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Anti-Islamic claim:  15.All things are made in pairs? Sura 51:49 claims that everything is created in pairs. But this is not true. there are quite a number of things that have no counterpart and species where only one gender exists.

My Response:  Let us look at Noble Verse 51:49 "And of every thing We have created pairs: That ye may receive instruction."

There is no contradiction in this Noble Verse.  What Allah Almighty meant in this Noble Verse is the creation of things that are (1) seen to us, and (2) produce (such as humans, animals and plants). 

When a rock forms for instance, it doesn't form from a male and female.  Allah Almighty didn't mean for the non living, and the non breathing creation to be included in this Noble Verse.  That is why Allah Almighty said "...That ye may recieve instruction. (51:49)It is for us, to help us relate to Allah's logic of his creation of the living and breathing creatures.  They are all in pairs (males and females just like us).

We must also keep in mind that there is no mention of Bacteria or Fungis anywhere in any Holy Scripture, including the Bible. People back then did not know about them. So Allah Almighty probably saw no need to mention them.

But everything that people back then knew about from animals to plants to humans all existed in pairs.

Beside, science did not prove beyond the shadow of the doubt that the "asexual" Bacteria for instance are truely asexual. These are all theories that can be later proven to be wrong.

If this was truely the work of Muhammad peace be upon him and not the work of GOD Almighty, then how could Muhammad make such a dangerous claim about plants (which were seen by humans), when plants don't have groins like us humans and animals?

I mean, how could Muhammad possibly know that even plants reproduce through pairs or through a male and female relationships?  To the normal uneducated person, plants seem to grow on their own without any sexual relationship.

This proves my theory that Allah Almighty either didn't include the Fungis and Bacteria that produce "asexually", or science is wrong on this theory, and those Fungis and Bacterias that are believed to reproduce "asexually" do produce through male and female relationships.


Please visit brother John Wuurt's response.  His proof comes from Physics theories.

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