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Exposing the lying missionary Sam Shamoun

(response to his small debate review)

a Muslim



Answering-Islam has recently published the debate between myself and Sam Shamoun on their website, this will be a very good success for us for it will allow the Christian readers of that site to see how bad Shamoun did, especially his ranting insults at the end.

However so, Shamoun has further humiliated himself by writing a debate review where he LIES two times.

Here is his review:

Just recently on paltalk I challenged Saami to debate me on two topics, namely "Is Jesus God" and "Is Muhammad a prophet?" I wanted to show why Saami, much like Osama Abdallah and Nadir Ahmed, is not qualified to critique Christianity or defend Islam. I have constantly been saying that these gents are a disgrace to Islam and do more damage to their own religion than any Christian could ever hope to do. After realizing that he was not capable of refuting the biblical basis for the Deity of the Lord Jesus, made excuses and ran off before debating the second agreed upon topic. We encourage the readers to hear what really happened to and see the real reason why he had to run away from debating the credibility (or lack thereof) of his prophet.
Listen to the debate.



Let me expose this liars first lie. He challenged me to a debate true, BUT I BROUGHT UP THE TOPIC IS JESUS GOD, then he said we will also do is Muhammad a prophet. So thank you for lying through your teeth and exposing yourself once again.

Now his second lie is amazing! Shamoun claims I make excuses and ran away from the 2nd debate, what makes this lie more amazing is that we have this debate recorded!!!!!!! I CHALLENGE SHAMOUN TO SHOW ME WHERE I MADE ANY EXCUSES DURING THE DEBATE, SHOW ME IT IF YOU CAN.

See Shamoun may think I have no respect for myself or my faith, and I encourage readers to go listen to the END OF THE DEBATE where they will exactly see why I did not debate Shamoun again. By the end of the debate this pathetic man started insulting the prophet Muhammad's mother and father! Tell me people, should I really debate such a man who not only insults the prophet of Islam, but also insults the prophets parents! I guess Shamoun thinks he can simply throw all the insults he wants at my faith and expects me to sit there and dialog with such an animal, I think he is mistaken.

Secondly, Shamoun not only insults the prophet but he also throws out AD HOMINEM slurs at me, incase people do not know what that means, ad hominem slurs means that the opponent in the debate does not disprove your information but simply personally attacks the opponent. This is exactly what he did, Shamoun in front of everyone called me a pervert among other vile insults!

Now tell me why should I waste 1 second of my time with a filthy man who insults my prophet, and myself. You see I really now believe that Shamoun is mentally unstable, and I think his team at Answering-Islam should help him out, because Jochen Katz is a bigger fool than Sam. Why? All Katz has to do it go and listen to the end of the debate where Shamoun goes crazy with his vile insults, or maybe Jochen is as sick and vile as Shamoun and saw nothing wrong with Shamouns behavior.

So once again Shamoun humiliates himself and I would like to personally thank him again. It seems this man cannot stop lying, and it seems he cannot stop living in his own world making up his own facts of me running away, when it is clear the only reason I left was after his insults towards my prophet and myself, and this is ON TAPE AND RECORDED.

I would also like to thank Katz because he also just shot his site in the foot for placing the debate on his site with Shamouns review which is filled with lies, every reader will be able to see the ending of the debate where Shamoun goes crazy and starts insulting like a clown, so thank you for this Katz. In fact there were Christians who were ashamed of Shamoun because of the ending!

Shamoun also says I am not able to defend Islam or critique Christianity, is this why throughout the whole debate I had to chase you to show me one passage where Jesus is God SOMETHING YOU SAID YOU WOULD SHOW, and you never did. It is you who is not able to defend Christianity or critique the mighty religion of Islam, and the debate proves this, you have humiliated yourself with your insults and you have humiliated your faith by not even being able to prove what you believe in!

VICTORY FOR ISLAM! another defeat for the satanic cult of Christianity as proven by Shamoun with his insulting and satanic behavior at the end of the debate due to his inspiration by the satanic spirit which he wrongly calls the holy spirit. AMEEN!





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