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Rebuttal to Arthur Jeffrey's book: The foreign vocabulary of the Qur'an





Arthur Jeffery the supposed scholar on Islam as the Christians call him wrote a book titled the forein vocabulary in the Quran, his basic argument was that there were words in the Quran who's roots were not arabic but from other languages. I read some of what was written in the book and was not impressed, I mean I thought I would find some good arguments in there but to my disappointed found non. The fact that this rebuttal is going to be simple and easy throws out the Christian saying that Mr. Jeffery is a supposed scholar in Islam who knows alot about it.


It must be said that Mr. Jeffery's argument is not a really new or suprising one, many Christians have brought this same weak argument up over and over again. The weakness of this argument is amazing.


Now it will be easy to respond to Mr. Jeffery's claims, lets say there are words in the Quran which are not originally arabic, does that really mean anything at all? In the english language you have words such as sugar, and alcohol which are originally arabic words. However so when people say sugar and alcohol people recognize them as english words and wont go around saying no these are not english words. Yes, the root and origin of the words may not be english, however so it does not mean or make these words non-english words, it just means their root is not english but from another language. Words are taken from each culture and adapted to their own, this is a common issue and nuthing big. So hence the same with the Quran, just because one word is not originally an arabic word and comes from another language does not mean the Arabs couldnt take that word and adapt it to their own hence making it an arabic word.


The Quran is indeed an arabic Quran, it would be silly to say otherwise, just because the origin of some words are not arabic does not make the Quran a non arabic book. Go to the english dictionary and you will find english words in there which were not originally english, no one will say theyre not english, This is a weak argument. So hence Arthurs work here really does not mean much, it doesnt refute the fact that the Quran is still arabic.


So the fact that the response is that simple and not to long shows the weakness of this argument. This also shows that Mr. Jeffery isnt really all that great in his arguments neither.






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