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Did the Golden Calf say "Moo"?

From: "giorgio t" gio_gio_t@hotmail.com
To: truthspeaks@answering-christianity.com
Subject: calf
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 22:22:28 +0100

Selaam alaikum

I want to respond on the false claim that the . team made about the calf that says moo.

If we look at sura 20, verse 88 en 89. (20:88 and 20:89). We see that it don't say that the calf says moo.

Sura 86 says that they made a from 'gold' a calf that moo'ed, tthat doesn't mean that the thing that they made moo'ed tto, the calf moo'ed. not the thing that they made. It indicates that the worship an animal that only can moo, and nothing else, not that the thing they made moo'ed, else it would be a miracle and it wasnt because if it was a miracle, it seems to be a sign, God wouldn't mislead people, think about it. Verse 20:88 says that a calf moo's not the thing that they made.

If we look at the next verse 20:89. It says that the thing that the made couldn't answer or hear them. This is clear, an indicates that the thing they made doesn't moo.

(7:148) also says that a calf moo's, and the thing they made couldn't moo or speak to them.

Keep up the good work.





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