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Fake or Real?

Supposed testimonies of Muslims leaving Islam on Ali Zina's site








As one reads the filthy site of ., one will notice that the site often has testimonies and stories of Muslims leaving Islam. Nearly every week they have an update.


However so, as I have read these testimonies they always seem hilariously funny, it is like watching a bad script, and a bad actor. Now I am not saying that all testimonies are false, but after a while you can tell the difference between real ones and fake ones. It will not take a genius to figure out that there have been several fake testimonies.


I mean when you read these testimonies you will think to yourself, that if these people were really Muslims then they were the dumbest Muslims around! However so, I don’t believe that. These supposed testimonies show the same mind-set of a Christian, or an atheists perception of Islam, which is what makes these testimonies all the more funny.


What makes this more amusing is that all of the readers on that silly site, including Ali Zina do not question any of those testimonies; they just post them without thinking if they are true or false. I mean I could go on a forum now, and make a fake testimony of me leaving Christianity! People can say all types of things on forums, and they do it a lot on that rubbish site.


I will quote some parts of a few testimonies which will really show how fake they are.


Testimony 1:


 Not until about two years ago I never doubted Islam as a true religion, and “Allah” is the almighty GOD, and Mohammed is the messenger of Allah to human kind. What else can I know, and I was born to a large family, uneducated parents, who blindly accept everything the “book” and the haddiths say.


Note the propaganda already. This idiot is actually insulting their own parents!!!


Note the message that this loser is trying to send, that Muslims are un-educated, follow everything blindly, who writes this stuff!!!!


Yes, Muslims are so blind and stupid, yet this supposed former Muslim was so smart and was able to see the truth, hilarious. So basically the message is all Muslims are dumb, all who leave Islam are the smart ones and know what they are doing, the ones who stay Muslims are blind people. My suggestion to people who write this stuff is to make it a bit more real next time, I mean common, if you want to make something up, at least try to make it seem a bit realistic.


Let us continue:


I asked Allah to clear my heart, and make me a better Muslim, and to allow me to go straight into paradise, and please, please not to toss me into the hell fire.


More and more propaganda rubbish. Here this faker is trying to send the message that all Muslims simply pray and try to be a good Muslim because we constantly fear being thrown into fire.


That claim is un-true, yes all Muslims fear the hell-fire, but we do not go around praying and being a good Muslim because we are always constantly afraid of hell fire.


So basically the faker is now trying to show that Muslims are blind people who practice Islam to simply avoid hell. Again, WHO WRITES THIS STUFF!!!!!


I can tell you I follow Islam not because I constantly fear hell, but because I believe in Allah, the true God, and he commands me to, and I happily follow to please God, and that is the straight path.


Continuing with this fake testimony:


 But the unexpected happed, after days and days of asking Allah his guidance continuously, every time I come to pray or read the Quran I felt sickened, irritated, annoyed. I felt sort of shaking sometimes and angry that I started cursing silently while I am supposed to be performing my prayers.


Really? Well if this is true this shows that just like your mentor Ali Sina, you too suffer from mental illness and trouble. In fact what you were doing is the sign of someone who has a jinn with them, since the evil jinn hate the Quran, and when they are near it they curse, and do whatever they can to be insulting. Strange you seem to have these symptoms in you.


Anyway this is getting funny now, but let us continue with it:


I think that’s disgusting. I will never follow anyone, and only follow my heart, because it knows what is right for me.


Really? What an arrogant atheist fool. They follow their own desires, rather than follow the one who made them, oh well, hell-fire will be their home.


Well that is the end of one testimony, as you can see, it does not take a brain genius to figure out the load of lies and rubbish and propaganda involved in these fake stories. I mean common, this was first posted on a forum! And everyone takes it as final and do not even question it. So if I go to a forum and say I saw a fish with 13 eyes, and it has 6 hands, and had a superman logo on its body, would those people on the forum believe me? ;)


This just shows how weak and silly that site is, and shows how foolish their readers really are, they all take each other for lies to make each other feel good.


Maybe they should make a contest on who can make up the best testimony.





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