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Jochen ‘The Joke’ Katz has gone Silent









Some time ago the boss of Answering-Islam issued a response to one of my articles, his response can be found here:




It was quite apparent that his article did more harm than good; the amount of self-inflicted humiliations that Katz committed was amazing, my response can be found here:




The simple purpose of this article is to ask Katz to why he still has Sam Shamoun writing on his site? The reason I ask this is because in his response to me, Katz wrote:


However, it backfires — badly. Such insults only disqualify the person who makes them.- Jochen Katz


Here the boss of Answering-Islam claims that my supposed insults on Christians and the Christian faith simply disqualify me. So therefore using the same logic and same method Jochen uses on me, he should then also apply on his own writer Sam Shamoun! This website has saved tons and tons of Shamoun’s vile and disgusting personal and general insults on Islam, in fact go listen to my debate with Shamoun, and you will see how sick this man is when he throws out some of the worst insults you can imagine, going as far as calling the Prophet Muhammad’s parents demons!


Anyway, I promised Jochen Katz that I would make a separate article just for this issue, to see if Jochen Katz will live up to his own standards, so if Jochen Katz does live up to his own standards this will mean he will have to remove Sam Shamoun from his own site.


This page shall stay up until the removal of Sam Shamoun from the Answering-Islam website, if Shamoun is not removed, then we all see that Jochen Katz is a fake, a phony who goes around acting like some respectable scholar, and that he cannot even live up to his own standards.


So Katz, do the right thing, remove Shamoun from your site, you have to because these are the standards you made for yourself, you put your self in this position not me, so we are all waiting, but I know you shall not do it, hence the name Jochen ‘The Joke’ Katz since you make standards which you yourself do not follow.


The Boss of Answering-Islam has been EXPOSED!





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