One Night Stand in the Bible.

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One Night Stand in the Bible






It may come as a surprise to many that a supposed book of God contains a simple one night stand story, where a man sees a harlot, and sleeps with her, story over. We must ask what is the use of such a story to be mentioned? And we must also ask why do Christians refrain from preaching such stories in their Churches? It has become quite obvious that many Christians out there are ashamed of their Bible, ashamed to discuss Genesis 18, Ezekiel 23, among many other sick incidents in the Bible.


As for this one night stand, here is the incident:


Judges 16:1:


1 Then went Samson to Gaza, and saw there an harlot, and went in unto her.


Story over, he goes and sleeps with a harlot, how interesting. What is the purpose of that? As Usual there is no purpose. This just makes me think of the audacity that Christians have to come and call Islam a perverted religion when their own holy book has a story of a one night stand! The typical Christian response to this is that the Bible is merely recording history and telling us what happened, and that the Bible does not agree with such incidents, however so the only thing mentioned here is sex with a hooker, nothing else, the Bible doesn’t show us Samson getting punished for this, it is just a sex story with no lesson taught. Wonderful.





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