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Debate challenge to Christian Prince



An Arab Christian who goes by the name of Christian Prince had recently challenged me to a couple of debates on the chat program called Paltalk. I had accepted his challenges and had asked Christian prince that both of us should set a formal debate up, with fair moderators and fair time slots for both speakers. As I suspected, Christian Prince backed down and could not accept such a debate, instead the coward wanted a debate in his own room, while he is the moderator, and he could speak as much as he wanted to, in front of his Christian friends.

Since Christian Prince has been running away from me on the chat program, I thought it would be better that if I came out on the website and made the debate challenge public for all to see, so this time if he does run away at least everyone can witness it.

So here is my challenge, Christian prince, debate me on your BIBLE. Since you often attack Islam and the Quran, it is now time you defend your own belief, so I challenge you on the topic:


If you do accept, we will set up a time, and we will set up time slots for both of us and rebuttal times as well.  

In fact I will be generous and I will speak first since I am the one making the arguments, and this will give you more time to respond to me.

We could do something like this:

30 min opening statements

15 min rebuttal period

5 min closing statements

And then we will see how much time we can give for the audience to ask questions.

Note that Christian prince will have the advantage by me going first, he will have a 30 minute opening statement where he will be able to respond to me, and a further 15 min rebuttal period. All I will have is a 15 minute period to respond. So I am giving Christian Prince the advantage here! How fair is that?     

So Christian prince, are you up for it? Just say yes, and we will set it up.

Christian prince is the owner of:


He even has a link here where he tries to mock Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more"); he titles it Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more") debating him:


So Christian Prince, since you are so good and smart, accept the debate challenge on the topic does the Bible promote terror?

This page will remain up until Christian prince accepts the challenge. If he does I will make sure to announce it, and post the debate on the page.   





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