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Exposing the Christian character




The main purpose and goal of this article is to simply expose the characters of Christians in general, yes, you the Christian sitting behind this computer screen is being included. Well actually no, if a Christian does not fit under the category in which I shall be showing very shortly, then no it does not include all Christians.

I will merely quote this deceiving Christian trait that Christian apologist Roland Clarke brings up:

An elderly lady shared with me an experience that should encourage average Christians to overcome their fears and inhibitions. She related how she paid for an item at the cash register. She paused to thank the young Muslim man at the teller (his headpiece indicated he was a Muslim). She spoke to him with love in her eyes, "God bless you, I hope you have a good day." He looked at her with pleasant surprise in his voice, saying, "No one has ever said that to me before." She replied spontaneously, "God really does love you." Imagine if Christians by the hundreds, or even thousands were exhibiting this kind of respect and warm regard for Muslims!!

Now sure this sounds all sweet and dandy, and many will be wondering how can this be a bad thing! Well it is very simply, Christians love to go around smiling at Muslims, saying yes we love you, and God also loves you, yet at the same time they don’t mind insulting our most valued things such as Islam, Allah, the prophet Muhammad and so on.

I mean Roland is a prime example, here is saying yes we should love Muslims, be all kind to them, yet he writes for an anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim website! Contrary to what Roland may believe, answering-Islam does not merely attack Islam in such insulting perverted ways, but the website attacks Muslims as well! So yes, on one hand they put this smile on your face saying we love you, yet on the other hand they insult you non stop which such sick arguments, and label you a terrorist and all type of other vulgar names.

I mean Christians really do make a joke of themselves, do Christians really think that if they insult Islam that will go well with us? Are they so naive to believe that attacking Islam is not attacking a Muslim? So if someone insults your father and mother, you wouldn’t get insulted? Common Christians, stop being such arrogant liars, this is one of the worst things I find in a Christian, they come with smiles and compliments, yet they insult the something to which you hold so dear.

Now I am not saying that Christians don’t have a right to insult or critique Islam, no I do not say that. Insult away, the sin will be on your shoulders, however what I am saying is don’t insult Islam and at the same time come tell us you love us and all that other rubbish. The 2 do not mix and Muslims do not buy it.

But the Christians are in a problem here, they claim that it is their religion which teaches them to do that, therefore we have a big problem here, and this problem is that their own religion is a cult and an evil liar! How can a God tell you to love someone yet insult everything he believes in? That does not make sense.  

Now incase a Christian says oh well there are Muslims who say we love Christians and insult Christianity etc. Well those Muslims are simply wrong, Muslims should not insult Christianity, even though it is a cult and is very evil, the Quran even tells us not to insult other people's Gods so they do not insult Allah! So therefore we cannot insult other faiths.

Now incase Christians also say they simply are being sincere, and are not trying to attack or bash Islam, I will respond to that by saying GIVE ME A BREAK. Just go read half the filth on answering-Islam and nobody will buy it, I have read some of the most disgusting perverted and insultive arguments I have ever seen, and most Christians around the world use the same such insulting arguments etc.        

Now Christians may complain that this is double-standards on my part, and say that I insult Christianity and bash the Bible. Well not really, every time I say something that may seem insulting I provide proof for it, like when I called the Bible a porn book; I proved it by quoting several stories from the Bible which simply talk about sex, sex, and more sex! Christians cannot do that, they argue from silence with very insulting arguments yet show no proof to back it up.

Secondly, I do not go around saying I love Christians this and that now do I? No I don’t. Are Christians now going to attack me for saying I don’t love all Christians? Why? At least I am being honest, something you Christians cannot do, see unlike you Christians, I don’t need to convert people to Islam by giving them smiles and compliments, I simply give them the cold truth of how sick their own book is, and how wrong it is and that’s it.

Thirdly, not all Christians even love Muslims! Even the ones that say they do! I mean common give me a break please, yes we love Muslims yet they love calling us insulting names such as muzzy, rag-heads, or some other insulting nickname. Yes, this is the Christian love right? So why lie and say you love us when you don’t? At least I am honest enough to admit I don’t love all Christians, and I sure wont go around lying my head off saying yes I love you this and that. Also, just because I do not love a person does not mean I hate them. In general I do not dislike Christians, and I have many Christian friends, so I really have no problem with Christians.

Christians should realize that we Muslims take any insult against Islam very seriously; we take it more seriously than an insult towards our family. And this is what I feel that Christians just do not get through their heads, when you insult Islam, you insult us, therefore how do you love us so much when you’re insulting us so much? The two just do not mix, so stop putting up a show for us, and stop living a lie, and stop telling a lie.

Finally, in conclusion I say this, most Christians in general who go around saying we love you and all that, they simply do it to win your heart over, and once they think they have done that, they think this makes it easier for them to convert you, so basically this smiley happy lovy face they put is simply a tool to convert you. It is like a sales-person, he will do everything in his power to make you buy his product, in this case the Christian will also do whatever they can to convert you to their sick cult which makes them act like such sad liars. So Muslims should not be fooled by Christians who come up with a smile and a message of love for you, basically what they really are saying is listen to me! And come to Christianity! The smiles and compliments are just a foil and a cover. So Muslims should be ware of this tactic and not get fooled by it.

Hence if Christian doesn’t go around saying they love us, and admit they don’t, then there is no problem for them in saying whatever they want to about Islam or the prophet Muhammad, it is when they specifically start saying they love and respect you that is becomes important to examine each one of their statement and action in detail.

Also lest Christians say that Christians who ridicule and mock, and insult are not true Christians, I will simply quote insults from a writer from ANSWERING-ISLAM who is a MISSIONARY:

From : sam shamoun sam_shmn40@hotmail.com
Sent : Sunday, November 27, 2005 5:44 AM

To : -@hotmail.com
Subject : RE:

Hey the little queer boy who isn't man enough to defend his fake prophet and doesn't have the guts to confront gomer and so needed a Christian to confront him for him! Hey psycho will you come in the room now that you got a mic? Your was Saudi Arabi too cheap to send you a working one. Well, what do you expect from a mythomaniac sissy.

Bye loser. :-)


From : sam shamoun sam_shmn40@hotmail.com
Sent : Sunday, November 27, 2005 5:52 PM
To : -@hotmail.com
Subject : RE:

Hey queer boy. I just got svyat to save your exchanges with her, the one about her going to hell. So thank you for that loser since now I am going to nail you. You whine about people exposing you but have no problem doing the same. Wow, how much like Muhammad you really are.

So sissy does this mean you will be a man and come on tonight where I will also get Gomer in there so you stop trying to use Christians like me to defend you? I am saving this email because I want you to post this in its entirety since the readers will see that you follow Muhammad's example. If you don't post ALL OF IT then I will further humiliate you. Wow, what an idiot you are.

Make sure this appears on the site that you use Christians to save you, then slander them, and then complain when they expose you and your false prophet.

Again, THANK YOU FOR THOSE EXCHANGES AND FOR THIS EMAIL. You are a loser as we have all come to know on Palltalk. Ok mythomaniac sissy, make sure to get out of mommy's skirt and come in the room tonight. Looking forward to cremating you. Love ya!

Readers can read the full article here: http://answering-christianity.com/examining_sam_shamouns_character_5.htm

So what do Christians say now? Is Sam Shamoun a false Christian? I don think Christians would say he is, but however so, Christians always say those who ridicule, mock, and insult are not true Christians so what will you say on a missionary who insulted, and ridiculed, and mocked me? WHAT WILL YOU SAY?

Now the purpose of this article was not to make Shamoun look bad, but I am just stating an example of how shallow Christians are for claiming they love us and all that, yet insult us non stop, and the only reason I posted Shamouns insults was because Shamoun is a missionary, and writes on a Christian website, hence he is to be an example so who better to quote right? Since Christians cannot simply say this is a mis-guided Christian, he is a premier writer on Answering-Islam, and a colleague of Roland Clarke, and we just saw Roland saying Christians should be very kind and loving to Muslims.

I think I have proven my point.





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