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The human embryonic development

It is quite unfortunate that the English translations of the Arabic Quran was done by many people who don't speak good Arabic.  Minister Abdallah Yusuf Ali is a Muslim Minister (Sheikh) from Pakistan and he played a big role in translating the Noble Quran from Arabic to English.

The author of this claim presented this Noble Verse from the Noble Quran, 23:14 "Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; then of that clot We made a (foetus) lump; then we made out of that lump bones and clothed the bones with flesh; then we developed out of it another creature. So blessed be Allah, the best to create!"  It appears from the English translation that the scientific fact of this verse is false, because the male sperm alone does not and can not form a fetus in a woman's womb.

Let us examine the word "sperm" in Noble Verses 23:13, 23:14, 16:4, 18:37, 22:5, 35:11, 36:77, 40:67, 75:37, 76:2 and 80:19 from the Noble Quran.  I looked very carefully at each Noble Verse, and I found out that all of them use the Arabic word "Nut'fa" which was wrongly translated as sperm.  The Arabic word for sperm is is "Haywan-Manawee."  The Arabic word "Nut'fa" means the actual combination of multiples of "Haywan-Manawee." 

So in other words, One "Nut'fa" = One "Haywan-Manawee" + Another "Haywan-Manawee" and so on ....

Now, the word "Haywan-Manawee" in Arabic means either a male sperm or a female egg.  It is unfortunate and confusing that the Arabic language unites both the male and the female sperm and egg with one word. 

So when the Noble Quran used the word "Nut'fa" in the several Noble Verses above, it didn't just mean the male sperm alone.  It meant both the male and the female sperm and egg respectively.

Traditionally in the Middle East, when the word "Haywan-Manawee" is used in a conversation, it is usually meant for the male sperm.  The sound of it in Arabic makes its meaning gear more toward the male.  However, it may not always be the case that a person is talking about the male sperm alone.  That is why Minister Abdallah Yusuf Ali mistranslated the Arabic word "Nut'fa" to "sperm".

A similar case exists in English.  Take the word "guys" for instance.   When a person says "you guys are nice", it doesn't necessarily mean that the person is talking about males only.  In English, I could tell a group of females "you guys are nice."  I could also tell a group of males and females mixed "you guys are nice."  Traditionally in English, the word "guys" usually means males only.  But the actual word could include both males and females.

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