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Debate review with Christian preacher

(preacher goes mad)

a Muslim



Some time ago I had a debate with a Christian on the subject is Jesus God, the debate can be found at the top of this page:




The debate was great, the poor man couldn't make one real argument, he end up running TWO TIMES that someone had to fill in for him in the middle of the debate. This Christian goes by a nickname of rattler01, strange nick, but that's his own choice. Recently, this Christian preacher contacted me on paltalk, and went crazy, I don't know why, non the less I saved his sick insults to me to completely expose this man for what he is.

However before I do post his insults, this very same Christian in our debate said we should not insult each other etc, he said this near the end of the debate when he went on a blabbering tantrum after he realized he didn't have any real points to make in the debate.

One last thing before I post his insults is that these are very sick and offensive insults, so viewer discretion is advised.


His name is rattler01:

rattler01: i would wipe you up asswipe

Answering-Christianity: keep more insults

Answering-Christianity: common


Later on he says:

rattler01: go to my site! www.getsaved.com

Answering-Christianity: good

Answering-Christianity: thanks

Answering-Christianity: now at least

Answering-Christianity: i can expose u

Answering-Christianity: on site level

rattler01: you pussy


Later on he says:

rattler01: you are a pussy like muhammad and allah the shit head (ESTAGFURILLAH! WHAT A DIRTY KAFFIR)

Answering-Christianity: keep insulting

Answering-Christianity: im gonna put

Answering-Christianity: this

Answering-Christianity: on the site

Answering-Christianity: thanks

Answering-Christianity: on the debate review


The insults don't end there, this dirty kaffir has more to say:


rattler01: bye bye asshole

rattler01: what a loser you are you scarred loser

Answering-Christianity: im writing

Answering-Christianity: the review

rattler01: put your head between your lags now loser

rattler01: preachaman would wipe you up in a debate

rattler01: now get lose with muhammad the asshole

rattler01: im done with being nice to islam

rattler01: down with allah and muhammad


Look how sick this Christian is, this is the filth I have to deal with! No worries, the debate is on the site for all to see, his insults are a result of his humiliation in our debate.

He ends it all by saying:


rattler01: asshole

rattler01 logged off at 4:23 AM


Well, what more can I say? Go listen to the debate:


It is on the top of the page.

Christian preacher gone mad!!!!!!!!





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