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My new Islamic 'Holy Bible' Project - Are you all for it?

The sections of this article are:

1-  The Divine Revelations in the Bible.
2-  Man's excrement and lies in the bible.
3-  Here is how you can help.
4-  Here is what I am planning on doing insha'Allah (if Allah Almighty is Willing)!
5-  Progress on my Bible and Authentic Sunnah project!




1-  The Divine Revelations in the Bible:

The time has come my dear Muslim brothers and sisters in Islam to destroy all of the falsehood that exists today in the "Bible" and to bring out the True Divine Revelations of GOD Almighty from it.  It is time to bring the war right into the heart of the corrupted and man-altered bible, and to cleanse out all evil from it.

I strongly feel, after all of the long and dedicated years that I spent in reading this book, that the Old Testament does contain a GREAT DEAL of Divine Revelations in it!  And unfortunately it also, along with the New Testament, contains man's fabrications and lies in it.

To me, all of the Verses that say for instance "Say unto the People of Israel....." that were directed to Moses peace be upon him and to other Prophets are some of the PRESERVED Holy and Divine Revelations from GOD Almighty!  Let's look at few examples:

Exodus 6:6
Wherefore say unto the children of Israel, I am the LORD, and I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians, and I will rid you out of their bondage, and I will redeem you with a stretched out arm, and with great judgments.

Exodus 20:22
And the LORD said unto Moses, Thus thou shalt say unto the children of Israel, Ye have seen that I have talked with you from heaven.

Exodus 33:5
For the LORD had said unto Moses, Say unto the children of Israel, Ye are a stiffnecked people: I will come up into the midst of thee in a moment, and consume thee: therefore now put off thy ornaments from thee, that I may know what to do unto thee.

Leviticus 1:2
Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, If any man of you bring an offering unto the LORD, ye shall bring your offering of the cattle, even of the herd, and of the flock.


These and the many other Verses that exist in the Bible are ALMOST as Holy as the Noble Quran Itself to me!



2-  Man's excrement and lies in the bible:

When I read man's excrement from the other parts of this book, it becomes quite obvious that it is not a Perfect and Pure Book.  Let us look at few examples:

Galatians 2:11-12
11 When Peter came to Antioch, I opposed him to his face, because he was clearly in the wrong.
12 Before certain men came from James, he used to eat with the Gentiles. But when they arrived, he began to draw back and separate himself from the Gentiles because he was afraid of those who belonged to the circumcision group.

How about for Paul to punch Peter on the face??

2 Timothy 4:9-13
9 Do your best to come to me quickly,
10 for Demas, because he loved this world, has deserted me and has gone to Thessalonica. Crescens has gone to Galatia, and Titus to Dalmatia.
11 Only Luke is with me. Get Mark and bring him with you, because he is helpful to me in my ministry.
12 I sent Tychicus to Ephesus.
13 When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, and my scrolls, especially the parchments.

Titus 3:12-14
12 As soon as I send Artemas or Tychicus to you, do your best to come to me at Nicopolis, because I have decided to winter there.
13 Do everything you can to help Zenas the lawyer and Apollos on their way and see that they have everything they need.
14 Our people must learn to devote themselves to doing what is good, in order that they may provide for daily necessities and not live unproductive lives.

He decided to winter there???


Are these absurd stories truly Divine Revelations from GOD Almighty?

Even if these stories did historically take place, they're still not Divine Revelations because the text is obvious!




3-  Here is how you can help:

It's time to bring the Divine and Holy Revelations that exist in the Bible to Mankind and to wash out all of man's corruption from it.  This project is a life-time one, because it is not just limited to the books that exist in the current bibles of today.  There are many others that exist today that were not included in the bibles of today.  This project will require a great deal of research and dedication.  Here is how you can help:

1-  For those books that are outside the bibles of today, if you have a detailed listing of them, then please forward them to me.

2-  If you know where I can purchase these books in English, then please let me know.

3-  If you have ideas about how this project can be accomplished faster and more efficiently, then please do advise me.



4-  Here is what I am planning on doing, insha'Allah (if Allah Almighty is Willing)!

I am planning on going through all of the books of the Bibles of today and write down what I strongly believe are the PRESERVED Divine Revelations of GOD Almighty.  I will go through every single word that exists in these books, insha'Allah.  I will also purchase the books that were not included in today's bibles.  I will give the book name, chapter number and verse number as a reference, and write the verse down in my new compilation with a new Verse reference for the new Book.

I will be posting the progress as I go on, insha'Allah.  I believe that this project is a must, and those who sincerely believe in GOD Almighty should dedicate themselves for it.

I will use the Noble Quran as a Guidance and Measurement for what is Right and what is wrong, insha'Allah.  As Allah Almighty Said:

"And believe in what I reveal, confirming the revelation which is with you, and be not the first to reject Faith therein, nor sell My Signs for a small price; and fear Me, and Me alone.  (The Noble Quran, 2:41)"

"And when there comes to them a Book from God, confirming what is with them,- although from of old they had prayed for victory against those without Faith,- when there comes to them that which they (should) have recognised, they refuse to believe in it but the curse of God is on those without Faith.  (The Noble Quran, 2:89)"

"Say: Whoever is an enemy to Gabriel-for he brings down the (revelation) to thy heart by God's will, a confirmation of what went before, and guidance and glad tidings for those who believe,-  (The Noble Quran, 2:97)"

"And when there came to them an apostle from God, confirming what was with them, a party of the people of the Book threw away the Book of God behind their backs, as if (it had been something) they did not know!  (The Noble Quran, 2:101)"

"It is He Who sent down to thee (step by step), in truth, the Book, confirming what went before it; and He sent down the Law (of Moses) and the Gospel (of Jesus) before this, as a guide to mankind, and He sent down the criterion (of judgment be tween right and wrong).  (The Noble Quran, 3:3)"

For instance, in the Jewish Book of "The Life of Adam and Eve", the story of Adam and GOD Almighty Commanding the Angels to bow down to him does exist.  The story also says that satan refused to bow down to Adam, which is exactly what Islam claims.

Let us listen to this portion of the "Banned from the Bible" documentary film where historians, theologians and books' authors were the spokes people in this film.  So it is very reliable and the information in it is both authentic and objective.

1-  The history of the book and how old it was (an AUDIO file. 74 seconds).

Theologians' voices are:

  1. Dr. James Vanderkam, Notre Dame University.
  2. Kirsti Barrett Copeland, Ph.D., Religion, Princeton University.

  An AUDIO file (47 seconds) about the story of GOD Almighty, Adam and satan.

Theologian's voice:

  1. Dr. James Vanderkam, Notre Dame University.


Another example is the Apocalypse of Peter, and its detailed claim about Jesus never got crucified, which is what the Noble Quran Claims.  This Book was widely believed in by the early Christians during the 1st and 2nd centuries:

"That they said (in boast), "We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Apostle of God";- but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) know ledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not:-  (The Noble Quran, 4:157)"

"The Savior said to me, "He whom you saw on the tree, glad and laughing, this is the living Jesus. But this one into whose hands and feet they drive the nails is his fleshly part, which is the substitute being put to shame, the one who came into being in his likeness. But look at him and me."

But I, when I had looked, said "Lord, no one is looking at you. Let us flee this place."

But he said to me, "I have told you, "Leave the blind alone!". And you, see how they do not know what they are saying. For the son of their glory instead of my servant, they have put to shame."

And I saw someone about to approach us resembling him, even him who was laughing on the tree. And he was filled with a Holy Spirit, and he is the Savior. And there was a great, ineffable light around them,and the multitude of ineffable and invisible angels blessing them. And when I looked at him, the one who gives praise was revealed."

(Fragments of the Apocalypse of Peter:  http://wesley.nnu.edu/biblical_studies/noncanon/apoc/fgapcpt.htm)





If this project goes successful insha'Allah, then I believe this will be a great accomplishment, because it will definitely raise the Truth that exists in the Old Scriptures and filter It out from all of the lies and corruption that It was mixed with in today's man-made bibles.

Real men and women of GOD Almighty take on big walls, mountains and towers of evil and crumble them down into devastation!  No matter how mighty and arrogant the current dominating evil seems like, but it will eventually be brought down into complete humiliation, insha'Allah.  Are you a real man or woman of GOD Almighty?

May Allah Almighty Help us all, and Continue to Lead all of us into His Right and True Path of Islam.  Ameen.



5-  Progress on my Bible and Authentic Sunnah Project:

The following is the update that I wrote on the what's new log page:

07/19/2006-  Also, the Sahih Bukhari's and Sahih Muslim's 2255 Mutawatir (genuine) Arabic Hadiths had been downloaded.  

07/10/2006- The Arabic 802 Qudsi Hadiths from the 9 Sunni Hadiths volumes had all been downloaded.  The 8,100 Mutawatir (genuine) Hadiths from the 9 Hadiths volumes are currently being downloaded.   Once I collect the almost 9,000 very strong and authentic Hadiths, I will write a search engine for them on this site, insha'Allah (if Allah Almighty is Willing).  For a start, the online searching will be in Arabic only.  I also will work on translating them into English.  I need strong Classical Arabic and English speaking men and women of GOD Almighty to help me in this monumental job!  The Authentic Hadiths database will be free for everyone online and the search software that I will write for it will also be available for everyone to download for free, exactly as my current Noble Quran Search Software.   There is not a single Muslim country or internet web site or book that has these Hadiths translated!   Only several hundred hadiths were translated and most of them are neither Mutawatir nor Qudsi.  The false and weak hadiths must be removed from the Authentic Hadiths.  Please help us accomplish this!  Contact me if you feel you can volunteer in the translation.  The Hadiths and Authentic Sunnah on the internet will never be the same again, insha'Allah!


Note on the swines of the desert:

*  The swines of the desert of the Persian Gulf countries have countless wahabi scholars and wahabi religious institutions.   They are in thousands!  Yet, very minimum and very little efforts were done to help Islam spread in the West!  This project that I am taking on right now should've been done by them decades ago!  They instead make cheap living off of Islam by fooling the fools among them with their dark salafi-cultist practices and evilness.  It is truly ironic that these hypocrites are now trying to "REFORM" after their US almighty god got mad at them after 9/11.  Talk about cowardice and cheap hypocrisy!

Also the swines these days are notorious in spreading evil in the Middle east.  They are too busy funding for the elimination of Islam and Islamic morals in the Middle East by defiling our Arabic Satellite TV with prostitutes from Lebanon and Egypt who dress too sexual and talk too flirty.   The swines own these stations and they control most of the money.  An Arab Muslim is not comfortable anymore sitting with his sister, mother or wife and watch TV with them, because the immorality is overwhelmingly taking over!  This is America's NEW WORLD ORDER's life style and the swines are following the orders very well.  They're selling Islam for a miserable price.

Addition on 12/21/2006- A drop of hope for the swines of the desert!


Also, a good related article to read after this one is:

Muslim Infidels in the Noble Quran:  Many of the Salafies, Shias, Sufies, Quranis and all other Islamic sects are considered INFIDELS (mushrikeen) according to Allah Almighty Himself in Noble Verses 30:31-32 and many other ones.  I know that this is hard to believe and sounds very absurd, but it is true!  Please read section #4 and my new conclusion.  Allah Almighty literally called them mushrikeen!


02/15/2007- I finished going through the entire collection of "Moses' five books" and produced a rough draft article of the Mosaic Law and "Thikr (Dhikr)" containing all of the direct Commands that came down from Allah Almighty to Prophet Moses in the 5 books of Moses was added.

Note:  Since I finished downloading all of the almost 10,000 Arabic Mutawatir (genuine...most popular sayings of Prophet Muhammad) and Qudsi (divine) Hadiths, I will soon insha'Allah write a search engine for them on the site and allow the reader to submit a translation on those that had not been translated and don't have a pending status on their translations.  Once a translation is submitted via a form-page, I will review it, and either accept it, reject it or modify it via an Administrator's form-page that I will develop, insha'Allah (if Allah Almighty is Willing).  This way, the entire community can help in the project of translating them into English insha'Allah.  After that, I will develop a software that will be FREE to download for everyone on this site, as I have done with the Noble Quran Search Software that I have developed and posted on this site, and it will contain:

  1. The Noble Quran's Arabic, all English translations, and all foreign-language translations.

  2. The Arabic and English Qudsi and Mutawatir Hadiths (sayings of Prophet Muhammad), where the user can do word and/or numeric-reference searches on them.

  3. The "Mosaic Law" in English, which Allah Almighty called it "The Book of Moses" كتاب موسى  in the Noble Quran (11:17, 46:12).

The Hadiths and the Law are on the same level:

Allah Almighty clearly declared in the Noble Quran that if we have any question about the Laws of GOD Almighty, then ASK THE PEOPLE OF THIKR (10:94) if we know not.  Those people are the People of the Law of Moses (Kitab Musa as mentioned in the Noble Quran).  See https://www.answering-christianity.com/Deuteronomy4_2.htm.  So what this means is that if I am confronted with a topic such as bestiality, then I can certainly ask or consult with the People of Thikr about what Allah Almighty Said regarding it.  Now while the punishment may not necessarily be applied in Islam, but the prohibition still stands.  So while the Mosaic Law says to kill those who practice bestiality, and in particular to kill any woman who just approaches an animal to have sex with it - kill her before she even does the act (Leviticus 20:15-16), in Islam we don't necessarily have to apply such Law.  But like I said, the prohibition certainly stands.  But anyway, we Also do have Hadiths today that command the killing of those who practice bestiality.

So While the Hadiths (sayings of Prophet Muhammad) and the Law of Moses aren't the original words of Prophet Muhammad, and GOD Almighty in Prophet Moses' (peace be upon him) Books respectively, because they had been narrated and renarrated by men, but they are still close enough to the Truth.  So while a Hadith (any Hadith) may not be the very absolute exact words that the Prophet of Islam spoke, but nonetheless, it is close enough to reveal his original command, thus making the preservation of the original text irrelevant.  The same applies to the Law of Moses.  However, this does bring the command in the Hadiths and the Law of Moses below the Noble Quran because only the Noble Quran is Divine and perfectly preserved.  That is why Allah Almighty Said in the Noble Quran (5:48) that the Quran is Muhaymin (dominant or rules over) over all of the other Books.  If we carefully examine this Noble Word, Muhaymin, then we'll clearly see that my conclusion is valid - that the Noble Quran abrogates and overrides everything else because it is a Book that is Muhaymin (rules over and above all other books):

Arabic (from right to left):
5:48 وانزلنا اليك الكتاب بالحق مصدقا لما بين يديه من الكتاب ومهيمنا عليه فاحكم بينهم بما انزل الله ولاتتبع اهواءهم عما جاءك من الحق لكل جعلنا منكم شرعة ومنهاجا ولو شاء الله لجعلكم امة واحدة ولكن ليبلوكم فيما اتاكم فاستبقوا الخيرات الى الله مرجعكم جميعا فينبئكم بما كنتم فيه تختلفون
Muhammad Al-Hilali & Muhsin Khan:
"And We have sent down to you (O Muhammad SAW) the Book (this Quran) in truth, confirming the Scripture that came before it and Mohayminan (trustworthy in highness and a witness) over it (old Scriptures). So judge between them by what Allah has revealed, and follow not their vain desires, diverging away from the truth that has come to you. To each among you, We have prescribed a law and a clear way. If Allah willed, He would have made you one nation, but that (He) may test you in what He has given you; so strive as in a race in good deeds. The return of you (all) is to Allah; then He will inform you about that in which you used to differ.  (The Noble Quran, 5:48)"
Also, the Book of Moses was inherited to the Jews:
"We had surely granted Musa the guidance, and We made the Israelites inherit the book(The Noble Quran, 40:53)"

So this means that the actual Divine Laws of GOD Almighty are preserved in the Mosaic Law, even if the text of the verses isn't original.  The same rule applies to Islam's Hadiths.



What part of the Hadiths and Bible do Muslims believe are CLOSEST to the Truth, and Why?

Contradictions and History of man's Corruption in the Bible.

Send your comments.

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