The stupidity of Ali Sina.

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The stupidity of Ali Sina








Ali Sina wrote one article which he titled ‘every time I read a Muslim letter I feel like puking’. Needless to say the title of his article shows his stupidity, but he further shows his stupidity with the rest of what he said, I found his silly article very funny and entertaining, so I thought I would share it with everyone and also expose the stupidity of Ali Sina once again, the so called intellectual genius.

Before going into the article, I would like to state that Ali Sina is a coward, this sorry excuse for a man hides and pretends to be a Muslim in front of his friends and family, yet at the same time he goes out Muslims and Islam. Such deceit on his part just exposes him as a person. What this further illustrates is that Ali Sina is a coward, he has to hide like a coward in the darkness, he is to afraid to show himself, this also exposes him further, like a little coward he hides and insults. I would never be afraid of any atheist, Christian, or Jew. I would always speak my beliefs even if put me in harms way, because one, I am not a coward; I stand for what I believe. Two, I have God on my side; I put my complete faith in him, if harms come to me, it is only by his leave, and if harm doesn’t come to me, it all thanks to him. I wonder how Ali Sina’s own fans can even respect such a coward like him.

How can one respect a man who acts like a Muslim with his family, yet at the same time he insults them? Not only does this expose Sina, it exposes his supporters as well, because people who would actually support such rubbish are no different than the one they support.

We now proceed to the rubbish he wrote:



He Wrote

Dear Ali Sina,


Every time i go into your site, there is always hatred against muslims. You always highlight what muslims do but never highlight what non mulims are doing in muslim countries.How many innocent muslims are being killed by American bombings in Afganistan and Irag , Russians killing chechnaya muslim, human right violations in Kashmir by Indian army.

Being my self a Kashmiri i want to know what is your opinion about the self determination of Kashmiris (for independence from Indian occupation).

Best Regards

Saif Kashmiri 


This is the third email in the last 12 hours I got with exactly the same theme and virtually this is the main message of all the Muslims. 



My Response

Yes, your site is filled with hatred. You have called black people the N word on your site, so yes your site is a hate-racist filled site with you writing and producing such filth. You should even thank me for taking my time in dealing with your nonsense, but let me make it clear to you, I don’t take my time to respond to your rants because I think their worth it, I simply respond to expose your stupidity, and just how silly you are. It is just my way of showing everyone you aren’t really all you claim to be, nor what your supporters claim you to be.



He Wrote

First of all America is not killing anywhere any civilians on purpose. They went to Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Kuwait, Panama, Japan, Germany and two dozens other places in the last fifty years, not to occupy or kill civilians, but to set them free from tyrannical rulers. How much hatred one must have for not seeing this simple fact that America is not killing people but freeing them? When you keep repeating and repeating this nonsense, do you think it will eventually make people doubt? No! You are only fooling your selves.



My Response

I told you this would be funny. Note what Sina fist claims:

First of all America is not killing anywhere any civilians on purpose

Mr Sina should maybe enter comedy, because he seems to be good at it. Only one very na´ve person would actually believe and think that the American army does not kill innocent people un-purpose. The fact is they have done so, and continue to do so. Maybe Ali Sina seems to have forgotten Abu Ghraib? Did you forget that Mr Sina? Where several prisoners were beaten to death? Did you forget the pictures of American soldiers standing and smiling over dead corpses?

This is enough to expose Sina as a liar, since I don’t know how he would fail to forget that. So Ali Sina is wrong, American soldiers have killed innocent people, and they did it un-purpose.


This link has extensive information on the Abu Ghraib incident, and other information regarding torture and killing of prisoners.

I could just go on and on about incidents where Americans killed civilians intentionally, but this one incident I just mentioned is enough to silence Sina’s claims and show that he is just lying through his teeth.

As for Sina’s propaganda cry that Americans are simply trying to free people, this propaganda lie is so old now that its not even funny. The fact is everyone knows that the Americans went into Iraq for oil. The CIA and intelligent officers all admit Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, yet this was the precise reason they went into Iraq. They all lied and claimed they had lots of credible evidence for this, yet now they admit there are no weapons, and they intentionally miss-led the public. This makes us ask, why would they make up such a story on Iraq having WMD? This is enough proof to silence Sina on America going on to free people.

Visit this link which has ample amount of evidence exposing the Iraqi propaganda, more than you can even imagine. Once you read the articles on the link I posted, you will really see how na´ve and silly Sina really is. I even suggest Ali Sina reads those articles, and if he has a problem with them, then he can contact that website which will be more than happy to respond to his allegations, they would even probably take the time to respond to him live on air.



He Wrote

In Afghanistan it is the Muslims who used to mutilate, torture and kill innocent people with the authority of Islam, see these images:  Unfortunately these barbarities continue because the Islamic mindset of the Afghans is not changed. This is the fault of America for not realizing that the real enemy is Islam and the Taliban were just the symptom of this disease.



My Response

Islam is not the real enemy, just because people mis-interpret Islam and practice their misinterpreted beliefs does not mean Islam is wrong.



He Wrote

In Iraq it was Saddam and his Ba’th party who killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, massacred, the Kurds and Shiites and killed them with poisonous gasses. It was he to attacked Iran and Kuwait killing over a million people. See these pictures. 



My Response

What makes this funnier is that Sina doesn’t ask himself from where did Saddam get those weapons to use against those people, especially the Iranians. Who supplied him? Everyone knows who, does Ali Sina know this? Off course he does, but he wants to play dumb here and act like Saddam got these weapons on his own and used them, he forgets the Americans were the ones who supplied him with all this, starting in the first Gulf war with Iran; America supplied him since they wanted him to win against the Iranians.

So Ali Sina further exposes himself, this shows he doesn’t know anything about politics, just like he doesn’t know anything about religions.

So my question to Sina is this, why did the Americans supply him with such deadly weapons to use against Iran? In which he killed many innocent Iranians, why didn’t the US intervene? Why did they just continue on supporting him?

This is also further silences Sina’s pathetic claim that Americans don’t kill innocent civilians. They are equally as guilty as Saddam is for using such weapons on people; Sina just shows how pathetic he is by trying to leave the Americans out of this.

Visit these two links which contain all this valuable information, which cannot and has not been refuted:

Once you read those 2 links you will really see how na´ve Ali Sina is.



He Wrote

America is not there to get the Iraqi oil. America has expended billions of dollars and sacrificed 2000 lives of its own daughters and sons to free Iraq. Now Iraq has its own government that is elected by the Iraqis. They run their own country. They are the ones who have asked the American army to remain and help them fight the terrorist insurgents who do not want democracy, who like to have all the power to themselves by force and by disregarding the vote of other citizens. 



My Response

America has wasted a lot of money indeed, but the people who called for the money have made millions ever since! This is what Sina doesn’t get, the men who called for the war could care less about how much they have spent, and how much debt they have caused, because they are getting richer with their own personal companies. 2000 lives were sacrificed for Bush’s own goal and agenda, and that is their own loss for following a lie. The Bush’s, Cheyny and the rest of them have made millions upon millions of dollars from the Iraq war, so have several oil industries. Sina again is playing dumb by trying to ignore all this information.   

This is also makes us ask, if America really cares about freeing people and so on, why doesn’t it go to Africa and free the people there who are under oppression? Why doesn’t America go to North Korea, or China? Ali Sina will not be able to answer these questions, but they do expose his stupidity in thinking that America went to Iraq to free people, because if America did care about freeing people they would go to those other countries. What a coincidence, the country they do invade has one of the richest oil fields in the world, hmmmm yah that’s a coincidence. Sina please stop being so na´ve and wake up.



He Wrote

Things in Iraq are not rosy because Iraqis are Muslims and Islam and democracy are not compatible. Iraq will revert to chaos not because of America but because Muslims are incapable of ruling themselves democratically. They want to be ruled like animals, with sticks. They don't know what is democracy and how to apply it. They can't think straight because they are Muslims



My Response

Muslims can’t think straight because they are Muslims? Not only does that comment expose Sina for being an idiot, they expose his racist attitude he has towards Muslims. If Muslims can’t think straight because of Islam, then why did Islam have such a great golden age while Europe were still barbarians? Why did we have the best medicine, if we cant think straight how did we make algebra, and such great historic accomplishments. Most of what you see today is thanks to Islam and Muslims; we built the foundation of what you have. So please do not make racist comments such as that.

Secondly, we Muslims don’t want to be ruled like animals, none of us do, so please stop your racist comments against Muslims.

Maybe you want to be ruled like an animal, but not us.



He Wrote

Americans are not killing civilians and children as Muslims lie to incite hate. Muslims are liars by nature. Muslims are the followers of Satan and they lie instinctively. They blatantly and shamelessly lie the way Muhammad instructed them to do. Children and civilians are caught in the cross fire and have been killed accidentally by American bullets, but also Americans and Canadians have been killed accidentally by American bullets. These are unfortunate accidents that have to do with human error. Americans do everything humanely possible to avoid civilian casualties.  



My Response

Americans are and have killed civilians intentionally, stop ranting that same old propaganda lie.

Secondly, I would really like to expose Ali Sina real good, note what he said:

Muslims lie to incite hate. Muslims are liars by nature

Note Sina is claiming Muslims are liar by nature etc. What makes this all the more hilarious is that Ali Sina is living a lie!!!!! He acts like a Muslim infront of his family and friends, he prays, fasts etc. So this pathetic excuse for a man is living a lie, yet he has the audacity to claim that Muslims are liars by nature! This just exposes how silly this man really is. So talk about being dumb! Sina really shoots himself in the foot on this one.

He then claims we follow satan, well the only one who follows satan is you, and you prove it by your actions. Since you like satan live a lie and lie non stop, you lie everyday, as I said you live a lie. Secondly, just like satan you are a coward, you hide like coward just like satan does. Satan never reveals his true identity, he just attacks and runs, he attacks and hides, just like what you do. Satan is the biggest hypocrite, he likes to put up several lies and make himself seem something he is not, just like yourself, you are the a huge hypocrite since you act and live like a Muslim in front of your family. So no, it is you who follows satan since you share his main characteristics.

Note Sina further exposes his stupidity when he claims:

. Americans do everything humanely possible to avoid civilian casualties.  

 So tell me when America dropped an atomic bomb on 2 Japanese cities, did they do everything possible to avoid casualties?

So that there is enough to silence more of your propaganda lies. You are worse than fox news!

By chance, are you also hoping to get a green card with all this sucking up to America? It seems this is what you really are after. Also in case you think I am just some Arab who hates America and Americans, I have bad news for you, I am an American as well, unlike yourself.



He Wrote

In Abu Ghraib, some prison guards abused their power and humiliated the terrorists who were their prisoners. This is nothing compared to what Iranian mullahs or Saddam did to people. Yet no Muslim uttered a word of protest for what these Muslim thugs did to other Muslims. However, everywhere Muslims were up in arms to defend the “honor” of Islam when a few terrorists were shown with their naked butts in Abu Ghraib. What a stupidity! The abuse in Abu Ghraib, even though it was nothing compared to what Muslims do to each other, was not ordered from above. It was an abuse and the abusers were prosecuted and jailed. Some of them received 16 years jail terms. That in my view was exaggeration. They should have been just expelled from military. But since this was a military court, the sentencing was extremely harsh. Americans punished the abusers of Abu Ghraib severely. So how can America be guilty? In Iran. like in many Islamic countries thugs and criminals rule the state. In America the abusers are punished. Muslim terrorists murder innocent people on daily basis and most Muslims applaud it. This is evil. How can’t you see the difference? 



My Response

Funny how he brings Abu Graib up, which refutes everything he said, yet he doesn’t realize that.

Also note how low Sina has to go when he tries to make fun of the issue of Abu Ghraib as something normal and not bad:

everywhere Muslims were up in arms to defend the “honor” of Islam when a few terrorists were shown with their naked butts in Abu Ghraib. What a stupidity!

The only stupid one here is you, and you expose yourself by such a cheap comment. Mr Sina seems to forget that those men who were completely humiliated were NOT terrorists, but were normal civilians, who are also not FREE, so Ali Sina not only shows how low and stupid he is, he mocks and ridicules innocent men who were brutally humiliated, and sexually molested, and physically tortured. I only ask may the same thing happen to you in jail so you really feel the pain that those men felt, and then we will see if you will mock such a disturbing incident. You are a very low shallow person; I have no respect what so ever for such a dog as yourself, especially after such a comment.

Now people may object to my strong language to Sina, but this man has just exposed himself for such silly comments he has made, that he deserves to be called for what he is, which is a pathetic excuse for a human being. Anyone who ridicules innocent people getting tortured and sexually molested deserves no respect, and they indeed do deserve to be called a dog. Only an animal would mock such an incident. So therefore I have every right to use such strong language on this loser Ali Zina.

Muslims do not applaud the deaths of innocent people, I do not, nor does any writer on this website. So stop with your shallow lies. If certain Muslims do applaud it, then they stand alone and not with the majority of Muslims. Just like most atheists don’t applaud and mock what happened in Abu Ghraib, but a few sick in the minority do, like yourself.



He Wrote

Ali Ismaeel Abbas, the 12-year-old child who lost his family and arms in an American air raid was brought to USA and helped by the Americans. He was given Prosthetic arms. This was an unfortunate accident. As terrible as it was, it was still an accident. No one wanted to hurt this child or his parents on purpose. There is a difference between killing people accidentally and killing them maliciously and by detonating bombs in public places. Only Muslims can’t see the difference. With the exception of KKK, Muslims are the only people that do not follow the Golden Rule and mock it.



My Response

It is against Islam to kill innocent people, it is forbidden to kill women and children. So Sina has no case, in fact let me quote the prophet:

Volume 004, Book 052, Hadith Number 257.

Narrated By 'Abdullah : During some of the Ghazawat of the Prophet a woman was found killed. Allah's Apostle disapproved the killing of women and children.

Volume 004, Book 052, Hadith Number 258.

Narrated By Ibn 'Umar : During some of the Ghazawat of Allah's Apostle a woman was found killed, so Allah's Apostle forbade the killing of women and children.

Also it is funny who Sina claims he follows the Golden rule when it is obvious he doesn’t. Unless Sina has a fetish of people insulting him, in which he gets some sick pleasure from.



He Wrote

In Iraq Muslims deliberately bomb the civilians. Sunnis kill the Shiites. They kill the children.  

Why you keep your heads in the sand and don’t want to see the truth? Why you insist to fool your selves and die as fools? You go to hell for being fools, for following an evil monster like Muhammad and for letting yourselves to be filled with hatred and lies.  



My Response

Well if they kill children they do not follow the prophet, and if they do not follow the prophet they do not follow the Quran. It is as simple as that, so Sina again has no case.

The only one who seems to be filled with hatred and lies is you. You are living a lie, it seems you forget this.



He Wrote

Now, for the sake of argument, let us suppose that Americans are bad. Let us assume that they went to Afghanistan and Iraq to kill civilians as you brain dead Muslims want to believe. What this has to do with the crimes of Muhammad? In what ways Islam becomes true if America, Israel or any other country is found guilty? As soon as we talk about Muhammad’s genocide Muslims say, Hitler killed more. Does this make Muhammad a saint? If Muhammad killed less than Hitler, does this make him a prophet? As long as you think others are also guilty of crimes you idiots are content that Muhammad was a mass murderer. I accused Muhammad of pedophilia and I had Muslims telling me, "but pedophilia also happens in the West". What insanity! Do the Westerners worship their pedophiles? Do they follow their serial killers? Do they say "peace be upon" our rapists, thieves and assassins? You Muslims worship a monster. How much stupidity is enough?  



My Response

It is funny how you are calling Muslims idiots, and brain dead, yet anyone reading this article will see the only brain dead idiot here is you.

The prophet Muhammad is not a paedophile, never was one. It is just you who likes to attack history with a modern approach. It is only in last few decades that people began marrying at an older age; Sina thinks that throughout humanity people have been getting married at an older age, he seems to think people weren’t married off at a young age through out history. Well it did happen, in Asia, Europe, America, all over the world. What will Sina say now, has all of history been a paedophile?

The prophet Muhammad was not a rapist, nor a serial killer. Though you Mr Sina do seem to have the same mind as a rapist, because only a sick demented man would mock and make fun of men getting sexually molested and tortured as you did with Abu Ghraib. So you should look in the mirror and ask yourself if maybe you are a rapist, maybe you are a sick man, judging by what you said, I say you are a very sick man.

Visit this link which also addresses several arguments against the prophet Muhammad, much like the ones Sina is bringing up.



He Wrote

No, I do not agree with  “Self determination” for Muslims anywhere. Not in Kashmir, not in Iran, not in Pakistan, not in Saudi Arabia, not anywhere! Muslims are truly incapable of governing. Once they come to power, they abuse the rest and trample over the rights of others, kill their own people, torment the women, end democracy, torture and kill their critics and engage in mischief like exporting terrorists to other countries. What will happen to the Hindus in Kashmir once the Muslims take over that land? The same that happened in Pakistan and in Bangladesh. They will be abused and persecuted until they are decimated and eventually annihilated. Muslims can’t and must not have self-determination. They must be colonized and ruled with iron fist and gradually educated until they leave Islam and learn to become full humans. Then, once they are no more Muslims, they can run their countries and do anything they want. But by then we are no more talking about Muslims. We are talking about human beings capable of rational thought and deserving of self government. Democracy does not mean the tyranny of the majority. Even Hitler came to power with popular vote. Even Khomeini received the majority of votes when he called for referendum. But neither the Nazi Germany nor Islamic Iran were/are democracies. Muslims must be defeated even though they are majority. Because if they come to power, they establish tyranny, kill people and promote terrorism.  



My Response

I have bad news for Ali Sina, Muslims will never be defeated, no matter how hard you try, you can do everything you want, you will never defeat us. We have God on our side; you have satan as you clearly showed. Satan always losses and you will fall with him.

As for you being against self-determination of Muslims, that’s to bad isn’t it, you may not want it, but it will happen whether you like it or not. The question is, what are you going to do about it? Yah I know what your going to do, hide like a coward and make cheap articles like you do, and also act like a Muslim, hey what a great hero you are!!!

The true followers of Islam will no oppress the peoples. J



He Wrote

It is not an insult to say Muslims are not humans. Every ex-Muslim including yours truly confesses that we discovered our humanity only after we got rid of the lies of Islam and learned to see all mankind without hate and prejudice. It was then that we stopped seeing people as Muslims and Kaafirs but as people. This was like removing our blinders. It was like lifting a huge load off of our chests. For the first time we saw mankind as one family. Our hearts was light and free from envy or hate. Suddenly we saw others, not as enemies, but as brothers and sisters. Suddenly we saw they do not hate us as we used to think, that all these hatred was originated from our own hearts and stems from the nefarious teachings of Islam.  



My Response

YAWN. You are boring me now, stop with your non stop rubbish. I am a Muslim and I see things great, and I am a human, the only non human here is you, you are a very sick lost soul. As for your points where you claim:

got rid of the lies of Islam and learned to see all mankind without hate and prejudice. 


. For the first time we saw mankind as one family. Our hearts was light and free from envy or hate. Suddenly we saw others, not as enemies, but as brothers and sisters. Suddenly we saw they do not hate us as we used to think, that all these hatred was originated from our own hearts and stems from the nefarious teachings of Islam.  


You are lying through your teeth here. I as a Muslim do not think everyone hates me; some like you do hate me, but not everyone. I do not envy anyone, I don’t not hate people, I hate satan. So stop making up these fake stories of yours.



He Wrote

As long as Muslims are Muslims they do not deserve to be treated in accordance to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Has any Islamic country subscribed to the UDHR? No, they have their own "Islamic Human Rights", which differs from the UDHR and in fact is its antithesis. Muslims must be treated in accordance to the teachings of the Quran. They must be treated the way Quran says non-Muslims should be treated. This is justice. If it’s good medicine, please taste it yourselves too. If you prescribe it to others, please have a gulp of it. I bet this will bring Muslims to their senses, make them sober and they will start leaving Islam in troupes.



My Response

Yes, the Quran is the word of God, and we follow God’s rules, if you have a problem with God, I suggest you take your quarrel to him and he will be happy to deal with you.

Most Muslims who read this trash will harden in their faith of Islam.



He Wrote

I have no time responding to every idiotic message Muslims write. They all repeat the same nonsense. If you have any interest to save your souls and become humans, read this site and keep reading and reading until you see the light. I heard enough of what you have to say. Even before you write it, I know what you are going to write. It is you who have to open your eyes. Don't send me garbage anymore. I have no time reading your nonsense. 

Yours truly 

Ali Sina 



My Response

The only garbage to read is your website, I read your site, and it just makes me a better Muslim. Your articles are not good at all; only fools would really leave Islam because of your articles.

In conclusion it is clear to see Ali Sina is mentally un-stable. He lives a lie, he hides like a coward, and he mocks people who get sexually molested. This man is in serious need of mental medication, and he needs this as soon as possible, I hope Ali does go and get this medication, as it will benefit humanity since we cannot have such sick people as yourself roaming this planet. So get yourself sorted before you hurt someone.






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