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The man that is Ali Sina or as I say, Ali Zina




I had recently been surfing the net as I usually do, and I got interested in doing a search on Ali Sina since I have heard alot about him from Muslims. Up until now I had always told Muslims that he is a waste of time, and that if he was worth it then maybe I would refute his rubbish. Well after skimming his section on his website, I have decided to begin and go on to refute his arguments and claims, and I tell Ali to get his 50,000 dollars ready to send to an Islamic charity as soon as I finnish him off. This does not mean that I will relent of Sam Shamoun, no, I will still be destroying Shamoun at the same time.


I find it more intresting in refuting two liars at the same time, each one is worse than the other, and I am currently working on a 4 part rebuttal to Sam Shamoun which when released, everyone will see how he does lie, and how he does mis-interpret Islamic scriptures. Enough of Sam though, this article is all for Ali Sina.


As I also skimmed through Sina's section, I could see that this man doesnt act like a scholar neither, he mocks, insults and cannot behave himself, yet he calls the Muslims the rude ones and so on which I find quite funny. How can anyone take such a man seriously when the man acts like a child? Like a 12 year old who is upset at his teacher, make no mistake about it. I am not refuting Ali Sina because I think he is smart or is a worthy opponent, I am refuting him because he is arrogant, and actually thinks he has made a point when the only point he has made is in showing that he's an idiot. Now maybe these words seem a little harsh, but then again, I only tell people to go and read his rubbish to see for themselves how his writings are filled with insults against the Muslims. So my message to Ali Sina is this, do not think your writings are worth any response, the reason I am responding is to expose you and show how silly you are.


So let the rebuttals begin!







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