Rebuttal to Matt Slick: Comparison between the Bible and the Quran on Miracles.


Quran's STUNNING Divine Miracles: [1]

Allah Almighty also promised in several Divine Prophecies that He will show the Glorious Quran's Miracles to mankind:

1-  The root letters for "message" and all of its derivatives occur 513 times throughout the Glorious Quran.  Yet, all Praise and Glory are due to Allah Almighty Alone, the Prophets' and Messengers' actual names (Muhammad, Moses, Noah, Abraham, Lot etc....) were also all mentioned 513 times in the Glorious Quran.  The detailed breakdown of all of this is thoroughly listed here.  This Miracle is covered in 100s (hundreds) of Noble Verses.

2-  Allah Almighty said that Prophet Noah lived for 950 years.  Yet, all Praise and Glory are due to Allah Almighty Alone, the entire Noble Surah (chapter Noah) is exactly written in 950 Letters.  You can thoroughly see the accurate count in the scanned images.

Coincidence?  See 1,000s of examples [1].  Quran's Stunning Numerical & Scientific Miracles.

Islam also thoroughly rejects as man-made lies the Trinity and Crucifixion [2].  Jesus was also thoroughly called
slave of GOD [1] in both the OT and NT.


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Rebuttal to Matt Slick

Bible: Miracles, numerous are recorded.

Quran: No Miracles recorded.






Miracles, numerous are recorded.



No Miracles recorded.


My Response


That is lie one, there are numerous miracles in the Quran, let me quote them for you:


Taken from


Allah Almighty in the Noble Quran makes very important scientific claims:


"He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six Days - and His Throne was over the waters - that He might try you, which of you is best in conduct. But if thou wert to say to them, "Ye shall indeed be raised up after death", the Unbelievers would be sure to say, "This is nothing but obvious sorcery!" (The Noble Quran, 11:7)"


"Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe? (The Noble Quran, 21:30)"


"It is He Who has created man from water: then has He established relationships of lineage and marriage: for thy Lord has power (over all things). (The Noble Quran, 25:54)"


"And God has created every animal from water: of them there are some that creep on their bellies; some that walk on two legs; and some that walk on four. God creates what He wills for verily God has power over all things. (The Noble Quran, 24:45)"


"Protoplasm is the basis of all living matter, and 'the vital power of protoplasm seems to depend on the constant presence of water' (Lowsons' Text-book of Botany, Indian Edition. London 1922, p. 23). Text books of Zoology are also clear on the point. For example, see T.J. Parker and W.A. Haswell, Textbook of Zoology, London, 1910, Vol I. p. 15: 'Living protoplasm always contains a large amount of water.' " [2]


"About 72 percent of the surface of our Globe is still covered with water, and it has been estimated that if the inequalities of the surface were all leveled, the whole surface would be under water, as the mean elevation of land sphere-level would be 7,000-10,000 feet below the surface of the ocean (cf. 11:7). This shows the predominance of water on our Globe. That all life began in the water is also a conclusion to which our latest knowledge in biological science points. Apart from the fact that protoplasm, the original basis of living matter, is liquid or semi-liquid and in a state of constant flux and instability, there is the fact that land animals, like the higher vertebrates, including man, show, in their embryological history, organs like those of fishes, indicating the watery origin of their original habitat. The constitution of protoplasm is about 80 to 85 percent water (see also 24:30-31 and 24:45)." [3]


Taken from


Iron was sent from Space:


Also, notice that the in Noble Verse 57:25 above, Allah Almighty says clearly "We sent down iron...." and He didn't say "We created iron from earth...." Allah Almighty's claim was very accurate and precise. "We sent down iron....." clearly states that iron was created outside the earth and was brought down by the Will of Allah Almighty for a purpose, and that is "(material for) Mighty war, as well as many benefits for mankind, that Allah may test who it is that will help, unseen, Him and His messengers: For Allah is Full of strength, exalted in Might (And able to enforce His Will). (The Noble Quran, 57:25)"


Allah Almighty did mention in the Noble Quran that He sent His book (The Noble Quran) as guidance, light, power, truth and wisdom for those who seek knowledge and truth; see Noble Verses 2:2, 2:259, 42:52, 16:89, 27:76-77, 17:105, 32:3, 34:6, 35:31, 39:2, 39:41, 42:17, 57:16 and many other verses.

Outside Supporting articles:


<> This article shows the Mathematical Codes of Iron in the Noble Quran and Science, and shows how Science confirmed Allah Almighty's Divine Claim in Noble Verses 17:49-50 about the dead converting into rocks and iron. In case the web site is down, you can access the article on my site. <iron1.htm>


<> More elaborations on Noble Verses 17:49-51. In case the web site is down, you can access the article on my site. <iron2.htm>

Further proofs from brother Hasan; may Allah Almighty always be pleased with him:

As'salamu Alaikum brother Osama

I thought that you could benefit from the following:


In surat al7adid Allah Almighty mentions the word iron (al7adid) in the verse 25 and this sura's number is 57..if you summed these number up you will have 82 which is the same result that you would get from summing up iron's atomic number 26 and it mass number (55.845 approximately 56). The word al7adid appears in the verse 25 approximately in the middle of that verse. If you divided 24.5/29(the number of verses in that surah) you will get 0.844827586207 which agrees with the recently discovered iron's mass number up to three significant digits ! can this be just a couensedense or its another sign of a miracle?


One other thing: if you didn't do that i suggest that you visit islamway web site <> and listen to lectures given by Dr.Tariq Swedan about the miracles of the quran .. you might find some really useful things from there...

Bye and take care. Assalamualikum


Articles and astronomical proofs that Iron came from space as the Noble Quran mentioned:

First Article:


The following article was taken from <>. It talks about iron and "stony irons" originating from space:

Meteroid Topics covered on this page:


        Meteoroids, Meteors & Meteorites

        Great balls of fire!

        The origins of meteor showers

        All about Meteorites…


        Impacts on Earth


What are Meteoroids, Meteors and Meteorites?


There are three stages to the phenomenon regarding meteors. In the majority of the cases, an object will only make it to the second stage. Here are the stages:


Meteoroid: A piece of debris that is traveling through space towards our planet.

Meteor: A brief flash of light that we see at night which is not caused by the material "burning" with friction from the atmosphere, but instead, from the excited atoms caused by the object's high speed.

Meteorite: A small number of objects that are not entirely destroyed in the upper atmosphere and arrives at the ground.

Great balls of fire!


Pieces of material which cause meteors to enter Earth's upper atmosphere at very high velocity: around 260000km/h. The flash of light that we see happens when the object is around 100 km above the surface of the Earth. If the object were to be the size of a grape, than it would create a brilliant flash that could even cast shadows on the ground. Such bright meteors are called FIREBALLS. The image here shows a fireball.


The origins of meteor showers

Many more meteors can be seen at night during a certain time of the year. The reasons behind this are comets.


As a comet orbits near the Sun, it loses materials, such as dust and rocks, which are given out by the tail. These materials cause a continuous trail to form behind the comet as it orbits. When the Earth crosses the path which a trail once was, the particles of materials that they contain are taken up by Earth's atmosphere. These appear in the sky as a shower of meteors. The dates of these meteor showers are known. For example: The Eta Aquarid shower (around May 4th) and the Orionid shower (October 20th) are both cause by the trail left by Halley's comet.

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All about meteorites...

The vast majority of the meteors are from comet trails, however, these particles are usually too small to survive the trip to the Earth since they burn up too quickly. On the other hand, much larger chunks do survive. These meteorites are from a different source though. Rather than a result from the trail left by a comet, meteorites are originated from asteroids. When colliding with another asteroid, pieces or chunks will break off, and in other cases, the entire asteroid might even be shattered. The result is a cloud of RUBBLE, which are large pieces of rock and metals from the original asteroid that wander into the path of the Earth and fall through the Earth's atmosphere.


The resulting meteor is incredibly bright and could even cast strong shadows. Even though a whole lot of the meteor is burned off, some may still survive, and the resulting meteorite gives plenty of information about an asteroid's composition and even that of the early solar system.


This meteorite fell on Earth on August 14th, 1992 in Uganda. The meteorite was made of stone, which broke down along its fall causing debris to be distributed over an area of 3 x 7 km. At least 48 fragments have been found, and it is thought that the original object might have been 1000 kg. The largest piece recovered is shown in the picture.


Even though most meteorites come from asteroids, there are some that are thought to have come from comets, and other that have a composition, which is relatively close to the rocks found on the Moon. At least 7 other meteorites are of a type that match closely to the materials found on Mars, which suggests that there was probably an impact on the surface of Mars. A Martian meteorite is shown here.

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Meteorites are generally divided into three classes according to their composition:


Iron: This is the most regularly encountered meteorite. The most common material (90%) is iron, with a smaller amount of nickel mixed in. An example of the meteorites that were irons were the ones that fell at Barringer, Arizona, and Wolf Creek, Australia.

Stony meteorites: This type of meteorites are the most common type to fall. On the other hand, because they are very comparable in composition to the rocks on Earth, they are tricky to spot. Some stony meteorites contain small glassy spheres called CHONDRULES, and objects with these spheres are known as CHONDRITES. Stony meteorites without the spheres are called ACHONDRITES.

Stony Irons: These are the final major class of meteorite. They contain small pieces of stone fixed in a body of iron.

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Impacts on Earth


We are very lucky today that the majority of debris, which enters Earth from space, is small in size. However, a small fraction of the pieces do survive the journey. These are meteorites, as we have discussed in the previous section. Meteorites usually cause not too severe damage than a hole in a house roof or a small crater in the ground.

On the other hand, things were not always this fortunate. During the past, Earth has been hit by much larger objects, which have left scars on the surface. For example, some scientists believe that the disappearance of the Dinosaurs about 65 million years ago was caused by the impact of a large asteroid in an area now covered by the Indian Ocean. Some also believe that a huge body (possibly the size of a planet) caused a large piece to fracture off our planet and form the Moon, which we see today. Here are several impact sites on Earth that we have been able to identify.

Here are some famous craters from around the world:


Barringer, Arizona, USA.

Barringer is 1.2 km across, and is about 49,000 years old. It is possibly the most famous terrestrial impact crater,

Wolfe Creek, Western Australia.

This crater is less than 0.3 million years old and has a diameter of 0.9 km.



Second Article:


This article was taken from <>


Comets Asteroids and MeteoroidsSome Facts about COMETS

1. Comets are usually named after their discoverers.

2. Comets are wanderers who visit our solar system.

3. Their home ground is the Oort Cloud Region

   (9,300,000,000 miles from the sun).

4. In ancient times it was believed that comets were the souls of

   heroes or kings on their way to heaven, or messengers of

   disasters, etc.

5. Comets may be the left over rock dust and icy matter from the

   formation of the solar system.

6. Some comets are sun-grazing (sweep close to the sun).

7. Comet Kohoutex was seen in 1974. It may not be back for a

   million years or more.


                      TABLE OF RETURNING COMETS


COMET     PERIOD        SEEN           RETURNED

Encke     3.3 years     1980      Always within range of telescope

Tempel 2  5.3 years     1978            1983

Holmes    7.1 years     1979            1986

Faye      7.4 years     1977            1984

Halley     76 years     1910            1986


Some Facts about ASTEROIDS

1. An asteroid is a rocky object, smaller than a planet, that orbits

   the sun.

2. Asteroids orbit the sun between the planets Mars and Jupiter.

3. During the early age of our solar system thousands of asteroids

   crashed into Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter.

4. There are tens of thousands of asteroids in the asteroid belt


5. Ceres, discovered in 1801, is the largest asteroid known to man.

6. All asteroids lumped together would be smaller than Earth's moon.

7. Pioneer 10 is the first man-made spacecraft to travel through the

   Asteroid Belt.

8. Small chunks are called meteoroids.




If you have gazed at the night sky for any length of time you have no

doubt seen "falling stars", "shooting stars" or meteors. These are

bits of material which have been heated to incandescence by the

friction of the air. Those pieces which are sufficiently large to not

vaporize completely and reach the surface of the Earth are termed

meteorites. The incandescent trails as they are coming through the

Earth's atmosphere are termed meteors, and these chunks as they are

hurtling through space are called meteoroids.


Meteorites may look very much like Earth rocks, or they may have a

burned appearance. They may be dense metallic chunks or more rocky.

Some may have thumbprint-like depressions, roughened or smooth



Upon closer examination most meteoritic samples fall into

predominately nickel-iron alloy called siderites or more commonly iron

meteorites; the predominately rocky-silicates called aerolites or

stony meteorites. In between these extremes are those which are

generally an even mixture of silicate minerals and nickel-iron alloy

which are called siderolites, or stony-iron meteorites. There are

other sub-classes which will be discussed later.


Meteoritic samples vary from tiny dust grains to giant boulders having

masses of several thousand kilograms. It is difficult to distinguish

meteorites from terrestrial rocks for the samples found on the ground

i. e. "finds". Generally, the finds are of the iron variety because

they do appear different. However, many meteorites have been seen to

fall, thus the "falls" are excellent sources of meteoritic samples (of

course, it takes two simultaneous viewings from different points to

pinpoint the location of the fall).


Estimates indicate that perhaps as little as 1,000 to more than 10,000

tons of meteoritic material falls on the Earth each day. However, most

of this material is very tiny -- in the form of micrometeoroids or

dust-like grains a few micrometers in size. (These particles are so

tiny that the air resistance is enough to slow them sufficiently that

they do not burn up, but rather fall gently to Earth.


Analysis of ocean sediments show the presence of large quantities of

micro-meteorites. Considering the proportion of ocean to land, the

majority of meteorites should fall into the water.


Meteorites vary in size from micrometer size grains to large

individual boulders.


The largest individual iron is the Hoba meteorite from southwest

Africa which has a mass of about 54,000 kg.


The stones are much smaller, the largest falling in Norton County,

Kansas having a mass of about 1,000 kg.


Considering the vast infall of meteorites, one cannot help but wonder

if anyone has been hurt or killed by meteorites. There are only two

documented cases on record. The only incident of a fatality was a

shower of stones which fell upon Nakhla, near Alexandria, Egypt on

June 28, l911. One of these stones killed a dog. On November 30, 1954,

Mrs. Hewlett Hodges of Sylacauga, Alabama was severely bruised by an 8

pound stony meteorite that crashed through her roof. This is the first

known human injury.


If one compares a sampling of meteorites discovered as "falls" or

"finds", one notices a discrepancy.


                *FINDS     %         FALLS     %

Irons            409      66.0        29      5.0

Stony-Iron        46       7.5         8      1.5

Stony            165      26.0       547     93.5

(*From Watson, Fletcher G. (1956) BETWEEN THE PLANETS, Harvard

University Press. Although this is an old reference, the proportions

remain about the same today.)


Why the difference? For the finds the iron meteorites are visibly

different in mass (density) and appearance from the surrounding

terrestrial rocks. The stony meteorites are very similar to the Earth

rocks -- the major difference being perhaps a charred or melted

appearance on the surface. Thus the proportion of meteorite types for

the falls is perhaps a more valid proportion --  a preponderance of

stones, a very tiny amount of stony-iron and modest amount of irons.

What does this mean? Where do they come from? Calculations indicate

that near the Earth meteoroids have speeds in the range of 65 km/sec.

The Earth's orbital speed of 30 km/sec means that they could have a

relative speed between 30 and 95 km/sec. Although these speeds are not

high enough to suggest interstellar origin, another fact is that plots

show their trajectories to be elliptical and not hyperbolic, thus they

must come from within our own solar system. Perhaps they share a

common origin with the asteroids. The relative composition of the

meteoroids provides a clue for a hypothesis that they or some

originated from a planet (or planet like) body which exploded at some

time in the distant past.


The composition of stony meteorites is so similar to the Earth that it

does suggest a rocky mantle. The iron is similar to what we believe

the Earth's core is like. Thus, in 1943 R. A. Daly (in Meteorites and

an Earth Model, Bull. Geol. Soc. of Amer. 54,401-456) proposed the

following hypothesis for the ancestral body for the meteorites:

   1. It had an iron (nickel-iron) core and a stony mantle.

   2. The volume of the core is much less than the mantle. The planet

      must have been relatively small.

   3. The force of gravity on this celestial body was much less than

      that of the Earth.

What evidence do we have to support this hypothesis?

   1. We find both iron and stony meteorites.

   2. There is a much larger proportion of stony to iron meteorites.

   3. The presence of stony-iron meteorites shows a mixing of types.


We shall return to meteoritic origin later.


Looking out at the night sky one can generally see several "shooting

stars" or meteors per hour. The incandescent light comes from the

resistance of the air, rapidly heating the meteoroid as well as

ionizing the surrounding air. Thus we see a trail of light falling

toward Earth. Usually the meteoroid is completely vaporized, in a

second or less, but the larger meteors may have trails several

kilometers long and last sufficiently for remnants to be found, i.e.

meteorite falls. Some of the meteors are so bright that enough light

is emitted to cast shadows. These are called fire balls (some can even

be seen during day light.)


The rate at which meteors appear is not constant and varies with the

time of the year as well as time during the night. Sometimes during

the year the number of meteors seen increases dramatically, these are

termed "meteor showers". In fact some meteor showers occur annually or

at rather regular intervals.


The number is greater in autumn and winter. The number always

increases after midnight and is usually greatest just before dawn.

This is understandable when one considers the motion of the Earth. The

Earth is heading more into its orbital path, also the night side of

the Earth is turning toward this direction.


When a meteor shower occurs, they appear to emanate or radiate from a

point called the radiant. These meteor showers may vary in the number

of meteors but regularly occur annually, and last for a few days.

Perhaps the most famous are the Perseids which have maximum about

August 12 but begin to occur about July 25 and last until about August

18, which is much longer than most.


Meteor showers are usually named after a star or constellation which

is close to the radiant.


Many of the meteor showers are associated with comets. This deduction

is because the more spectacular displays are coincident with the

period of the comet -- as well as spectrographic data matter from the

comet is spread out along its orbit, thus when the Earth's orbital

path intersects the orbital path of the comet, a meteor shower occurs.

Occasionally this occurs twice annually. Often the material is

unevenly distributed which accounts for the variation of intensity.


The leonids are associated with comet Tempel-Tuttle; Aquarids and

Orionids with Halley and the Taurids with Encke.


The majority of meteors burn up before reaching the Earth's surface,

however, examination of some meteorites indicates a loose structure or

vapor grown crystal aggregates which indicate a fluffy nature. This

gives rise to theories that some meteoroid material was aggregated,

some subjected to heating-vaporization-condensation. This contrasts

with the idea that meteoroids originated from an exploded planet or

planetoid or asteroid.


Thus many meteoroids break apart in the upper atmosphere, and become

"fluffy meteors". These are some of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.


Other than spectrographic analysis of the light of the meteoric

trails, the only chemical evidence lies in those extant samples; the



The mineral content is on the whole similar to Earth, however, there

are some particular minerals which are unique to the meteorites.


                     DATES OF MAJOR METEOR SHOWERS



                  DATE OF       APPROXIMATE      PER HOUR

NAME              MAXIMUM          LIMITS        AT MAXIMUM


Quadrantids       Jan 4           Jan 1-6           110

Lyrids            Apr 22          Apr 19-24          12

Eta Aquarids      May 5           May 1-8            20

Delta Aquarids    Jul 27-28       Jul 15-Aug 15      35

Perseids          Aug 12          Jul 25-Aug 18      68

Orionids          Oct 21          Oct 16-26          30

Taurids           Nov 8           Oct 20-Nov 30      12

Leonids           Nov 17          Nov 15-19          10

Geminids          Dec 14          Dec 7-15           58




Meteorites generally fall into three major classes, the iron, which

are primarily iron and nickel at one end of the scale, and the stones

which are primarily silicates at the other, with the stony-irons

consisting of an even mixture of silicate and nickel-iron.



The IRON or SIDERITES consist generally of 98% nickel-iron (the

mineral name being plessite). The nickel-iron generally exists in two

forms, the kamacite, which is a low nickel (4-7%) and the high nickel

content taenite (30-60% nickel). Some cobalt is also usually present.

These two minerals are not present on the surface of the Earth. Along

with the metal, the accessory minerals generally consist of

schreibersite with some troilite, cohenite and graphite. Also

occasionally some daubreelite, although it is rather rare.



The STONY-IRON, either PALLISITES or MESOSIDERITES, generally are a

fairly even mixture of nickel-iron in an open sponge-like matrix with

the silicate minerals consisting of small rounded grains or bodies.

The composition of the stony-iron meteorites is about 50% nickel-iron

and 50% of the silicates olivine or pyroxene with occasional troilite

(ferrous sulfide).



The STONY or AEROLITES may be classified into two or three

subdivisions. These are the CHONDRITES, ACHONDRITES, and CARBONACEOUS



CHONDRITES are silicate meteorites having chondri or small rounded

bodies of olivine or pyroxene. About 90% of the stony meteorites are

chondrites. Chondrites generally consist of 46% olivine, 25% pyroxene,

11% plagioclase and about 12% nickel-iron.


ACHONDRITES are those stony meteorites not having chondri. Only about

10% of the stones are achondrites. Achondrites generally consist of

72% pyroxene, 25% plagioclase, 9% olivine, and only about 1%



CARBONACEOUS CHONDRITES are a fairly rare meteorite, having organic

molecules, water, the mineral serpentine, and usually having chondri.


Meteorites vary in size from small grains to large chunks of several

thousand pounds. The iron meteorites or siderites generally consist of

98% of a nickel-iron alloy called plessite. Due to physical processes

of melting and recrystallizing the nickel-iron can be separated into

two types, nickle rich (30-60% Ni) taenite and low nickel (4-7%)

kamacite. These separate into laminar or layered bands which are not

visible even in a polished section. However, if the polished section

is etched slightly with acid, the layers, called the Widmanstatten

pattern, becomes visible.


Although nickel-iron is found on the Earth, the particular minerals

kamacite and taenite are so far only found in meteorites. Usually some

cobalt is also present (less than one percent).


Along with the metals, the accessory minerals (about 2%) generally

consist of schreibersite (an iron nickel phosphide;) with some

troilite (a ferrous sulfide; FeS) cohenite,an iron-nickel carbide; and

graphite (carbon/C). Also occasionally some daubreelite (an iron

chromium sulfide); although it is rather rare and not found in

terrestrial rocks.


The iron meteorites can be divided into four basic groups. The

hexahedrites have a nickel content less than 7%. The accessory mineral

is generally only troilite. The hexahedrite nickel-iron is only the

kamacite variety.


The octahedrites having an overall nickel content between 6.5 and 18%.

The octahedral crystal structure (confirmed by x-ray analysis) may be

coarse, medium or fine grained. The octahedrites which are far more

prevalent contain both kamacite and taenite. The accessory minerals

are usually troilite and graphite.


The nickel-rich axtites have a nickel content generally between 12 and

25% but sometimes greater. these contain modular or laminar inclusions

of graphite, schreibersite, cohenite and troilite. The nickel-iron

present is only taenite.


The final and unusual group may be referred to as

irons-with-silicate-inclusions (IWSI) in which about one-fourth of the

volume (still only a few percent of the mass) is made up of irregular

masses of silicates such as olivine, plagioclase, pyroxene along with

graphite, troilite and schreibersite.


The stony-iron, siderolites, or pallisites or mesodiderites generally

lie intermediate between the stones and irons with a 50-50 mixture of

nickel-iron alloy and silicate minerals.


Generally the silicate minerals exist as small rounded bodies or

grains in a sponge-like matrix of the alloy. The minerals are

generally olivine or pyroxene with occasional troilite.


The stony-irons generally fall into two groups:

  1. The pallisites which have the silicate (predominately olivine)

     in a continuous matrix of nickel-iron.

  2. The mesosiderites which have pyroxene and troilite along with the

     olivine in a discontinuous matrix of metal.


The stony or aerolites are predominately silicate minerals with small

amounts of nickel-iron alloy. They may be classed several ways, the

major division being the presence or absence of small rounded bodies

of silicates called chondri or chondrules. Thus those which have these

chondrules are called chondrites, those which do not are achondrites.

The vast majority (or about 90%) of stony meteorites are chondrites.


These may be classified and sub-classified as follows:

The chondrites, or ordinary chondrites consist generally of 46%

olivine, 25% pyroxene, 11% plagioclase and about 12% nickel-iron with

traces of troilite and chromite. However the specific analysis may

provide further subdivisions based upon the specific amount of metal

(i.e H=High, L=Low and LL=Very Low.)


In the ordinary chondrites, the iron classification difference lies in

the relative total iron content, and iron present in the metal. The

amount of iron in the silicates olivine and pyroxene run counter to



Iron                  Total    Iron in    Iron in      Iron in

Classification        Iron     Metal      Olivine      Pyroxene


High       H type     27%       16%        13%            8%

Low        L type     22%        6%        17%           10%

Very Low  LL type     21%        2%        20%           12%

            (These percentages are averages.)


The texture and crystal structure (degree of metamorphism) are given

number 3 for the least metamorphosed to 6 for the most highly



The extraordinary or unusual chondrites are the enstatite chondrites

and the carbonaceous chondrites.


The Enstatite chondrites consist of minerals in a highly reduced state

including the minerals - enstatite (a variety of orthorhombic

pyroxene), plagiocalse and troilite and sinoite, oldhamite (CaS),

osbornite (TiN) and others. Enstatite chondrites cannot conveniently

be classified by iron content.


The carbonaceous chondrites, a fairly rare type, have little or no

free metal, contain some iron compounds but contain serpentine,

organic compounds and water of hydration. The carbon and water are

used to sub-classify the carbonaceous chondrites. Those having the

most water and carbon (water about 20.1%, C about 3.5%) are termed C1

or type I. They also contain magnetite and ferric chamosite.


Those having an intermediate amount of water and carbon (water =

13.4%, C = 2.5%) are termed C3 or Type II. They also contain larger

amounts of olivine and troilite along with some enstatite and ferric



Those carbonaceous chondrites having the least amount of carbon and

water (water = 1.0%, C = 0.5%) are termed C3 or type III. They contain

olivine, enstatite, troilite, pentlandlite but no ferric chamosite.


The type I carbonaceous chondrites do not, as a rule, contain

chondrules, but are classified as chondrites because of their chemical

composition and similarity to type II and III.


The achondrites are comparatively rare and are more similar in texture

to the lunar and terrestrial igneous rocks.


Out of a sample of 2,000 meteorites reported, only 64 are achondrites.

They fall into two major categories, the low calcium or calcium poor

variety and the high calcium or calcium rich variety. However they

possess such a diversity that they fall into eight distinct classes.

The classification names are either name of the predominate mineral or

the location name of examples.


The Calcium Poor Achondrites:

  Aubrite/Enstatite achondrites. Primarily enstatite, a magnesium

  silicate, variety of orthorhombic pyroxene, 9 examples are known.


  Diogenite/Hypersthene or Bronzite achondrites. Primarily the variety

  of orthorhombic pyroxene; hypersthene, an iron magnesium silicate,

  8 examples are known.


  Chassignite/Olivine achondrites. Primarily olivine. An iron

  magnesium silicate, one example is known.


  Urelite/Olivine-Pigeonite achondrites. Primarily olivine, and a

  monoclinic variety of pyroxene; pigeonite, with some nickel-iron

  and carbon. This is the only variety of meteorites in which

  diamonds have been found, 3 examples are known.


The Calcium Rich Achondrites:

  Eucrites and Howardites/Basaltic achondrites or

  orthopyroxene-pigeonite-plagioclase achondrites and pigeonite

  plagioclase achondrites. These are made up of monoclinic and

  orthorhombic pyroxenes and plagioclase. Over 40 specimens fall

  into this category


  Nakhlite/Diopside achondrites. These are predominately monoclinic

  pyroxenes, especially diopside, with some olivine, 2 known



  Angrite/Augite. This variety is primarily monoclinic pyroxene

  augite, one specimen is known.


There is another variety of object of suspected extra-terrestrial

origin which does not fit into the classification scheme of

meteorites. These are the tektites.


Tektites are a separate class of silica-rich glass which resemble

obsidian but are quite distinct from any terrestrial obsidian. As yet

none have been observed to fall, thus there is some dispute as to

their origin, whether meteoric, volcanic, or cosmic. While meteorites

are found widely distributed over the entire earth, tektites have only

been found in widely scattered locations.


Their size is generally under 200 grams, are rounded masses and have

been found in regions which rule out volcanic origins. They may be

fragments of a thin glassy surface of a comet or perhaps the result of

condensation of cometary material. One theory indicates lunar origin

as they resemble some of the lunar glass -- although the tektites are

much larger.


Thus we see that some material is similar to the Earth and moon and

some is quite different. Some evidence indicates cometary origin. To

accept a planetary explosion origin, one needs to consider that impact

upon a body of diameter greater than 1,000 km will probably not result

in an explosion or fragmentation.


Thus, perhaps some meteoroids have their origin with the asteroids,

some with comets, and some....?


The book is not closed. There is a great deal of careful study and

experimentation left to be accomplished.


Prepared by: Dr. Harry B. Herzer, III

NASA Aerospace Education Services Project

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma


Third Article:

This article was taken from


Meteoroids are little bits of dust and stone that float around the solar system waiting to strike an atmosphere and burn. Meteors are those bits that hit the Earth's atmosphere and burn away leaving a short fiery tail. Meteorites are those bits of rock, often of asteroid origin, which are large enough to penetrate the atmosphere and hit the Earth's surface. It has been calculated that many tons of meteor dust hit the Earth's atmosphere every day without ever reaching the ground.


Meteors were originally thought to be part of the atmosphere, like lightening. This is why the word originates from the same Greek root as meteorology; the study of parts of the atmosphere. It has been recorded for millennia that meteors are often seen as a shower. On certain days of the year many brilliant streaks can be seen every hour.

More than 2000 meteorites have been recovered. They are of different types, Stony meteorites, iron meteorites and the rare carbonaceous chondrites. The largest meteorite that has been found is the 60 tonne Hoba iron meteorite; the largest stony meteorite weighs about a tonne and the Allende carbonaceous chondrite was a series of chunks that totalled about 5 tonnes.

Impact craters are known on the Earth that correspond to bodies far larger than these. One of the best known is the Arizona crater in the USA which is 1280 metres across and 180 metres deep. It was formed several thousand years ago by a 250,000 tonne meteorite with a diameter of 70 metres hitting the Earth at a speed of nearly 60,000 km/h.

Meteor Streams.


Many meteors originated in material stripped off from comets by radiation from the Sun. This material continues to follow the orbit of the originating comet but gets spread out along the orbit. If the path of the Earth passes through this stream of particles then we will see many meteors whose paths in the sky will appear to radiate from one point in the sky (the radiant) which is in the direction from which the stream is coming. Many such meteor showers are seen throughout the year. Some are associated with known comets while others are remnants of comets that are unknown. Most showers produce about 20, or so, meteors per hour but there are showers which can produce thousands of meteors over a period of less than an hour. Such shows are, unfortunately, very rare. Meteor showers are named after the constellation from which they appear to radiate. A list of prominent showers is given below.

Sporadic Meteors.


Meteors may be seen on any night of the year when the Moon is not bright. If no prominent shower is active then most of the meteors that are seen will come from random directions in space and will thus show no tendency to radiate from any part of the sky. These meteors are called sporadic meteors and about 7 per hour is the normal rate for them to be seen. Most fire-balls and meteorites are sporadic meteors. The material in these meteors is associated with the material in the asteroids and it is likely that they represent material that has come from fragmented asteroids. Some rarer types of meteoric matter are believed to have originated on the Moon and on Mars, probably as a result of matter being exploded from the surface by the impact of a large meteorite.



Entry into the atmosphere:

When they hit the atmosphere, meteors rub against air particles and create friction, heating the meteors to more than 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat vaporizes most meteors, creating what we call shooting stars (most become visible at around 60 miles up). Some large meteors splatter, causing a brighter flash called a fireball, which can often be heard up to 30 miles away. When meteors hit the ground, they're called meteorites. Some meteors are bits broken off asteroids, others -- mere cosmic dust -- are cast off by comets. (And one more term: A meteoroid is an object in space that may, if it enters our atmosphere, become a meteor.)


Meteor breakup:

Whether an object breaks apart depends on its composition, speed, and angle of entry. A faster meteor at an oblique angle suffers greater stress. Meteors made of iron withstand the stress better than those of stone. Even an iron meteor will usually break up as the atmosphere becomes more dense, around 5 to 7 miles up. A meteor sometimes explodes above the surface, causing widespread damage from the blast and ensuing fire. This happened in 1908 over over Siberia.


Impact with Earth:

Extraterrestrial objects that hit the ground, their speed roughly half what it was upon entry, blast out craters 12 to 20 times their size. Craters on Earth form much as they would on the moon or any rocky planet. Smaller objects create simple, bowl-shaped craters. Larger impacts cause a rebound that creates a central peak; slipping along the rim forms terraces. The largest impacts form basins in which multiple rebounds form several inner peaks.



Meteorite Types

 Ironprimarily iron and nickel; similar to type M asteroids <> <>Stony Ironmixtures of iron and stony material like type S asteroids <> <>Chondriteby far the largest number of meteorites fall into this class; similar in composition to the mantles and crusts of the terrestrial planets <> <>Carbonaceous Chondritevery similar in composition to the Sun less volatiles; similar to type C asteroids <> <>Achondritesimilar to terrestrial basalts; the meteorites believed to have originated on the Moon and Mars are achondrites <> <>"Fall" means the meteorite was witnessed by someone as it fell from the sky. A "find" means the meteorite was not witnessed and the meteorite was found after the fact. About 33% of the meteorites are witnessed falls.



Takn from


Geology in the Noble Quran:

The following article was sent to me by brother/sister <>; may Allah Almighty be pleased with him/her.



In geology, the phenomenon of 'folding', is a recently discovered fact. Folding is responsible for the formation of mountain ranges. The earth's crust, on which we live, is like a solid shell, while the deeper layers are hot and fluid, and thus inhospitable to any form of life. It is also known that the stability of the mountains is linked to the phenomenon of folding, for it was the folds that were to provide foundations for the reliefs that constitute the mountains. Geologists tell us that the radius of the Earth is about 3,750 miles and the crust on which we live is very thin, ranging between 1 to 30 miles. Since, the crust is thin, it has a high possibility of shaking. Mountains act like stakes or tent pegs that hold the earth's crust and give it stability. The QUR'AN contains exactly such a description in the following verse:

"Have WE not made The earth as a wide Expanse, And the mountains as pegs?"

[AL-QUR'AN 78:6-7]


The word 'awtad' means stakes or pegs (like those used to anchor a tent); they are the deep foundations of geological folds. A book named 'Earth' is considered as a basic reference textbook on geology in many universities around the world. One of the authors of this book is Frank Press, who was the President of the Academy of Sciences in the USA for 12 years and was the Scientific Advisor to former US President Jimmy Carter. In this book he illustrates the mountain in a wdge-shape and the mountain itself as a small part of the whole, whose root is deeply entrenched in the ground. {Earth, Press and Siever, p.435. Also see Earth Science, Tarbuck and Lutgens, p. 157} According to Dr. Press, the mountains play an important role in stabilizing the crust of the earth. The QUR'AN clearly mentions the function of the mountains in preventing the earth from shaking:

"And WE have set on the earth Mountains standing firm, Lest it should shake with them."


[AL-QUR'AN 21:31]

The Qur'anic descriptions are in perfect agreement with modern geological data.



The surface of the earth is broken into many rigid plates that are about 100 km in thickness. These plates float on a partially molten region called aesthenosphere.

Mountain formations occur at the boumdary of the plates. The earth's crust is 5 km below oceans, about 35 km thick below flat continental surfaces and almost 80 km thick below great mountain ranges. These are the strong foundations on which mountains stand. The QUR'AN also speaks about the strong mountain foundations in the following verse:

"And the mountains Hath HE firmly fixed."

[AL-QUR'AN 79:32]

{A similar message is contained in the QUR'AN in 88:19, 31:10 and 16:15}



Taken from


Oceanology in the Noble Quran:

The following article was sent to me by brother/sister <>; may Allah Almighty be pleased with him/her.



Consider the following Qur'anic verses:

"HE has let free The two bodies Of flowing water, Meeting together: Between them is a Barrier Which they do not transgress."

[AL-QUR'AN 55:19:20]


In the Arabic text the word 'barzakh' means a barrier or a partition. The Arabic word 'maraja' literally means 'they both meet and mix with each other.' Early commentators of the QUR'AN were unable to explain the two opposite meanings for the two bodies of water, i.e. they meet and mix, and at the same time, there is a barrier between them. Modern Science has discovered that in places where two different seas meet, there is a barrier between them. This barrier divides the two seas so that each sea has ita own temperature, salinity and density. {Principles of Oceanography, Davis, pp. 92-93.} Oceanologists are now in a better position to explain this verse. There is a slanted unseen water barrier between the seas through which water from one sea passes to the other. But when the water from one sea enters the other sea, it loses its distinctive characteristic and becomes homogenized with the other water. In a way this barrier serves as a transitional homogenizing area for the two waters. This scientific phenonmenon mentioned in the QUR'AN was also confirmed by Dr. William Hay who is a well-known marine scientist and Professor og Geological Sciences at the University of Colorado, U.S.A.


The QUR'AN mentions this phenomenon also in the following verse:

"And made a separating bar Between the two bodies Of flowing water?"

[AL-QUR'AN 27:61]


This phenomenon occurs in several places, including the divider between the Mediteranean and the Atlantic Ocean at Gibralter. But when the QUR'AN speaks about the divider between fresh and salt water, it mentions the exisence of ' a forbidding partition' with the barrier.

"It is HE WHO has Let free the two bodies Of flowing water: One palatable and sweet, And the other salty and bitter; Yet has HE Made a barrier between them, And a partition that is forbidden To be passed.


[AL-QUR'AN 25:53]


Modern Science has discovered that in estuaries, where fresh(sweet) and salt water meet, the situation is somewhat different from that found in places where two seas meet. It has been discovered that what distinguishes fresh water from salt water in estuarie is a "pycnocline zone with a marked density discontinuity separating the two layers." {Oceanography, Gross, p.242. Also see Introductory Oceanography, Thurman, pp. 300-301 ; Oceanography, Gross, p. 244 and Introductory Oceanography, Thurman, pp.300-301} This phenomenon occurs in several places, including Egypt, where the river Nile flows into the Medierranean Sea.


Prof. Durga Rao is an expert in the field of Marine Geology and was a professor at King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah. He was asked to comment on the following verse:

"Or (the Unbelievers' state) Is like the depths of darkness In a vast deep ocean, Overwhelmed with billow Topped by billow, Topped by (dark) clouds: Depths of darkness, one Above another: if a man Stretches out his hand, He can hardly see it! For any to whom ALLAH Giveth not light, There is no light!"

[AL-QUR'AN 21:40]


Prof. Rao said that scientists have only now been able to confirm, with the help of modern equipment that there is darkness in the depths of the ocean. Humans are unable to dive unaided underwater for more than 20 to 30 metres, and cannot survive in the deep oceanic regions at a depth of more than 200 metres. This verse does not refer to all seas because not every sea can be described as having accumulated darkness layered one over another. It refers especially to a deep sea or deep ocean, as the QUR'AN says, 'darkness in a vast deep ocean.' This layered darkness in a deep ocean is the result of two causes:

1. A light ray is composed of seven colours. These seven colours are Violet, Indigo, Blue. Green, Yellow, Orange and Red(VIBGYOR). The light ray undergoes refraction when it hits water. The upper 10 to 15 metres of water absorb the red colour. Therefore if a diver is 25 metres under water and gets wounded, he would not be able to see the red colour of his blood, because the red colour does not reach this depth. Similarly orange rays are absorbed at 30 to 50 metres, yellow at 50 to 100 metres, green at 100 to 200 metres, and finally, blue beyond 200 metres and violet and indigo above 200 metres. Due to successive disapperance of colour, one layer after another, the ocean progressively becomes darker, i.e. darkness takes place in layers of light. Below a depth of 1000 metres there is complete darkness.{Oceans, Elder and Pernetta, p.27}

2.The sun's rays are absorbed by clouds which in turn scatter light rays thus causing a layer of darkness under the clouds. This is the first layer of darkness. When light rays reach the surface of the ocean they are reflected by the wave surface giving it a shiny appearance. Therefore it is the waves which reflect light and cause darkness.The unreflected light penetrates into the depths of the ocean. Therefore the ocean has two parts. The surface characterized by light and warmth and the depth characterized by darkness. The surface is further separated from the deep part of the ocean by waves. The internal waves cover the deep waters of seas and oceans because the deep waters have a higher density than the waters above them. The darkness begins below the internal waves. Even the fish in the depths of the ocean cannot see; their only source of light is from their own bodies.The QUR'AN rightly mentions:

"Darkness in a vast deep ocean overwhelmed with waves topped by waves."

In other words, above these waves there are more types of waves, i.e. those found on the surface of the ocean. The Qur'anic verse continues,

"topped by (dark) clouds; depths of darkness, one above another."

These clouds as explained are barriers one over the other that further cause darkness by absorption of colours at different levels. Prof. Durga Rao concluded by saying, "1400 years ago a normal human being could not explain this phenomenon in so much detail. Thus the information must have come from a supernatural source."


Taken from


Speed of Light: Surprise!


Before the 17th century, scientists believed that there was no such thing as the "speed of light". They thought that light could travel any distance in no time at all. Later, several attempts were made to measure that speed. Today, according to the US National Bureau of Standards, the speed of light in vacuum (outside matter and gravitational fields) is = 299792.4574 +/- 0.0011 km/s. According to the British National Physical Laboratory, the speed of light = 299792.4590 +/- 0.0008 km/s (making an average with the US standard = 299792.458 km/s). But 1400 years ago, the speed of light in vacuum was already known to be 299792.5 Km/s. It is stated in the Koran (Quran, the book of Islam) that light travels in one day the same distance that the moon travels in 1000 lunar years. And since velocity = distance / time, a simple calculation reveals the speed of light in vacuum to be 299792.5 Km/s:

-Speed of Light- <> -Relativity in Islam- <>

Moslems (Muslims) believe that angels are low mass creatures, and that God created them originally from light.


An Addition from me, Osama Abdallah:  " 'A'isha reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: The Angels were born out of light and the Jinns were born out of the spark of fire and Adam was born as he has been defined (in the Qur'an) for you (i. e. he is fashioned out of clay). (Translation of Sahih Muslim, The Book Pertaining to Piety and Softening of Hearts (Kitab Al-Zuhd wa Al-Raqa'iq), Book 042, Number 7134)" Jinns were created from smokeless fire <jinns_are_angels.htm>: "And He created Jinns from fire free of smoke: (The Noble Quran, 55:15)"


Mankind was created from clay: "We created man from sounding clay, from mud moulded into shape; (The Noble Quran, 15:26)"  Please visit: Science proved that Mankind was created from earth's dust. <life_from_clay.htm>

Continuing with the article...

They move at any speed from zero up to the speed of light. It is the angels


who carry out things for God. Angels take their orders from a Preserved Tablet somewhere in outer space near Earth, and not form God's Throne. They commute to and from this Preserved Tablet to get their orders from God. In the following verse, the Quran is describing how angels travel when they commute to and from this Tablet. And the speed at which they commute to and from this Tablet turned out to be the known speed of light:


[Quran 32.5] <> (Allah) Rules the cosmic affair from the heavens to the Earth. Then this affair travels to Him a distance in one day, at a measure of one thousand years of what you count.


It is the angels who carryout this 'cosmic affair'. Hence in 1 day, the angels will travel a distance of 1000 years of what they counted. Obviously they counted lunar years (see Arabic wording at footnote [1]). So Allah is saying that angels travel in one day the same distance that the moon travels in 1000 lunar years, that is, 12000 lunar orbits (1000 years x 12 orbits/year).

We can simply convert both distances and associated times to velocities and then compare them:


Distance = Velocity x Time Velocity = Distance / Time

Therefore, we can calculate the velocity of those angels and then compare it to the known speed of light.




This table below shows the lunar month and the terrestrial day in both sidereal system (relative to the stars) and synodic (relative to the sun):


PeriodSynodic (relative to sun)Sidereal (relative to the stars)Terrestrial day t24 hours = 86400 sec23 h 56 min 4.0906 sec = 86164.0906 secLunar Month T29.53059 days27.321661 days = 655.71986 hoursNASA uses the sidereal system (relative to stars) for expressing the lunar month (T), the terrestrial day (t) and for calculating the velocity of the moon [2]. But Moslems also use the sidereal system (relative to stars) in their proof.


So the formula as proposed by Allah is:

Distance traveled by angels in one day = 12000 x Distance traveled by moon during one orbit

And since Distance = Velocity x Time:

C t = 12000 Vo T



CIs the velocity of angels, which we intend to calculate and then compare to the known speed of light (no external forces, no acceleration, no deceleration).tIs the sidereal terrestrial day defined as the time of one rotation of the Earth about its axis (relative to the stars); i.e. 23 hr, 56 min, 4.0906 sec = 86164.0906sec.VoIs the inertial velocity of the moon (no external forces, no acceleration, no deceleration); which we intend to calculate.TIs the sidereal lunar month defined as the time of one revolution of the moon around Earth (relative to the stars); i.e. 27.321661 days = 655.71986 hours.(see how gravity affects those times and distances, according to Einstein’s theory of general relativity, at footnote [3])

Velocity of the Moon:


Unlike the speed of light, the velocity of the moon is not constant. NASA measured the instantaneous velocity of the moon at various instances throughout its orbit. These measurements show that the velocity of the moon varies considerably (from 3470 km/hr up to 3873 km/hr); which means that the moon accelerates and decelerates continuously. The average lunar velocity is Vavg = 3682 km/hr. Most astronomy textbooks calculate this value manually by the following method:


Velocity = Distance / Time = Length of lunar orbit / Time

As the Earth goes around the sun, the whole moon’s orbit travels along with Earth. This makes the moon travel in a much longer spiral path; But this is not the length of the lunar orbit relative to Earth. The lunar orbit relative to Earth is almost circular having an average radius R = 384267 km. So, the length (L) of this circular lunar orbit relative to Earth is:

L = 2 p R

V = L / T V = 2 p R / T


Substituting R = 384267 km and T = sidereal lunar month = 655.71986 hr:

V = (2 x 3.l4l593 x 384267) / 655.71986 = 3682.092 km/hr


Although this velocity is correct relative to Earth, this velocity is under the influence of the gravitational pull of the sun, stars... (external forces, acceleration); and we need to compare it to the speed of light in vacuum, that is, without any gravitational pulls at all (no external forces, no acceleration). But for any meaningful comparison, they should both be under the same conditions, that is, either both compared with external forces (acceleration) or both without:


299,792.458 km/s is the speed of light in vacuum, that is, outside matter and gravitational fields. This is not the speed of light inside matter (example: speed of light in glass is 199,861.638 km/s; that is around 100,000 km/s slower than in vacuum). Similarly, this is not the speed of light inside gravitational fields. The velocity of light varies with the intensity of the gravitational field (See proof at footnote [4]). Since we are comparing the velocity of the moon relative to the speed of light, therefore we have to compare them inside the same medium, that is either both compared inside the same gravitational field or both outside. Since 299,792.458 km/s is the speed of light outside gravitational fields, then for any meaningful comparison, we have to calculate the velocity of the moon outside all gravitational fields as well before comparing them (we have to calculate Vo without any external forces at all; zero acceleration velocity).


Let be the angle traveled by the Earth-moon system around the sun during this one sidereal month. The velocity of the moon V is simply the sum of the tangential velocity Vt plus the radial velocity acquired from the gravitational pull of the sun Vr:

Since we have to disregard the gravitational field, then we have to disregard the velocity acquired from that gravitational field as well. In other words, we have to disregard the radial velocity component Vr=Vsin (because it is acquired from the gravitational field of the sun).


This implies that we have to consider only the tangential velocity component of the moon relative to the sun. In other words, we should only consider the unaccelerated tangential velocity component Vt =Vcos.


As for the effect of the gravitational field of distant stars: Like the sun, during this one month, the moon would have traveled (relative to them) an angle = zero (undetectable). And since cos(0) = 1 then Vt=Vcos(0)=V; that is, the results would not change… The gravitational pull of distant stars is negligible and cannot (detectably) accelerate the moon during this one month, so Vr remains zero; however, the gravitational pull of the nearby sun is very significant and does accelerate the moon. Add to this that scientists disregard the influence of the gravitational field of distant stars when measuring the speed of light in vacuum (at 299792.458 km/s), but they never disregard the gravitational field of the sun.

As for the effect of the gravitational field of Earth: During this one month, the moon would have traveled (relative to Earth) an angle = 360. And since cos(360) = 1 then Vt=Vcos(360)=V; that is, the results would not change.

So the velocity of the moon outside all gravitational fields is:

Vo = V cos

Where V is the velocity of the moon inside gravitational fields and is the angle traveled by the Earth-moon system around the sun during this one sidereal month.

Speed of Angels:

So finally we can calculate the speed of angels in vacuum and compare it to the known speed of light in vacuum 299792.458 km/s:

C t = 12000 Vo T

And Vo = V cos

C t = 12000 V cos T

C = (12000 V cos T) / t


Substituting the NASA sidereal values of the periods T and t (from above table); is 26.9295 degrees and could be manually calculated at this footnote [5]; cos = 0.8915645, we arrive at the speed of angels as claimed in the Koran:


C = (12000 x 3682.092 x 0.8915645 x 655.71986) / 86164.0906

C = 299792.5 km/sExactly the known Speed of Light!!!


Moslems ask how could an illiterate man who lived 1400 years ago have figured out the velocity of the moon relative to the speed of light?

[Quran 10.5] <> It is He (Allah) who made the sun to shine and the moon to light, and destined it in stages; that you may learn to count the years and the mathematics. Allah only created this in truth. He details His Signs for those who are knowledgeable (scientists).

See how angels can reach anywhere in the universe before you finish reading this sentence: Wormholes (Below)

(see the problem of Christians with the speed of light at footnote [6])


Time Dilation

Surprisingly, Moslems use another formula to reveal that angels indeed accelerate up to the speed of light. Their Koran states another verse in which angels traveling at a certain velocity, appear to experience slower time than humans. But this agrees with Einstein’s theory of special relativity, which says that a faster moving object appears to experience slower time. Moslems use Einstein’s theory of relativity with this verse from the Koran to assert that angels indeed accelerate up to the speed of light:


[Quran 70.4] <> The angels and the Spirit ascend to Him in a day, the measure of which is fifty thousand years.


Here angels will experience 1 day while humans will measure it as 50,000 years. However, according to the theory of special relativity, given this time difference (time dilation), we can calculate the speed at which that object traveled. We can verify if those angels really accelerate up to the speed of light, as claimed by Moslems, or not. Moslems say that since this claim can be verified in two minutes, then there is absolutely no need for blind faith:

It was not a Moslem but a Jew, Albert Einstein, who defined the famous theory of special relativity. According to this theory, space, time, and mass are not constant values; they change depending on the speed of that moving object. As the velocity of that object increases its time appears to elapse slower. Mathematically it is:

(Where ?to is the time measured for a mover by a mover; ?t is the time measured for a mover by a stationary frame; v is the velocity of the mover relative to the stationary observer):


?to is the time experienced by angels (1 day).

?t is the time as measured by humans (50,000 years x 365 days/year).

v is the velocity of angels in this case (which we intend to calculate and then compare to the known speed of light).

c is the known speed of light 299792.458 km/s, the speed of light in vacuum.

From the above equation we can solve for the unknown velocity:

So let’s insert the Moslem claims and see if their angels really accelerate up to the speed of light or not. Insert dates from this verse ‘The angels and the Spirit ascend to Him in a day, the measure of which is fifty thousand years’ into the formula:

v = c x 0.999999999999998498780258960404202

v = 299792.45799999954994564383561604 km / sThis time dilation (time difference) shows that angels indeed accelerate up to the speed of light (slightly less than c since they have mass). This can't be a coincidence because this is the same speed calculated from the previous lunar verse.

Moslems ask how could an illiterate man who lived 1400 years ago have figured out Time Dilation and the core of Relativity?


General Relativity


Moslems believe that Paradise and Hell are both much bigger and much more massive than Earth (but still much smaller than God's Throne). The theory of general relativity says that time should pass slower near an object more massive than Earth (in a stronger gravitational field). So according to general relativity, time should pass in Paradise/Hell much slower than on Earth. Moslems say that this is what Allah says. It is stated in the Quran that 1 day in Paradise/Hell measures a 1000 years on Earth:

[Quran 22.47] <> They challenge you to bring forth that torture [in Hell] and Allah will not break His promise; a day of your Lord [Paradise/Hell promise] is like a thousand years of what you count.


Here God promises those who do not believe in Hell and punishment that each day of their torture in Hell will measure a thousand years on Earth. So according to the Quran, time passes faster on Earth than in Paradise/Hell. But this agrees with the theory of general relativity which says that time passes slower near bigger mass. Paradise and Hell are much more massive than Earth and time should pass there much slower than on Earth.


Christians believe that God created the universe in 6 earthly days and rested on the 7th. Moslems believe that 6 days passed at God's Throne but we experienced 13.5 billion years on Earth:


Moslems believe that God is not bound to His Throne; rather He created it and set it as a reference. The Quran says that God's Throne is even wider than the whole universe; so how about the mass of God's Throne? God's Throne is much more massive than Earth. Time should pass there much slower than on Earth. The theory of general relativity explains why time passes slower at God's Throne than on Earth. General relativity explains why 6 days passed at God's Throne but we measured it as 13.5 billion years (that is each day at God's Throne measures around 2.25 billion years on Earth).


Science says that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old and that the universe is 13.5 billion years old. This places the age of Earth at one third the age of the universe. Moslems say that this is what Allah says. The Quran says that God counted 6 days since the creation of the universe but God only counted 2 days since the creation of Earth:


[Quran 50.38] <> We [Allah] created the heavens and the Earth and all what's between them in six days, and We were not touched by fatigue.


[Quran 41.9] <> Say: "Is it that you deny Him [Allah] who created the Earth in two days? And you claim others to be equal to Him? He is the Lord of (all) the Worlds."

So far, God counted 2 days for Earth and 6 days for the whole universe. The Quran clearly states that the age of Earth is one third the age of the universe [7]. Moslems ask how could an illiterate man who lived 1400 years ago have figured out the age of Earth relative to the age of the universe?


(The Christian Bible puts the creation of Earth on day one; making the age of Earth equal to the age of the universe)

So according to the Quran:


God's Throne > Paradise/Hell > Earth


The smaller the mass, the faster the time


Moslems ask how could an illiterate man who lived 1400 years ago have figured out that time passes slower near bigger mass?


The Koran says that time does not pass at the same rate (time dilation). Christians don't accept this time dilation (time difference) because their Bible says otherwise. (See proof that time dilation in the Christian Bible is wrong at footnote [8])


Pulsars and Black Holes



General relativity predicted the formation of black holes from neutron stars. As more matter falls into a neutron star its mass increases; and as its mass increases its gravity increases. A point will be reached where gravity would have grown so much that not even light could escape, thus a black hole forms.

Most neutron stars discovered today are in the form of radio pulsars. Radio pulsars are neutron stars that emit radio waves. We can simply connect a radio telescope to a loud speaker and hear a pulsar. Pulsars sound like someone persistently knocking. Click here and listen to a slow knocking pulsar <>. Click here and listen to a fast knocking pulsar <>.


So in short, we can hear a pulsar knock; and if matter continues to fall into this pulsar a black hole will eventually form. Moslems say that this is what Allah says. The Quran describes a star by "The one who knocks" and says that it is "The one who makes a hole".


[Quran 86.1-3] <> And the heaven and the "Knocker" (Tarek in Arabic) 2 How could you know about the the "Knocker"? 3 The piercing star (Thakeb in Arabic).


The Arabic word "Thukb" means hole; "Thakeb" means the one who makes the hole. The Quran is describing a knocking star that makes a hole.

Moslems ask how could an illiterate man who lived 1400 years ago have figured out Pulsars and Black Holes?



[Quran 26.2-6] <> These are the verses of a clarifying Book. 3 You might be frustrated that they don't believe; 4 If We wish, We hand down from the heaven a sign (proof); their necks to it remain subdued. 5 And every new revelation they were given from The Most Gracious (Allah) they dismissed. 6 They disbelieved (the Quran), so they will receive the news of what they have been mocking.


Wormholes (Length Contraction)


Look up to the night sky and select a star as a destination. Can any human reach this star by just walking few steps?

General relativity explained a mechanism to contract this huge distance into few meters. Albert Einstein called this mechanism ‘bridges’ in space-time. Today, scientists call them wormholes. A wormhole would act as a shortcut connecting two distant regions in the universe.

A wormhole contracts the distance between two doorways placed separately anywhere in the universe. A direct consequence of this distance contraction (length contraction) is the effect on the scenery. Events at the destination would appear as if in 'Fast Forward'; while events at departure would appear as if in 'Fast Rewind':

Example, consider a galaxy 100 million light years away. When you look today from Earth to that galaxy, you will not see it as it is today, but rather as it was 100 million years ago. This is because light took 100 million years to travel all that distance. But if you take a journey inside a wormhole from Earth to that galaxy, you would reach that galaxy today. So when you reach it today, you will see it as it is today, not as it was 100 million years ago. So as you go forward inside a wormhole, events at that galaxy (your destination) would appear as if in 'Fast Forward' (from 100 million years ago till today).


When you reach that galaxy today and look back at Earth, you would not see Earth as it is today; instead you would see Earth as it was 100 million years ago (you would see the dinosaurs). This is because light took 100 million years to reach there. So as you go forward inside a wormhole, events at Earth (your departure) would appear as if in 'Fast Rewind' (from today till 100 million years ago).

On the return journey, events on Earth (destination) would appear as if in 'Fast Forward' (from 100 million years ago till today); while the events at that galaxy (departure) would appear as if in 'Fast Rewind' (from today till 100 million years ago). This is not time travel; this is just a consequence of the length contraction inside a wormhole.


So in short, a wormhole contracts the distance between two doorways placed separately anywhere in the universe. The effect on scenery is that the events at destination would appear as if in 'Fast Forward'; while events at departure would appear as if in 'Fast Rewind'. Moslems say that this is what Allah says. God says that there are doors in the heaven that contract interstellar distances into walking distances. The resulting scenery is bizarre:


God says that those who do not believe in the message, will not believe it even if He showed them a bigger sign. God created beautiful towering structures in the heavens. If He opens for those nonbelievers a door in heaven and lets them continue walking through it to those distant structures, they would not believe that they really got there by simply walking few steps. Instead they would think that they are just optical illusions:


[Quran 15.13-16] <> They do not believe the Message, like those who preceded them; 14 Even if We [Allah] opened upon them from the heaven a door and they continued walking through it 15 they would say ‘Our sight is bedazzled, rather we have been bewitched’ 16 It is We [Allah] who have made towering structures in the heavens and made them beautiful for beholders. 17 And We protected them from every evil spirit accursed.


Here, they wouldn’t believe their own eyes thinking that what they see is not real. They wouldn’t believe that they got to those heavenly structures by simply walking few steps. But God insists that what they see is real and not illusions (that is, they really got there).


The Quran says that those heavenly doors are galactic shortcuts to distant places in the universe. Angels guard those heavenly doors 'from every evil spirit accursed'. Moslems believe that angels use these doors for long distance travel. Angels can accelerate up to the speed of light for domestic travel; but they use these wormholes to reach any place in the universe before you finish reading this sentence.

Moslems ask how could an illiterate man who lived 1400 years ago have figured out Length Contraction and Wormholes? How could he have figured out Pulsars and Black Holes? How could he have figured out that time passes slower near bigger mass? How could he have figured out that faster objects experience slower time? How could he have figured out the speed of light?

[Quran 41.53] <> We (Allah) will show them Our signs in the universe, and in their souls, until it becomes clear to them that It (the Quran) is the truth. Is it not enough (for nonbelievers) that your Lord witnesses over all things?

See: The Quran describes the doorways of a wormhole like two shells, exactly like modern science: Islam & Life on other Planets <>.


[Quran 34.6] <> And those who have received knowledge (scientists) will see that what have been sent down to you from your Lord (the Quran) is the Truth, and that it guides to the Path of the Exalted, Worthy of all praise.


Big Bang, Expansion of Universe, Big Crunch


Science says that the universe was created in a Big Bang 13.5 billion years ago, is still expanding today, and billions of years from now it will collapse by it's own gravity with a Big Crunch. Moslems say that this is what Allah says. The Koran says that on the first day of creation, God made the heavens and the Earth meshed together, tight and compact (Big Bang), continues to expand it into the universe we know today and at the last day God will recompress it into it’s original state (Big Crunch).

About the first day (Big Bang), Allah says:


[Quran 21.30] <> Do not those who disbelieve see that the heavens and the Earth were meshed together but We have torn them apart? And then We have made of water everything living? Would they still not believe?


About expanding the universe today, Allah says:


[Quran 51.47] <> And the heaven, We built it with craftsmanship and We are still expanding.


About the last day (Big Crunch), Allah promises:

[Quran 21.104] <> On the day when We will fold the heaven, like the folder compacts the books, and as We originated the first creation We shall return it; a promise (binding on Us); surely We will deliver.

This is what science is pondering upon today.


Tectonic Plates


Science says that the Earth's crust has been slowly moving for billions of years. Not only mountains are still slowly moving but also whole continents. Moslems say that this is what Allah says:


[Quran 27.88] <> You see the mountains and think they are firmly fixed: but they are moving away just like the clouds are moving away: (such is) the artistry of Allah, Who disposes of all things in perfect order: for He knows all what you do.


Atmospheric Pressure


Science says that atmospheric pressure decreases with altitude; The higher the altitude the more difficult breathing becomes. Moslems say that this is what Allah says. The Quran says that as we ascend to the sky it becomes more difficult for us to breath:


[Quran 6.125] <> Those whom Allah wants to guide, He opens their chests to Islam;


And those whom He wants to leave astray, He makes their chests tight and constricted, as if they are ascending to the sky: Such is the penalty of Allah on those who refuse to believe.


Ice in Comets


Science says that water on Earth actually came from outer space, particularly from ice in comets. When those comets enter our atmosphere, the heat generated on entry vaporizes this ice into the atmosphere. Moslems say that this is what Allah says. God says that there are mountains in heaven that have ice inside them. Those mountains could fall on Earth making a very bright flash.


[Quran 24.43] <> Can't you see that Allah makes the clouds move gently, then joins them together, then makes them into a pile? Then you see rain come out from within? And He [Allah] sends down from heaven mountains with ice inside them; that strike whomever He wishes or miss whoever He wishes; Its' flash almost blinds you.


Moslems ask where did this come from? How could an illiterate man who lived 1400 years ago have figured out that the stars were born from heated gas and dust if he never had a telescope? How could he have described the early stages of the embryonic development of a fetus if he never had a microscope? How could he have located the lowest geographical point on Earth if he never had a GPS? How could he have identified which part of the human brain is responsible for motivation, planning and moral judgment if modern science only determined that in the past few years with the most sophisticated equipment ever?


Moslems ask if their prophet was not sent by God then where did this come from?

Moslems invite all skeptics to see and judge for themselves whether the scientific miracles of the Koran are real or not at their website Miracles of the Quran <>.

-Speed of Light- <>


[1] The Arabic word "Araj" means a man with a lame leg. In this verse, the Quran specifically uses it's verb "Yaruj" which simply means a man walking on a lame leg. The Quran is describing the lame steps of this 'cosmic affair' and literally says that it is 'at a measure of one thousand years of what you count'. And since this verse is describing something quantitative and emphasizing the lame steps then it has to be pointing to the distance. The distance is the only thing quantitative in this case.

About the Preserved Tablet:


[Quran 85.21-22] <> But it is a Glorious Quran. 22 Inscribed on a Preserved Tablet.


Moslems believe that Archangel Gabriel got the Quran to their prophet from this Preserved Tablet:


[Quran 15.8-11] <> We only send down the angels in Truth; if they were not (in truth), no respite would they have 9 We have sent down the Message; and We will preserve it 10 We did send Messengers before you among the religious sects of the old 11 But never came a Messenger to them but they mocked him.


The Quran and all the instructions to all angels were inscribed on this Preserved Tablet before the creation of Earth started. They commute to and from this Tablet to get their orders from God. The angels were originally made of light, and the speed at which they commute to and from this Tablet turned out to be the known speed of light.


[2] The time between two consecutive new moons is 29.53 days and is called the synodic month (synodic means relative to the sun). During this time, the Earth and consequently the entire moon's orbit would have traveled a considerable distance around the sun. When looking from Earth to the path of the moon relative to the stars, the position of the moon against the background of stars is different. This is because during this 29.53 days, the moon would have traveled relative to the stars more than a complete circle (traveled more than one orbit). The time for the moon to return to the same position in the sky relative to the stars (and hence an exact circle) is called the sidereal month (sidereal means relative to the stars), and is 27.32 days (2.2 days shorter). And since we need to measure the time for an exact orbit (and not a circle plus two days, and then multiply this big error 12000 times!!!) we have to use the sidereal system. It is this sidereal system that actually represents the real time for one revolution in the moon's orbit.


[3] According to the theory of general relativity, just as faster moving objects experience slower time, objects in stronger gravitational fields experience slower time as well. That is, clocks on the moon run faster than clocks on Earth, and clocks on Earth run faster than clocks on the sun, and clocks in black holes simply stop. So, the same clock timing those 12000 lunar orbits from Earth reads much less time when timing them from the sun; and reads more time when timing them from the moon; The same clock timing them from a black hole doesn’t read any time at all. Moreover according to general relativity, the length of an object in a stronger gravitational field is shorter (shrinks), that is, 1km on Earth is longer than 1km on the sun, and 1km on the sun is much longer than 1km in a black hole. Simply put: gravitational fields disrupt both distances and times (space-time).

Moslems say Allah specifies ‘at a measure of one thousand years of what you count’, that is, times and distances as measured on Earth (Earth reference frame), simply because they are not the same anywhere else in the universe.


[4] Special relativity says that the speed of light in vacuum is constant. But "vacuum" does not only mean outside matter but also means outside gravitational fields; that is, if you are in a gravitational field then you are not in vacuum even if there is no air around you. In this, case special relativity does not hold.

It is general relativity that deals with the effects of gravitational fields. And according to general relativity the velocity of light varies with the intensity of the gravitational field:


c' = co (1+ F/c2)

Where F is the gravitational potential relative to the point where the speed of light co is measured.


Simply put: Light travels slower in stronger gravitational fields (near bigger mass).


[5] Every two new moons (one lunar month), the moon will travel 29.10675 degrees relative to the sun. So the average angular velocity of the moon relative to the sun is 29.10675 degrees / 29.53059 days = 0.98564742 degrees / day. Therefore during the one sidereal month, the moon will travel relative to the sun an average angle:

= 27.321661 days x 0.9856472 degrees / day = 26.92952 degrees

More accurately, we can calculate from the period of one heliocentric revolution of the Earth-moon system (365.2421987 days).

= 27.32166088 days x 360 degrees / 365.2421987 days = 26.92952225 degrees


[6] The Christian Bible says that the universe was created less than ten thousand years ago. Science says that the universe was created 13.5 billion years ago. We can actually observe galaxies 13 billion light years away; that is, light already traveled 13 billion years before it reached us. This alone proves their Bible wrong. To fix this problem, they need the speed of light to decay (to slow down over time); that is, light was faster and covered that distance in much shorter time. But the theory of relativity says that the speed of light is constant... Since the theory of relativity contradicts their Bible, they need the theory of relativity to be wrong for their Bible to be correct.


[7] Moslems believe that God sustains all living things. And all His commands to the angels to sustain man and animals were inscribed on the Preserved Tablet. The Quran says that not even a leaf would drop on Earth without it being previously recorded in this Preserved Tablet.


God says that He inscribed this Preserved Tablet before the creation of Earth started. The Quran says that God answered our prayers today (as commands for the angels on the Preserved Tablet) during the first four days when Earth was still smoke. After this God ordered Earth to form:


[Quran 41.9-12] <> Say: "Is it that you deny Him [Allah] who created the Earth in two days? And you claim others to be equal to Him? He is the Lord of (all) the Worlds." 10 He set on it (Earth) mountains, and bestowed it with blessings. And [Allah] estimated all its sustenance in four days, equally for those who ask (prayers) 11 AFTER THIS [Allah] commanded the heaven and it was still smoke. He said to it and to Earth: "Come together, willingly or unwillingly." They said: "We do come together, in willing obedience". 12 So [Allah] decreed them as seven heavens (one above the other) in two days and revealed to each heaven its orders. And We [Allah] adorned the lowest heaven with lights, and retentions (gravity). Such is the decree of the Exalted; the Knowledgeable.

God answered our prayers today when Earth was still smoke (the first four days). After this God ordered Earth to form. The formation of Earth took two days.

Also in the last two days, God created seven heavens, one above the other, but we can only see the lights of the lowest one.


[8] It is interesting to note that the Christian Bible has a similar claim about time dilation (time difference):

(2Peter 3:8) <> But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, AND A THOUSAND YEARS ARE LIKE A DAY. 9 The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.


Obviously this verse is talking about God's patience, but some Christians say that it predated the scientific claims of the Koran.

First, this verse describes time vs. time (and not time vs. distance). So if this time difference (time dilation) is due to the mass of God's Throne, then the Bible got it wrong: 1 day at God's Throne should measure 2.25 billion years on Earth. Instead the Bible says "With the Lord a day is like a thousand years". Here the bible missed by a whole 2,250,000,000 years! The other part says "AND A THOUSAND YEARS ARE LIKE A DAY", that is, 1000 years by God measures 1 day on Earth. Here the Bible got it in reverse! So how small is God's Throne? Even if God's Throne is microscopic, Earth is not massive enough to generate this time dilation.

Second, if this verse was referring to time dilation due to God's movement then it got it all wrong as well. Special relativity states that a faster moving object experiences slower time and not the other way round. In this verse in the Bible, it is man who experiences the slower time; hence travels faster than God! Man experiences less time of 1 day (travels fast) and God experiences more time of 1000 years (travels slow). This verse practically says that once God travels faster than man but immediately follows it with a fatal mistake that man travels faster than God.


Third, some Christians claim that Quran 32.5 <> (angels travel in a day the same distance that the moon travels in a 1000 years) is a restatement of this Bible verse. The problem with this Christian claim is that the Quran is referring to the angels moving and not God moving. Here in this Bible verse God has to be moving. And assuming that God is moving, not only this verse does not talk about any distance traveled, but also Christians and the Jews before them used solar years. The Jews used to add a 13th lunar month every few years to make up for the difference between the lunar and the solar year. The calculations based on their standards fails to reveal the speed of light.

No, the Bible got it wrong in every possible way.


Actually the Bible records scientific knowledge that contradicts all modern science and genetics. While today's scientists have confirmed that animals inherit their colors and stripes from their parents (through DNA), the Bible says something else: In Genesis 30:37-42 <;&version=31;>, the Bible explains how baby goats get their streaked colors: If their parents were mating AND LOOKING at upright rods, then the baby goats will have stripes. While if their parents were mating BUT NOT LOOKING at upright rods, then the baby goats will not have stripes!

Do we really need science to reject this one?


Anyhow, if science is too much for the Bible, let's try common sense: Common sense says that the sun illuminates Earth, and that without sunlight darkness will cover the Earth. Is there anything simpler? But the Bible says something else: In Genesis 1:1-31 <>, the Bible explains how the sun is related to day and night. The Bible says that on the first day, God created the light and darkness on Earth. The first evening came and the first morning followed. But God did not create the sun until the fourth day, specifically after three evenings and three mornings. So three evenings and the three mornings occurred on Earth before there was a sun. So according to the Bible, daylight occurs without the sun!


[Quran 2.23-24] <> And if you were in doubt about what We have revealed to Our servant, then bring forth a book like the Quran; and call your witnesses (scientists) to prove it contrary to Allah, if you were truthful. 24 But you cannot and will never (be able). So beware of a fire whose fuel is men and stones prepared for blasphemers.


[Quran 42.14] <> They only disbanded after they received knowledge (of their Bible) fallaciously among them. And if it were not a word from your Lord [Allah] that postponed it to a later date, it would have been all settled among them then. And those who inherited the Book (the Bible) from them are in great suspicion of it. 15 Therefore call them (to the Quran) and straighten your ways as you are ordered and don't follow their passions and say: "I believe in what Allah revealed of the Book (The Quran) and I was ordered to be just among you (both Christians and Jews); Allah is our Lord and your Lord, we have our actions and you have your actions, no argument between us and you, Allah brings us together and to Him we are (all) destined."


To Moslems:


[Quran 6.108] <> Do not curse those who call (to worship) other than Allah, so that they don't curse Allah out of spite and ignorance. This is how We [Allah] appealed to each people its own actions; then they will be brought back to their Lord [Allah] who will inform them of what they have been doing.


Download from: <>

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Taken from


Allah Almighty talked about lack of Oxygen and painful low pressure in space. Science confirmed the Noble Quran's Divine Claim:

The sections of this article are:

1- The Noble Quran's Divine Claims.
2- The Scientific Proofs to the Noble Quran's Divine Claims.
3- Conclusion.

1- The Noble Quran's Divine Claims:


The credit of this article goes to Dr. Zaghlool Al-Najjar. <> I got the Noble Verse' reference and the scientific information from his "Reason" TV program on the "A.R.T." satellite station. May Allah Almighty always be pleased with him.

Let us look at what Allah Almighty Said in the Noble Quran:


Shakir's Translation:
"Therefore (for) whomsoever Allah intends that He would guide him aright, He expands his breast for Islam, and (for) whomsoever He intends that He should cause him to err, He makes his breast strait and narrow as though he were ascending upwards; thus does Allah lay uncleanness on those who do not believe. (The Noble Quran, 6:125)"


Rodwell's Translation:

"And whom God shall please to guide, that man's breast will He open to Islam; but whom He shall please to mislead, strait and narrow will He make his breast, as though he were mounting up into the very Heavens! Thus doth God inflict dire punishment on those who believe not. (The Noble Quran, 6:125)"

Very Important Note: "breast" here is referring to the breathing and the physical feeling that you have inside your chest. It is not referring to the muscles and nipples of the chest physically decreasing in size. Your breathing and all the physical feeling inside your "breast" or CHEST will get "narrowed" and you will start feeling "strait" and painful pressure and lack of oxygen as you continue to ascend toward space. The "narrowness" that Allah Almighty is talking about here is the physical feeling that you have inside your chest. In other words, you start feeling the great discomfort and "strait" as you ascend more and more toward space. In Arabic we say: "deeq tanaffus", which means "narrowness in breathing". "deeq nafs", which means "feeling of frustration or agony". The word "nafs" means "self". So the Noble Word "dayyaqa" (Makes narrow), which is derived from the root word "deeq", is metaphoric for the great discomfort and strait feeling that a person would have for ascending into space.


Another Important Note: In Arabic, the word "yashrah sadruh" means "opens up his chest" or "makes him accept the thing or situation". "yashrah sadruh" also involves taking a deep breath. When the chest size is increased by the air inhalation, the status is called "inshirahu al-sadr". The word "inshirahu" is derived from the root word "yashrah". Allah Almighty Said above "...He expands his breast for Islam..." The Arabic word for "expands" is "yashrah". And like I said, "yashrah" also involves big inhalation that would fill the chest. The opposite word of that is "dayyaqa", which is the Word Allah Almighty Used for the disbelievers in the Noble Verse. And since the Noble Verse is explicitly talking also about physically ascending to space, then there is no doubt that Allah Almighty meant for "dayyaqa" to mean "lack of oxygen", since this is the PARABLE that Allah Almighty Used in the Noble Verse.


The Parable is:
Those who have faith are like the ones whom Allah Almighty fills their chests with breathing air, and those who don't have faith are like the ones whom Allah Almighty empties their chests/lungs from breathing air and life, and their agony in Hell is like the agony of the unprotected person in space. His life tightens up on him, and he suffocates until death.

Allah Almighty's use of space, chests and breathing as an example in the Noble Verse PROVES my analysis and the parable.

How did a Bedouin who lived in the middle of the desert 1500 years ago know that if we were to ascend to space, and as we reach the end of our earth's atmosphere, we start losing Oxygen and begin to feel the painful atmospheric low pressure that will cause much damage and eventually death to our bodies if we had no protection?

Did Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, have wings that enabled him to fly, to know that the higher we go up toward the sky the narrower and strait our chests would be and the more painful pressure we would feel?

The Noble Quran that contains Noble Verse 6:125 above is the same Holy and Divine Book that also spoke about the levels of darkness (levels upon levels), "depths of darkness, one above another", in the deep oceans. Science had confirmed this Scientific fact. Please visit:

Oceanology in the Noble Quran - See the Scientific confirmation. <oceanology.htm> The barriers between waters in both science and the Noble Quran.


The darkness of oceans and disappearance of light was mentioned in the Noble Quran and confirmed by Science. <darkness_of_oceans.htm>

Please also visit: The overwhelming Scientific Miracles in the Noble Quran section. <sci_quran.htm>


2- The Scientific Proofs to the Noble Quran's Divine Claims:

The following are official and objective scientific web sites on the internet that contain scientific information that confirms the Truthfulness of the Divine Claims in the Noble Quran.

From <>:


Jet Aircraft

When jet aircraft <> were developed, pilots needed pressurized flight suits to cope with the low atmospheric pressure and lack of oxygen at high altitudes. Most of these suits were designed to be used only when the pressurized cabin failed. The suits consisted of neoprene rubber-coated fabric that could inflate like a balloon, and a more rigid fabric over the neoprene to restrain the suit and direct the pressure inward on the pilot. Hoses were attached from the plane to the suit to provide oxygen.

From <>:


"Astronauts must wear bulky outfits called spacesuits to protect them from the harsh environment and lack of oxygen in space."

From <>:

High-Altitude Research a Thrill for Aerospace Corporation Engineer


By Dave Gutierrez


I grew up with the space program. The sky has always been an inspiring place to me. The love of space brought me to The Aerospace Corporation, where I've spent 11 years designing, building and deploying science experiments.

My involvement for the last two years in the development of an infrared system called SHARP, the SEBASS High-Altitude Research Project, landed me in a unique and challenging assignment last year as a payload specialist on NASA's high-altitude research aircraft, the WB-57. It was the culmination of a childhood dream.

The vehicle holds two crew members: the pilot and the payload specialist. I began training last March for my role as "backseater" on this unique aircraft, performs upper-atmospheric sampling and Earth reconnaissance.

Survival Course


After receiving an extensive physical examination at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, I headed for the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla., for a four-day water survival course.


The training covered all aspects of sea survival, from aircraft ejection and water landings under a parachute to rescue and recovery operations. I swam 75 yards in flight gear, was shot from an ejection seat in a simulator, and was hoisted by a helicopter from open water. The training culminated in two parasail rides, each followed by an open-water landing, requiring me to use the skills I'd learned during the course.


I underwent physiology training for low- and high-altitude flight at Edwards Air Force Base, where I experienced five hypobaric chamber rides which demonstrated the effects of hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and pressure changes on the body.

Painful bloating can occur at altitude pressures above 40,000 feet. The training teaches subjects how the body reacts to hypoxia and how to respond quickly should it occur.


Pressure Suit

Aerospace Corporation engineer Dave Gutierrez is briefed before following NASA pilot and instructor Steve Feaster into the cockpit of high-altitude research aircraft, the WB-57, at Ellington Field, Houston. Photo by Brad JohnsonHigh-altitude flight--above 50,000 feet--requires the use of a fully pressurized flight suit. The suits are similar to those worn by pilots aboard the SR-71 Blackbird and the space shuttle during ascent. At Edwards I was fitted for my own suit and received the requisite training.


I underwent another round of water training, this time in the pressure suit. The highlight was a hypobaric chamber ride to a pressure altitude of more than 100,000 feet (20 miles). The suit inflates to keep pressure around the body at about 35,000 feet, a good compromise for breathing pure oxygen and the lack of mobility caused by the stiffness of the suit.


While passing through 60,000 feet, water in a small jar placed inside the chamber began boiling. This is Armstrong's Line, the point at which bodily fluids would begin vaporizing if no suit were worn.

I had always wondered what it would be like to wear a space suit. It is pretty confining, and if you are at all claustrophobic, it's stressful. Other than radio chatter, you hear only your heart beating and the sound of oxygen flowing into the helmet during each breath.


The suits are cooled and heated with conditioned air supplied by the vehicle. It is normal, however, to experience wide temperature variations during suitup, taxi and takeoff as well as during the mission itself. Current mission scenarios require the suits to be worn for up to seven hours. They are outfitted with eating and drinking ports and yes, bathroom facilities.


Ground School, Flight Training

I spent a week in Houston last July for ground school and flight training in the aircraft. My instructor was NASA pilot Steve Feaster, who has logged thousands of hours in this type of aircraft.


I spent the first part of the week learning about the craft's systems and familiarizing myself with the cockpit. The backseat area is small, roughly the size of a coach seat on a commercial airliner. My primary responsibilities would be programming the Inertial Navigation System (INS) and reading checklists to the pilot. My main duties would be operating and evaluating the SHARP sensor and the special tracking system on which it is mounted.


After programming the INS for a trip over the Gulf of Mexico toward Corpus Christi, we took off on my first flight.

The WB-57 taxis for takeoff. Photo by Brad JohnsonThe aircraft accelerates quickly and climbs at an amazing rate. We leveled off just below 50,000 feet and practiced several emergency scenarios. After a few hours in the air we returned for several touch-and-go landings before completing the flight.

The next morning we suited up with full pressure suits for a high-altitude flight. I was anxious but realized this would probably be my best opportunity to relax and enjoy the view, not yet having to concentrate on operating the SHARP sensor.

Curvature of Earth Visible


On this flight we reached 63,000 feet. The curvature of the Earth was visible. With more than 96 percent of the atmosphere below us, the top of the troposphere was visible as a bluish-white arc on the horizon. The sky above was dark, like a normal sky about 30 to 40 minutes after sunset.


My final flight was a checkout ride to 50,000 feet, where I applied all of the skills I had learned during my week of training. We simulated engine loss scenarios, hydraulic failures and midcourse reprogramming of the INS. I successfully completed the flight, earning qualification as a NASA crew member and backseater for the WB-57.

The SHARP project has now entered the flight test phase. I have flown with the system twelve times, accumulating about 40 hours in the aircraft. The aircraft operations are becoming more natural, allowing me to focus on evaluating sensor performance and troubleshooting anomalies.


During my last flight in November our team collected longwave infrared hyperspectral data on more than 90 percent of the targets deployed during flight tests at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. Aerospace engineers Brad Johnson and Steve Hansel were instrumental in the successful integration of the sensor during this first series of flights.


This has been the experience of a lifetime, and I'm looking forward to future flights with SHARP aboard the WB-57.


3- Conclusion:


Again and again the Noble Quran's Divine Claims were proven to be absolutely True, whether through Archeological, Historical or Scientific discoveries. Allah Almighty is always perfectly accurate in explaining how He Created some of His creation. Islam has proven itself countless times before to be the Absolute Divine Truth from GOD Almighty. Embrace Islam and you will be saved.


You can get much more miracles from the Quran from this link:




He Wrote




Makes numerous prophecies






Makes no prophecies.


My Response


I find it very sad that a man like Matt Slick has to intentionally lie to make an argument, very sad indeed. Now some may say that I am being harsh in calling Matt a liar and that this could be an honest mistake. I disagree, he is purposely lying because you cannot miss these prophecies mentioned in the Quran, they are so easy and simple so Matt intentionally lied when he said there are non because I am sure he read the Quran and a man of his knowledge would not miss them. Anyway here are the prophecies in the Quran:


Taken from


The Prophecy of the yearly pilgrimage to Mecca in the Noble Quran:

I learned about this topic and the two Noble Verses below from my mother while I was discussing Islam with her; may Allah Almighty always be pleased with her.

Let us look at what Allah Almighty said in the Noble Quran:

"Behold! We gave the site, To Abraham, of the (Sacred) House [That is the Kaaba <que11.htm> that he built], (Saying): 'Associate not anything (In worship) with Me; And sanctify My House For those who compass it round, Or stand up, Or bow, or prostrate themselves (Therein in prayer). And proclaim the Pilgrimage among men: they will come to thee on foot and (mounted) on every kind of camel, lean on account of journeys through deep and distant mountain highways; (The Noble Quran, 22:26-27)"

As we clearly see in the Noble Verses, Allah Almighty promised Abraham peace be upon him that He will cause for people from all around the world to come and proclaim the pilgrimage to the House (Kaaba <que11.htm>) that he built.

The story began, when Abraham took Hagar and Ishmael to the city of Paran (Mecca) <paran.htm>, based on Allah Almighty's commands. There was literally no life there; not even water. Allah Almighty then ordered Abraham to build the House of GOD (Kaaba <que11.htm>) and leave Hagar and his son Ishmael there. When later Hagar and Ishmael became very thirsty after they ran out of the water they brought with them in the journey, Hagar prayed to Allah Almighty to provide water for them. Hagar then started to desperately run to search for water seven times (I believe) back and forth between the Safa and Marwa hills. Allah Almighty then caused Ishmael to rub his feet against the sand and a pool of water, the water of Zumzum <zumzum_water.htm> came out.


Taken from


Surah 30 contains a remarkable historical prophecy which was fulfilled.

"The Romans have been defeated

"In the nearer land, and they, after their defeat will be victorious

"Within ten years - Allah's is the command in the former case and in the latter - and in that day believers will rejoice .

"In Allah's help to victory. He helpeth to victory whom He will. He is the Mighty, the Merciful." Quran (Pickthal translation), 30:2-5

The period of the revelation of this Surah is determined absolutely by the historical event that has been mentioned at the outset. It says: "The Romans have been vanquished in the neighboring land." In those days the Byzantine occupied territories adjacent to Arabia were Jordan, Syria and Palestine, and in these territories the Romans were completely overpowered by the Iranians in 615 A. D. Therefore, it can be said with absolute certainty that this Surah was sent down in the same year, and this was the year in which the migration to Habash took place.

Syed Maudani commentary <>, "This prophecy has two parts:

1. that the Roman [Byzantine] Christians, although they have been vanquished at this time, will predominate over Iran after nine years;

2. that the Muslims shall also rejoice on the day of the Romans' victory over Iran; for they, too, shall gain victory over shirk (associating partners with Allah), although the idolaters, at that time, prided exultantly over their huge numbers."

"Muhammad In World Scriptures," Volume I, Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi (New USA Edition, 1999), p. 253.

Both prophecies were actually fulfilled within ten years in 624 C.E.

"[D]uring the fixed period of time, exactly after nine years, the Roman armies entered Iran triumphantly, and on the same day Muslims also scored their victory against the idolaters on the field of Badr. The event of the Roman victory took place in 624 C.E., and it is written in the Encyclopaedia Britannica, under the heading 'Chosroes II':

"'In 624 he [Heraclius] advanced into northern Media, where he destroyed the great fire-temple of Goudzak.'"

Ibid., emphasis added.

"[Byzantine Emperor] Heraclius started his counter attack in 623 A. D. from Armenia. Next year, in 624 A. D., he entered Azerbaijan and destroyed Clorumia, the birthplace of Zoroaster, and ravaged the principal fire temple of Iran. Great are the powers of Allah, this was the very year when the Muslims achieved a decisive victory at Badr for the first time against the mushriks. Thus both the predictions made in Surah Rum were fulfilled simultaneously within the stipulated period of ten years."

Syed Maudani, supra

What is remarkable is that, at the time the Prophet revealed Surah Rum its fulfillment would have seemed extremely unlikely to objective human observers: These were the conditions when this Surah of the Quran was sent down, and in it a prediction was made, saying: "The Romans have been vanquished in the neighboring land and within a few years after their defeat, they shall be victorious. And it will be the day when the believers will rejoice in the victory granted by Allah." It contained not one but two predictions: First, the Romans shall be Victorious; and second, the Muslims also shall win a victory at the same time.

Apparently, there was not a remote chance of the fulfillment of the either prediction in the next few years. On the one hand, there were a handful of the Muslims, who were being beaten and tortured in Makkah, and even till eight years after this prediction there appeared no chance of their victory and domination. On the other, the Romans were losing more and more ground every next day. By 619 A. D. the whole of Egypt had passed into Sassanid hands and the Magian armies had reached as far as Tripoli. In Asia Minor they beat and pushed back the Romans to Bosporus, and in 617 A. D. they captured Chalcedon (modern, Kadikoy) just opposite Constantinople. The Emperor sent an envoy to Khusrau, praying that he was ready to have peace on any terms, but he replied, "I shall not give protection to the emperor until he is brought in chains before me and gives up obedience to his crucified god and adopts submission to the fire god." At last, the Emperor became so depressed by defeat that he decided to leave Constantinople and shift to Carthage (modern, Tunis). In short, as the British historian Gibbon says, even seven to eight years after this prediction of the Quran, the conditions were such that no one could even imagine that the Byzantine Empire would ever gain an upper hand over Iran. Not to speak of gaining domination, no one could hope that the Empire, under the circumstances, would even survive.

Syed Maudani, supra.

The correctness of this unlikely prophecy clearly points to Divine Revelation as the source of the Quran. This is what Arab polytheists at the time thought:

After this no one could have any doubt about the truth of the prophecy of the Quran, with the result that most of the Arab polytheists accepted Islam.

Syed Maudani, supra.

The prophecy is no less impressive today than it was 1475 years ago!


Visit this link also


So that should do, there was no need for me to really respond but post links and show the articles on the site. So maybe Matt should have read those before he made such claims. I know call on Matt to respond to every single verse I provided with the information. I shall be waiting






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Quran's STUNNING Divine Miracles: [1]

Allah Almighty also promised in several Divine Prophecies that He will show the Glorious Quran's Miracles to mankind:

1-  The root letters for "message" and all of its derivatives occur 513 times throughout the Glorious Quran.  Yet, all Praise and Glory are due to Allah Almighty Alone, the Prophets' and Messengers' actual names (Muhammad, Moses, Noah, Abraham, Lot etc....) were also all mentioned 513 times in the Glorious Quran.  The detailed breakdown of all of this is thoroughly listed here.  This Miracle is covered in 100s (hundreds) of Noble Verses.

2-  Allah Almighty said that Prophet Noah lived for 950 years.  Yet, all Praise and Glory are due to Allah Almighty Alone, the entire Noble Surah (chapter Noah) is exactly written in 950 Letters.  You can thoroughly see the accurate count in the scanned images.

Coincidence?  See 1,000s of examples [1].  Quran's Stunning Numerical & Scientific Miracles.

Islam also thoroughly rejects as man-made lies the Trinity and Crucifixion [2].  Jesus was also thoroughly called
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