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Noor Adeen's section:

Articles on Christianity:

  1. Jesus Blasphemed in the Bible.
    Η Δυσπιστία του Ιησού Χριστού (the article in Greek)
  2. The Son died for the sins of the Father.
    Ο γιος πέθανε για τις αμαρτίες του πατέρα (the article in Greek)
  3. Καινοτομία: Περιδέραια με το όνομα του  Αλ-λά


Articles on Islam:

  1. Innovation: Pendants That Bare the Name of Allah.
  2. Warning to new Muslims.



Rebuttals, and exposing the lies of the Answering Islam team section.

Contradictions and Errors in the Bible.

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