications and work!


So yet again Ali Sina makes a joke of himself, in fact it is even more hilarious to read the comments by those other men on Ali Sina’s book. They like to call him with such complimentary names and try to make Ali Zina seem all smart, which makes them even more brain-dead than Ali Zina is! Because how anyone can support such a man like Ali Zina who does have mental problems simply amazes me. Especially putting that with his insults and slurs against Muslim people, not Islam.


In light of all this, Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more") should remain strong and stead-fast and should not allow such enemies of Islam to get to them, these enemies come and go, this is how it will be, the best thing for us to do is simply refute them, which is what we have and shall continue to do. All they can do is make up lies, then get a group of liar to simply agree with the lies. Other than that, there is nothing more they can do.


Ali Zina also writes:


 My book, The Islam Threat is finished. I believe this book is a devastating blow at Islam


Oh really? Just by the book title you make me laugh, THE ISLAM THREAT! That is hilarious, I mean couldn’t you have come up with a better title? The title doesn’t even sound proper or nice!


Also much to your wishful thinking, your book is not a blow to anything, it is just in your own little world in which you think you can defeat Islam, yet you and your friends will NEVER defeat Islam, this shall be just another book with the other hundreds on the list which attack Islam, no difference at all.





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