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Message to Ali Zina, Islam is winning, and you are losing, get over it.





Recently coward and idiot Ali Zina came up with an article in which he further tries to provoke and insult Muslims. His latest out-burst against Islam is his new project on his filthy site, which as he put it:

So FFI is launching a campaign to ridicule Islam and its pedophile prophet. Please draw cartoons of Muhammad and let this be an international contest.    In addition it would be nice also to make jokes about Muhammad.

Notice how childish and how low this human being is, in fact, correction, he is lower than a pig, he is an animal. The reason I say that is because in my previous rebuttal I exposed this loser for making fun of men who get sexually abused. So hence he deserves the title of 'animal'.

However his latest tirade further exposes him, one must ask, what is the use of mocking and making fun of a respected figure among the Muslims? What good will it really do, all Ali Zina is aiming to do is to provoke, and insult Muslims. One must ask why is this coward doing such an act? Does he want to see violence? Does he want to get hurt? It seems that is exactly what he aiming for, and sooner or later, all of this will hit him very hard, and it will all be because of his own stupidity.

One must also ask, if Ali Zina thinks Islam is false and so on, why cannot he debate it like a normal human, in a civilized fair dialog, why does he feel the need to ridicule and mock to try and disprove Islam? Such low actions by this coward exposes his cheap character, and shows how angry he feels at Islam that he feels he has to lash out at Islam and Muslims in whatever way he can.

However so, this all proves one thing, that Islam is in fact winning, Islam has gotten this kaffir so riled up that he cannot stand it no more, he is letting all his rage loose with whatever he can do. If Ali Zina simply thought Islam was wrong, he would simply go about writing about why he feels this, the fact he has to act like an idiot, and mock, and insult shows that he has lost all his senses and that this man has a deep hate for Islam and Muslims. This does not really bother me, it actually greatly satisfies me because at the core of this, me and every other Muslim is Ali's weakness, it drives him mad to see Muslims, it drives him mad to hear about Islam. Just me defending Islam and exposing him will drive him nuts, so hence this is very pleasurable for me, since Ali Zina is the one is getting the high blood pressure while I sit back and laugh at him.

He knows Islam is winning, that is why he feels he has to do this latest project of his. He is also very scared now, the recent demonstrations against the Danes have scared the living day light out of Zina, and it has also boiled his anger even more, he cannot stand the fact that Muslims have taken a stand and he hates it. Which again, is all the more pleasurable for me and all the Muslims, since we can just laugh at him while he barks like the dog he is.

The Quran defines this issue concerning Ali Zina very properly:


YUSUFALI: Ah! ye are those who love them, but they love you not,- though ye believe in the whole of the Book. When they meet you, they say, "We believe": But when they are alone, they bite off the very tips of their fingers at you in their rage. Say: "Perish in you rage; Allah knoweth well all the secrets of the heart."

How amazing it to see a verse from the Noble Quran exactly identifying such losers as Ali Zina?

This loser Ali Zina acts like a Muslim infront of his familly and freinds, infront of his familly he says yes I believe, yet when he is alone, he begins to get all anrgy, insulting Muslims and the prophet Muhammad. As the Quran says, perish in your rage. So hence Ali Zinas actions just proves how true the Noble Quran is since it tells us how these pathetic losers act.

The Quran further explains:


YUSUFALI: If aught that is good befalls you, it grieves them; but if some misfortune overtakes you, they rejoice at it. But if ye are constant and do right, not the least harm will their cunning do to you; for Allah Compasseth round about all that they do.

This verse further exposes Ali, he loves it when bad things happens to Muslims, but hates it when good things happens to Muslims. But as Allah tells us, not the least harm will come to us because of their ways, so Ali Zina can continue whatever he wants, it will not really affect us at all in the end, it will be him ending up in hell.

In this article of his Ali Zina also further exposes his cheap character:

I recall how I was ashamed of being an Iranian after the revolution of 1979. I can pass as a European, so I pretended to be Italian. As a young man I was embarrassed of what my countrymen where doing and the images coming from Iran were shaming me. I did not want to be counted among those hoodlums.   

Note only a coward would go around being ashamed of his country men, only a coward would walk around and act like something he is not, this further exposes how stupid this man is, and how shallow he is. He just keeps on exposing himself more and more. I would really like to thank Ali for sharing this vital information for us, since we can now make a big picture of how sick and cowardly this man is:

1- Ali Sina once acted like he wasnt Iranian, instead he acted like a European, this exposes his character, and shows what a coward he is.

2- In the present, Ali Sina acts like a Muslim in front of his freinds and familly, this further proves what a bad character this man has, and what a coward he is.

So it seems Ali Sina has major identity problems, it seems Ali Sina does not know who he is, or what he is, he is a lost soul who doesnt know where he's at.

What makes this all the more amusing is that it exposes Ali Sina's followers, any person who actually could support such a sick demented person with clear mental problems is as sick and demented he is. So Ali Sina and his followers are all in the same boat, they are very sick crazy people, who all need help, and who are all lost. Deep down they know Islam is the truth, they will try everything they can to stop Islam, but just like the rest, they will fall at the end.

Finally, Ali Zina then says:

This is not a joke. This is a serious matter. Islam must be ridiculed and Muhammad must be laughed at so much that the intelligent people feel ashamed calling themselves Muslim.  

How hillarious, Ali Zina thinks Muslims are weak and cowards like himself. He thinks we will be ashamed to call ourselves Muslims just because they mock us! How hillariously stupid is that? This shows how narrow-headed Ali Zina is. The more you mock us, the more stronger we get in faith. Hey, just look around you, it doesnt seem that Muslims were ashamed when Denmark mocked us, didnt you see all the protests? Did those Muslims look like they were ashamed of their religion? Did it look like they were ashamed when they chanted for Islam and the defence of the prophet Muhammad?

It is Ali's wishful thinking that mocking Islam will turn Muslims away from it, in fact it is what will turn most Muslims to become stronger Muslims! When Muslims see their religion being mocked by such sad people, it will make them realize that Islam is the truth, it will also make the non-Muslims look around them and say, 'hey why are we being like such morons and acting like kids?' This will only bring non-Muslims to Islam, and will strengthen the Muslim faith. So go ahead, make fun, but you will only further strengthen Islam in its numbers.

So keep doing what you are doing, it will not harm me in the least way, cowards just bark, that is all. So keep on, me and my fellow Muslims will simply laugh at you and your supporters. At the end of the day me and the Muslim community know we will be victorious at the end, and all those who opposed the true God, and mocked him, and insulted him, they will all find their place in the hell-fire.






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