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Is the prophet Muhammad the final prophet or not?











One common argument Christians often put forth is the agrument of whethor the prophet Muhammad was the last prophet or not. Their main argument is based on the fact that the Quran says that the prophet Muhammad is the last prophet, yet we as Muslims believe that the prophet Jesus will return one day.


So basically to them the prophet Muhammad cannot be the last prophet since Jesus is comming back according to Islam.


To being with, this is a Christian mis-understanding, when we Muslims say that the prophet Muhammad is the last prophet we mean that there will be no other NEW prophet to be sent anymore, there wont be any new prophets comming with a new different message. The message of God was made complete with the prophet Muhammad, and after him there would be no more prophets comming to earth to teach something new. This is what the Christian fails to realize, the prophet Jesus is comming back, but he is not comming back with a new book, or a new message, he will be comming with the same message as the prophet Muhammad, not abrogating it or changing it.


. The Blessings of Hadhrat Isa (Jesus) (A.S.)


 1 Hadhrat Isa (A.S.) will descend and stay on earth.

2 His descension will be in the last era of the Ummat.

3 He will be a just ruler and a fair judge.

4 His ummat will be the Khalifa (deputies) of Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam).

5 He will act himself and instruct others on the Qur'an and Hadith (Shariat/Tradition of Islam).

6 He will lead people in Salaat (Prayer).

7 He will stay on earth for a period of 40 years after descending. The will be the best era of the Ummat after the first era of Islam.

8 Allah will protect his companions from Jahannam.

9 Those who will save the Deen of Islam by associating themselves with Hadhrat Isa (A.S.) will be amongst the most loved by Allah Ta'ala.

10 During this period all other religions and mazhabs besides Islam will perish, hence there will be no kuffaars (non-believers) in the world.

11 Jihad will be stopped.

12 No Khiraaj will be taken.

13 Nor Jizya (protection tax) money from the kafirs (non-believers)

14 Wealth and property will be in surplus to such an extent that there will be no one to accept the wealth of the other (everyone will be independent).

15 Receiving Zakaat (Alms-giving, Charity to poor) and Saadaqa will be discarded (as there will be no poor to receive them!).

16 The people will love the sajda (prostration to God) more than the world and what it consists of.

17 All types of Deeni (religious) and worldly blessings will descend on earth (many halaal (lawful) things will be created).

18 There will be peace, harmony and tranquility during the time of Hadhrat Isa (A.S.)'s stay in the world.

19 There will be no animosity for a period of seven years, even between two persons.

20 All hearts will be free from miserliness, envy, hatred, malice and jealousy.

21 For a period of forty years no one will fall ill or die.

22 Venom will be taken out of all venomous animals.

23 Snakes and scorpions will not harm anyone to the extent that if a child put his hand in its mouth, he will not be harmed.

24 Will animals will not harm anyone.

25 If a man will pass a lion, he will not be troubled or harmed, or even if any girl will open its mouth to test if it will do anything.

26 The camels will graze among lions, cheetahs with cattle and the jackals with goats.

27 The fertility of the land will increase to such an extent that even if a seed is planted in a hard rock, it will sprout.

28 A pomegranate will be so huge that a jamaat will be able to eat it and the people will use its peel as shade.

29 There will be so much barakaat (blessing) in milk that a camel will suffice for a huge jamaat, a cow for a tribe and a goat for a family.

30 In short, life will be most pleasant after the descension of Jesus (A.S.).




These are all the things that will happen when Jesus returns, note he doesnt bring any new revelations or a new docrtine. He simply carries on the message of the prophet Muhammad, and follows the Quran.






So as we can see, this is a mis-understanding on the Christians part. When we Muslims say that the prophet Muhammad is the final prophet, we mean there will be no new prophets to come after him, and no former prophets to come back with a new message, nor any new prophets comming with a new book etc.


Praise Allah and may he continue to send his peace and blessings upon his final prophet Muhammad, and may he also continue to send his peace and blessings on the prophet Jesus. AMEEN.






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