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My Debate with Sam Shamoun

Is Jesus God?

a Muslim



Recently I had a great debate with missionary Sam Shamoun on Paltalk. The debate was conducted in a Christian room, in front of a mainly Christian audience, with Sam having admin rights, which basically meant he could dis-able my microphone ability anytime he wanted to. The debate topic was one very important issue for both of us:

Is Jesus God?

We had both agreed to a format of opening 3 minutes each, to present our position, and then we would simply go 4 minutes each to give our points, me and Sam did that for about 2 hours.

Now in my mind, the debate was without a doubt a victory from me, and a big loss on Shamoun, he failed to prove anything, and failed to answer or prove the million dollar question: Is Jesus God?

I have decided to break down the debate events into summarized points which show why he lost the debate:


( His failures)

1- He never met my challenge of showing me where said I am God, something he said he would.

2- He never addressed my point on Jesus not knowing the hour.

3- I had to remind him around 2 times to address me on Jesus saying the Father is greater than him.

4- He never met my challenge of showing me one single miracle Jesus did by himself.

5- He was not able to refute my facts on Jesus being given everything, from doctrine to miracles, he agreed and affirmed my point.

6- I showed him the true message of Jesus was to make people in the one who sent him, giving lots of verses to show it, which refutes the lie of Jesus coming down to preach he was God, Shamoun could not refute it.

7- He never addressed my point on the prophet Daniel being worshiped, and not declining to it, nor God condemning Daniel for it. This was to do with him trying to bring up worship of Jesus to mean something special.

So Shamoun completely failed in those main areas, losing the debate. in fact he just kept repeating himself making circular arguments which affirmed my points!

However his destruction didn't end there, there were lots of other side issues which further showed how badly he lost:


Shamoun's deceiving debate tactics


1- Around 4 times he miss-represents my position by making false claims on me, to which I always expose him.

2- He tries to use cheap debate tactics, by mocking on mic, and trying to score cheap debate points by saying 'your boring me' 'your making me laugh' 'get someone else to help you'. When someone does this in a debate, it is to hide their own failures and to make people not notice it, but I badly exposed Shamoun on this in front of the room.

3- He evades the topic TWO times.

4- He insults me and my faith over and over again, then gets mad at the end when I called his holy spirit drunk, the reason I did so was because Shamoun was acting like a drunk man! With his insults and mockery and his bad debate material.

5- At the end of the debate he goes on a huge insulting tantrum after I called his holy spirit the devil, in fact he proves the holy spirit is the devil, since the holy spirit inspires Sam, he was inspired to start giving such vile insults showing the one inspiring him is the devil proving my point!

6- He dotts me restricting my mic ability, something we agreed we would NOT do, who ever does that in a debate? Only a coward because the truth hurts.


Now throughout the debate I addressed everything he brought up with ease:



( His arguments)


1- I responded to every single main point he brought up, except one because I forgot, however so, my response can be found on this rebuttal:


2- He kept bringing up that Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath, and I kept refuting it time and time until he went silent on it because he knew he lost on it.

3- He brought up Thomas saying My lord and my God, to which I easily refuted, and I then showed other disciples who called him Son of God which does not mean God, which I gave proof for. I also showed that Jesus called himself the Christ not God, and showed Christ doesn't mean God. I also showed the believing Jews who believed in Jesus did not believe he was God, but a prophet, or one of the great prophets.

4- He talked about Jesus returning to his glory, I easily refuted this by bringing up Revelations to show that in that book, that Jesus in his glory still calls the Father my God, meaning divine Jesus in his glory still has a God! Not when he is limited as man, but when he in his glory!

5- Shamoun then tried to use Revelations to show Jesus is the alpha and omega, I easily refuted this by showing Jesus was not even speaking in the verses where alpha and omega is mentioned!

6- Shamoun tried to show Jesus is omniscient, which I refuted easily, then used his logic against him, showing that using his logic angels are also God! He then tried to save face by bringing up a new explanation, how convenient he couldn't give the explanation before I showed how silly his argument was.

7- Shamoun brought up John 1:1 and Paul's Gospels, which I easily refuted since non of those things were words of Jesus but other men. All I did was quote Jesus' words to prove he wasn't God, not interpretation of men who made claims on Jesus to which he never did!

So it was an utter failure on Shamoun's part.

On one last note, Shamoun ran away when I said I would be brining up the evolution on the character of Jesus in the first 4 Gospels, he tried to make it seem that this was a completely different topic, which is simply false. The evolution on the character of Jesus is a central argument since it shows the character of Jesus kept getting better and better from one Gospel to the other!

So a miserable defeat for Sam Shamoun, he completely failed and was refuted in everything he had to say.

Praise Allah! And Jesus is indeed a prophet of Islam, and never claimed to be God! AMEEN!





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