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A Mosque Shooting in Australia

 Exposing the Christian Double-Standards




Often times Christians always like to say Muslims are always attacking Churches, and shooting at Christians and killing them. This is also recently happened with the incident in Somalia with the shooting of a nun, and 4 fire-bombed Churches in Palestine.

When these incidents happened the Christians went all crazy pointing their fingers at all Muslims for these attacks, and then claiming Muslims are savages and are an intolerant people.

Well it is now time to turn the tables on the Christians, just recently in Australia a Mosque filled with worshippers was shot at, here is the story:


A PERTH woman worshipping at a mosque has described the terror of feeling a bullet whizz past her ear in a drive-by shooting.

Ahdielah Edries, 38, was on the second storey of the Mirrabooka mosque, north of Perth, last night when an unknown gunman fired a shot through the window about 8.45pm yesterday (WST).

"We were in the middle of praying ... I was in front of the window. I heard what seemed like a massive explosion and felt something go past my ear," Ms Edries said.

She said the bullet sounded like a jet and missed her left ear by about 5cm and slammed into a wall.

"If I stood a little bit to the left I would be dead," she said.

"I am so grateful nobody died."

Following the blast the gunman fled the scene in a green Jeep Cherokee four-wheel drive parked across the road. Nobody was injured in the incident.

In the wake of the shooting there was bedlam in the mosque, Ms Edries said.

"Kids were screaming, mothers were running. People wanted to protect their children," she said.

Ms Edries, president of the Islamic Council of Western Australia, said at least 100 women and children were on the second floor of the packed mosque, praying during the holy month of Ramadan.

There were about 300 men worshipping on the ground floor, she said.

So as you can see, the gunmen had the intention of killing worshipping Muslims, but by the grace and mercy of Allah no one got hurt or killed. But what makes this case very interesting is that there was not a single Christian who spoke out against it! In fact this story did not even get good coverage, and I managed to find this link while browsing Islamic sites! All of this makes one thing very clear, when a Church or a Christian is attacked it gets all the news coverage and Christians all go in uproar, however when a Mosque gets attacked by westerners who are most likely Christian, the incident barely gets noticed, and we donít hear a word from the Christians. Indeed such double standards only expose the Christians in general, and shows them to be a very shallow people, sad but true.

Now if anyone is offended by me saying that, then prove me wrong, show me the Christian outrage that Christians always demand of Muslims when a Church or Christian gets attacked, this challenge will not be met hence proving my claim that these type of Christians are very shallow indeed. In fact most Christian would likely justify the attack saying the person who did it was mad because of what Muslims did, if a Christian uses that line than I too can say many Muslims who do something against a Church or a Christian do it because of something bad the Christians do.

Finally, it must be said that this is only one incident, many Mosques have been attacked in western countries, and many Muslims have also been attacked and harassed in western countries as well, I simply choose this incident because it was recent and to make a general point.




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