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Silencing Jochen Katz' Propaganda




Recently I have started to notice a pattern appearing with the boss of Answering-Islam, and this pattern is that Jochen Katz likes to claim that Muslims who are writing against Christianity and his site are Anti-Christians as well, meaning we hate Christians.

Katz first did this when he wrote a response to me:

, statements that have no bearing on the value or meaning of this verse, but have the sole aim to insult Christians. He did not simply want to share a verse with a supposedly amazing message, he mainly used that verse as a welcome pretext for insulting those people whom he hates so much (http://answering-christianity.com/rebuttal_to_jochen_katz_1.htm)

As you can see, Katz made the claim that I hate Christians. From where did he get such an idea? Does he have any proof of this? No, he does not have a shred of evidence to back his claims up, rather he writes such nonsense to brain-wash his readers. It is very ironic, that when Muslims write against Christianity, and expose a couple of Christian missionaries you all of a sudden become hateful. How does that work? Or I get it now, it seems that Jochen Katz believes that it is only his site, and that only Christians can attack Islam, and a few Muslim apologists, but Muslims canít do it in return.

How do I hate Christians? Just because I write against Christianity makes me a hater? Answering-Islam is always fond of claiming that they donít hate Muslims, but they simply are bringing objective (laughing) arguments against Islam. This is exactly what I am doing, so Mr. Katz, how does that make me a hater of Christians?

To further silence this pathetic propagandist, I have many Christian friends; does it make sense for me to have Christian friends WHEN I HATE THEM SO MUCH as Katz claimed? Indeed Katz writes a lot of nonsense.

But it is good that Katz writes such utter nonsense, because in doing so it exposes this mans sick mentality, that according to him, any Muslim who attacks the Christian faith automatically becomes a hater of Christians, but if Christians do it then its okay. Indeed such characteristics in Katz shows him to be similar to ruthless street thugs who have committed several hate crimes against Muslims, and it is Katz who hates the Muslims.

Katz will not be able to cry out saying I donít hate Muslims, the reason being is because his actions prove he does, he calls Muslims who attack Christianity a hater, while Christians who attack Islam are simple peace loving  folks in search of truth. Katz has already demonstrated his double standard approach to Muslims, showing he regards Muslims in a low manner, and basically believes that Muslims have no right to attack Christianity, but he has all the rights to attack Islam.

Katz once again continues this propaganda of his in a response to Abdullah Kareem when he writes:

Always searching for new ways of twisting the message of the Bible and insulting Christians and their faith (http://./Responses/Osama/smith_breasts.htm)

Notice the nonsense Katz' is writing, he is claiming that Abdullah Kareem is insulting Christians. Why? How is Abdullah attacking Christians? Is it because he writes against your filthy faith? Is me calling Christianity filthy an insult to Christians? Katz cannot reply saying yes it is, neither can a Christian.

In todayís world you hear many many Christians preaching to Muslims saying, we hate Islam, but we donít hate the Muslim, or they say, attack Islam but not the Muslim. So therefore Christians and Katz must follow their OWN CRITERIA, I attack Christianity, not the Christian. So therefore If Abdullah or I attack Christianity, that does not mean we hate Christians, nor does it mean that we are insulting Christians as this liar Katz is trying to claim.

If Katz does not like me calling Christianity filthy, then he should stop being an apologist, since that comes with the job. Katz has no problems when his own writers attack Islam calling it many names, so therefore he too should not get mad when we attack Christianity and call it filthy. I call Christianity filthy, I do not call the Christian filthy, so please Mr. Katz, do not twist it around.





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