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Questions for Christians

a Muslim



I have come up with quite a few questions that I had in mind to ask our Christian friends, so therefore I hope Christians will help me out by answering these important questions.

Does Jesus claim to be God? Did he ever say I am God?

If Jesus did so, then I would like to ask our Christian friends to produce the verse where Jesus said that he was God, in plane normal statements, where he said I AM GOD.

If Jesus did not say I AM GOD then why do you believe he is God?

Why would you believe that Jesus is God when he never said he was?

Wouldn't this be making false claims upon Jesus?

Is Jesus all knowing?

If Jesus is not all knowing then how can he be God?

Isn't God all knowing?

Was Jesus the messiah?

Was Jesus a servant of God?

If Jesus was the messiah and servant of God, then how is Islam the anti-Christ when it preaches the same thing?

Did the believers of Jesus believe he was God?

If they did not then why do you?

Did the Pharisees always understand Jesus?

Did the Pharisees sometimes miss-understand Jesus?

If the Pharisees miss-understood Jesus, how can you be sure they were correct when they claim he claimed he was God?

Would you take the word of a lying hypocrite Pharisee as good evidence?

For what reasons were former prophets killed?

Can you be sure they were not killed for the exact same reason as Jesus?

How do I inherit eternal life according to Jesus?

By believing in the commandments?

Or by believing in his death and resurrection?

Is Jesus God because he is sinless?

Can you show me where Jesus says he is sinless?

If Jesus is God because he is sinless is Noah and Job God too?

If Jesus is God because he was worshiped was the prophet Daniel also God?

If Jesus died for my sins and I believe he did so, can I still sin freely?

If so, what happens to me?

Do I get punished for them?

Do I get away with them?

If I get punished, is the punishment in this world or in the hereafter?

If I do not get punished don't you think this is a bit strange and bad?

If I do get punished for my sins and also still faithfully believe in Jesus' death, then what is the point of his death?

If God loved the world so much, why did he not send himself, why his son?

Would you send your son to do your job or yourself?

Does your God love me?

If he does why would he send me to hell for eternal punishment?

Isn't that unfair from someone who loves me?

So there we go, I hope our Christian friends will help out and answer some of those questions.





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