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In response to Ali Sina’s Article

“Did Muhammad Perform any Miracles?”


“Quran; Miracle of Miracles”


Suhail Khalid


          Readers! You can find Ali Sina’s article “Did Muhammad Perform Any Miracles” over here:



          Readers! In this paper I am not going to ascertain the miracles of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and how he performed them, as it was nicely done by our Muslim brothers already long before and on www.answering-christianity.com as well, rather I will defend the notion posed by Ali Sina that Prophet disclaimed being able to perform any miracles. I am also going to shed light on the perception that Miracle is not a test of Prophethood.


          First of all it is very arduous to engender a proof of an unusual event or a miracle that had occurred in the past. The reason is that we cannot perform such miraculous acts at present time. We only find such claims in history and religious books and their respective believers do have faith in such kinds of parables. However, they cannot carry out those miracles in modern age in order to defend the claims. The only imperative thing for Ali Sina to discern is people practicing major religions have faith in miracles. Also he does not have any proof to show that miracles were not transpired in the past but just only to provide what his infinitesimal deformed mind deems and what science has to pronounce. I am posing him a counter question if he can endow with a proof where he can illustrate us that miracles were not happening in the past.


          Secondly, miracle may not be an assessment if a person is authentic or not since they were performed by loads of people in many religions like Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. Similarly, how can one verify a person, a genuine, if he is performing miracles? Therefore, miracle is not a test indeed for a person to be labeled as genuine. If it would be the case then David Blain and Chris Angel are the best candidates to be regarded as “Prophets” of present time. However, they are not.


          We Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) performed many miracles. However, we do not boast about them since the only verification we can provide are from the Holy Scriptures upon which people like Ali Sina do not have reliance. The only living miracle we boast about is the Holy Quran which is from Allah. And indeed, Quran is not “ACCORDING TO” Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), likewise Bible. It is definitely a miracle of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him); however in the sense, that Allah has actually performed His miracle through Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).


          Christianity and Islam are the two major religions in the world and they both have their beliefs in miracles as they are undoubtedly mentioned in our Holy Books. And from some where in the dark, populace like Ali Sina roll up alongside and start disseminating in opposition to miracles. Isn’t it fooling enough that Ali Sina is negating something on “NO EVIDENCE” in hand. Let him produce the proof if he is authentic. Prove me miracles do not exist.


          There are 25 prophets who are mentioned by name in the Quran. These include Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Noah, David, Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, Zachariah, John the Baptist, Jesus, Elijah, Ishmael, Elisha, Jonas, Lot, Hud, Shuaib, Idris, Dhul Kifl, Salih, and the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon them all). Anyone familiar with Judeo-Christian tradition will recognize most of these prophets. And they also admit that not all of them were granted miracles; again proving the point that miracle is not a test to verify if the person is genuine or not.


          Readers! If you read the stories of Prophets from the Quran and the Bible then you will discern that the miracles awarded to the Prophets were affixed to the field that people of their period were ingenious and experts in; however, they were limited to time and to their people only. Like for example; the era of Prophet Moses (May Allah be pleased with him) was an age of magic and spells. People used to carry out astounding magic tricks that could swindle the very intellect people. Likewise, Allah allotted Prophet Moses (May Allah be pleased with him) with the same equivalent and invariable miracle but a degree higher, i.e. the miracles of Prophet Moses (May Allah be pleased with him) were not “magic tricks” or “illusions”; whatever he performed, actually occurred in real. For example, his staff became snake in real; he parted the sea in real etc. These were not customary delusions like other ordinary magicians used to act in his time; however in fact, Allah transformed in realism for Prophet Moses (May Allah be pleased with him) which was also accredited by the people of his time.


          Similarly, Prophet Jesus (May Allah be pleased with him) was born in a time when his people were excelled in medicine and healing. And Allah conferred him with astonishing healing powers as miracles where he could give life to the dead by the will of Allah. He healed born blind and lepers by Allah’s permission. These were undoubtedly wonderful miracles of Prophet Jesus (Peace be upon him) where Allah whatever had willed, He made it occurred through Prophet Jesus (May Allah be pleased with him).


All of these miracles of Prophets Moses & Jesus (May Allah be pleased with them) are in harmony with what Quran depicts. Therefore, at the outset Muslims do not necessitate some other authenticity to believe in miracles of Prophets, besides Quran and Hadith. Secondly, for atheists like Ali Sina who seem to be more biased towards Science; these “Holy Scriptures” are enough proof for them to believe in such incidents. There are uncountable instances that Science cannot even prove or disprove; like, The Theory of Evolution, Existence of God etc. Therefore, it is stupidity to prove miracles using science.


          Our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was born in the time when Arabs excelled in eloquence of literature, poetry and lexis. They were so swollen with pride of their lingo that they used to call non-Arabs as “ajamiعجمى meaning “dumb”; dumb in language, dumb in eloquence and dumb in intellect; likewise, Ali Sina and his disciples. Therefore, Allah bestowed upon Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) the Quran as a miracle, in an attire of an astounding marvel of literature, poetry and lexis. Quran is indeed a miracle of miracles. Subsequently, Allah sought keeping His words everlasting for the whole human kind and till perpetuity. As for the same reason he took the liability of safeguarding His words from being ruined and distorted. And He also knew in His Divine Wisdom that people like Ali Sina will crop up in the future having fraudulent intellects with lewd reckoning, therefore, His words can be presented to them as a miracle. However, also in His Marvelous Intelligence He was aware that some people will not accept the truth. For such people He already declared in His words:


“The parable of those who reject Faith is as if one were to shout Like a goat-herd, to things that listen to nothing but calls and cries: deaf, dumb, and blind, they are void to wisdom.” (Quran 2:171)


Miracles granted to other Prophets before Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) were only intended for that time only, and only for those people present at that time, as they were the only ones who witnessed such incidents and even there were no traces left behind for us to track as well. Therefore, it is a common sense that we Muslims are not able to verify such claims in present times by any means. Apart from this fact, we never boast or use such claims as evidence in our orations. It does not mean that we never speak of any miracles in our sermons; we do! However we only claim Holy Quran as a living miracle. This is the only miracle we have to present to people like Ali Sina.


All the windows are still open and Quran and Muslims have been restating the challenge again and again since 1400 years to non-Muslims to produce a “SOME WHAT SIMILAR” chapter like as of Quran. Therefore my counsel to Ali Sina is to cease yapping anti Quran with no EVIDENCE as usual, and should put all his and his disciples’ vigor in order to outdo the challenge of Quran by producing a somewhat similar chapter as like of it. Ali Sina asked for the proof of miracles; in response we are presenting him Holy Quran as our miracle. Let him and his disciples surpass it and Quran will be proven erroneous forever. It is as simple as that.


Readers! Besides writing filthy articles against Quran why doesn’t Ali Sina put all his and his disciples’ strength and time in this task and prove Quran flawed once and for all? Why is he wasting time in writing such lengthy articles against Islam? Why is he after branches when we Muslims are presenting him the root to cut? There are chapters in Quran consisting hardly three verses and he just has to produce a “SOMEWHAT SIMILAR” chapter likewise Quran, in this way he can easily trounce the Quranic challenge and Quran will be proven amiss once and for all. Why is he choosing a longer road when Quran is giving him a short-cut? In other words, Quran is giving all his ammo to its adversaries and, in turn, still challenging them that they cannot win the battle. Such a daring and brawny statement of Quran where it is challenging all mankind and then assuring that they will fail in accomplishing this task.


“And if ye are in doubt as to what We have revealed from time to time to Our servant, then produce a Sura like thereunto; and call your witnesses or helpers (if there are any) besides Allah, if your (doubts) are true.” (Quran 2:23)


“But if ye cannot – and of a surety ye cannot – then fear the Fire whose fuel is men and stones, - which is prepared for those who reject Faith.” (Quran 2:24)


This is indeed Allah speaking and these are definitely not the words of a man. How much easy could Quran ever made it for the people of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) to prove him wrong irreversibly, as they were connoisseurs in their lingo and where as our Prophet was an illiterate man. But they all failed miserably and Allah’s word remain. This fact of history will remain as a dark stain on non-Muslims forever who allege Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) as an author of the Quran. Allah in His Divine Wisdom made the last prophet as “ummi”, AN ILLETERATE. There is not a single book on the face of the Earth which provides such “EASY CHALLENGES” to the people in order to outdo their credence. It is only Quran that does so.


          Regarding Sahih Bukhari Hadith Volume 5, Book 58, Number 208


Narrated Anas bin Malik:

“The people of Mecca asked Allah’s Apostle to show them a miracle. So he showed them the moon split in two halves between which they saw the Hiram’ mountain”.


          What dilemma Ali Sina has uncovered in this particular Hadith? Ooh! Splitting the moon in halves is not going down his throat. Alright, let’s analyze it in another way. Let us suppose that I believe in this very Hadith that Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) did parted the Moon in two halves; but naturally in turn, Ali Sina laughs at this so-called “ridiculous” belief of mine and pleads for a proof. The only proof I can bequeath is Bukhari Hadith. However, he brushes-off this book as well by alleging it as a fabrication and concoction. Readers! You tell me now, what should I do then to convince Ali Sina. I cannot even use science in such a scenario as it is also very much bounded in itself and many a times it takes U-turns. In this case, I will definitely counter act upon him and ask him to provide his proof that this incident never happened in the past. If Ali Sina is asking for evidence from me, then the only evidence I am producing is the Book of Bukhari Hadith but he shorn off the idea of its being authentic. If he is not accepting Bukhari Hadith as a proof from me then I want Ali Sina to produce his evidences that such incident never happened in the past, as his proof. I want evidences and not twisted assumptions or crooked logics from him. I am sure that Ali Sina can never ever be able to produce single evidence; the same way we Muslims are not able to prove such incidents in present times. If he asks me my proof then I will present my Holy Scripture; and if he does not show willingness to this then he has to bring in his evidences to prove me flawed. No hypothesis or assumptions but only and only proofs in such scenarios.


Christians should keep themselves out in soliciting such notions of Quran or Hadith from Muslims; lest their “logical gun” backfires ;). And as for the atheists like Ali Sina, no logical elucidation will ever pierce into their diminutive wits and we will keep on beating around the bush eternally, therefore better rest this case in peace.


Readers! At first, such dialogues in regards to history are fruitless and useless where two parties arguing over an event which had occurred in the past. Where, the one who believes in it is not able to prove his documented facts and while, the one who does not have faith in it is not able to disprove it as well. Therefore, it will be like going around in circles forever.


Secondly, the only people who are eligible to inquire an elucidation from Muslims are “people of the book” Jews and Christians. Again such a dialogue will be a waste in the end with no conclusion at all; however, at least both the groups will be debating on some grounds of faith. Not like Ali Sina, “hiding himself behind a mask and calling every one else ugly”. This is idiocy and stupidity. No Book, No faith, No authorities, No intellectuals to back their twisted atheistic believes and it seems that he has taken a responsibility to entitle everyone else a waste. This is insanity and nothing at all.


Ali Sina said, “Of course when challenged by skeptics, Muhammad repeatedly denied being able to perform any miracle”. Afterwards he wrote again, “There are many verses in Quran that reaffirm this last Hadith, proving that Muhammad never performed any miracle and found it useless”. I want Ali Sina to show me a single verse from the Quran or Hadith where Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) avowed that he IS NOT ABLE to perform any miracles. If Ali Sina’s intellect is perverted and if he cannot comprehend Quran and Hadith, then it is not the dilemma with Holy Scriptures, on the contrary, it is his underhanded astuteness which is keep on deteriorating his brain in order to figure out the actual truth. There is not a single place in Quran and Hadith where Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) asserted that he is not capable to perform any miracles. I agree that he denied performing any miracles; however, he never said that he CANNOT perform any miracles.


Ali Sina said, “But Muhammad kept telling them that he is just an ordinary man not an angel, meaning people should not expect miracles from him!” Does it mean that Prophet Jesus and Moses (Peace be upon them) were angels as they were performing miracles. What kind of devious perception is this? From where did Ali Sina acquire this idea that angels perform miracles and human beings cannot? Stop drinking Ali Sina!


Afterwards, Ali Sina presented a verse from Quran:


“Then if they reject thee, so were rejected before thee, who came with Clear Signs, Books of dark prophecies, and the Book of Enlightenment.” (Quran 3:184)


          Then he said, “In the following verse he clearly rejects miracles as the proof of prophethood comparing them to witchcrafts”. I am not aware how far can Ali Sina go in deceiving common people as he is keep on lying again and again. He is interpreting the Quranic verses according to his own awry measures without even a bit of endeavor in consulting an authority to ask the actual translation and its meaning. Where does this verse depict the notion that Prophet Muhammad compared miracles with witchcrafts? If he is pointing out the phrase “Books of dark prophecies” as witchcrafts, then again he portrayed himself an impostor. The Arabic word used for this particular phrase is “zuburiزبرand if you scan through the whole Quran you will find following translations of Yusuf Ali for this particular word.


1.     Books of dark prophecies. (Quran 3:184)

2.     Scriptures. (Quran 16:44)

3.     Mystic Books. (Quran 26:196)

4.     Books of dark prophecies, (Quran 35:25)

5.     Sacred Books. (Quran 54:43)

6.     Books (of Deeds). (Quran 54:52)


Readers! You tell me now where does this verse say that miracles are actually witch-crafts. This injudicious “PROFESSOR” of Arabic, Ali Sina, portrays himself as an expert in Arabic text by interpreting whatever he likes and whatever manner he chooses; rather he is not even an apprentice when it comes to understanding Holy Scriptures.


Readers! At least at one place Ali Sina was very right when he uttered, “Miracles may be a proof for those who witness them, but mean nothing to others. Muhammad was right in emphasizing that the real miracle is his message or the Quran”. Same decree fix to Ali Sina when he said that miracles may be a proof for those who witness them; similarly there are people like him who witness a living miracle Quran, but still go about paying no heed to it and it means nothing to them. What should you do regarding such people who still witness the miracle but deliberately overlook it? Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) in his excellent wisdom knew that miracles may not be an assessment because they were limited to time and to the people who witnessed them only. And this might be one of the reasons he declared Quran as his only living miracle that is to remain forever.


          The Quran, in its stylishness and turn of phrase, was a trial to the Arabs who were known for their eloquence and command of the Arabic language. No man could ever produce one verse similar to that of the Quran.

          As for the Quraish who listened to the words of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and became his adversary and commenced preparing against him. While the factions of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) sought shelter in foreign lands against the harrying of their people, he continued his warnings to the Quraish more vigorously than ever. Again they came to him with offers of treasures and respect, which he resolutely and utterly rebuffed. But they mocked at him and urged him for miracles to prove his deputation. He used to answer, “Allah has not sent me to work wonders; He has sent me to preach to you.”


          Thus disowning all supremacy of wonder working, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) ever rested the truth of his divine mission upon his wise teachings. He addressed himself to the inner consciousness of man, to his common sense and to his own better judgment. “Say thou: “I am but a man like you: it is revealed to me by Inspiration, that your Allah is one Allah. So stand true to Him, and ask for His Forgiveness.” And woe to those who join gods with Allah. (Quran 41:6).


          Despite all the exhortation of the Prophet, the Quraish persisted in asking him for a sign. They insisted that unless some sign are sent down to him from his Lord, they would not believe. The disbelievers used to ask, “Why has Muhammad not been sent with miracles like previous prophets?” The Prophet replied that because miracles had proved inadequate to convince. Prophet Noah (May Allah be pleased with him) sent with signs, and with what effect? Where was the lost tribe of Thamud? They had refused to receive the preaching of the Prophet Salih, unless he showed them a sign and caused the rock to bring forth a living camel. He did what they asked. In scorn they cut the camel’s feet and then daring the prophet to fulfill his threats of judgment, were found dead in their beds the next morning, stricken by the angel of the Lord.


          There are some seventeen places in the Quran, in which the Prophet Muhammad is challenged to work a sign, and he answered them all to the same or similar effect as only Allah has the power of working wonders, and has not been believed; there were greater miracles in nature than any which could be wrought outside of it; and the Quran itself was a great, everlasting miracle. The Quran, the Prophet used to assert to the disbelievers, is a book of blessings which is a reminder of what is imprinted on human nature and is free from ever discrepancy and from error and falsehood. It is a book of true guidance and a light to all.


          Similar kind of answer was given by Prophet Jesus (May Allah be pleased with him) where Jews asked him to show them a miracle but he refused so.


“Then some of the Pharisees and teachers of the law said to him, “Teacher, we want to see a miraculous sign from you.” (Mathew 12:38)


“He answered, “A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a sign! (Mathew 12:39)


          People like Ali Sina will consider this as a contradiction of Bible and Quran where Prophets refused to perform miracles; and in other places we find claims of performing astounding miracles by Prophets. This is not a contradiction; there were instances in Holy Books where people did not accept the message of the Prophets after even presenting them with a miracle. So what is the use of using such supernatural powers when it is not even convincible to the people?


          The physical miracles, on the other hand, were the supernatural acts which were performed by Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) in such a way that nothing of their type had been performed before by any of the preceding messengers.


          Former religions were revealed to particular people, and they were liable to be superseded by other faiths. Miracles performed at that time were all physical and timely. They left no trace behind; they were something of old that were narrated later; and they are prone to falsification.


          The physical miracles of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) were performed on particular occasions, and all of them were supportive of his Mission, aimed at giving calm and comfort to the souls of the believers. They were not basically meant to prove or confirm the Prophet Muhammad’s (Peace be upon him) Message, and because of this, these miracles had never been used as a challenge to his adversaries. His only challenge was in asking them to produce such a verse that might resemble in style and phraseology any of the Quran.


          Therefore, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) denied the fact that wonder working can transform nations and can bring in cohorts and similarly Prophet Jesus (May Allah be pleased with him) denied the same fact. There are some Hadiths which clearly state the physical miracles of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him); however, I have never seen any religious scholar boasting about them to his congregation. We do speak about them but not in the sense as we regard Quran as the highest of highest living miracle. Miracle is not a test whether a person is genuine or not; however, claiming that Prophet Muhammad did not perform any miracles is iniquitous. We have some Hadiths clearly mentioning Prophet’s miracles; however we do not brag about them because we cannot prove them. The only living miracle we Muslims have to swank; is Holy Quran.


          Miracle lies in the words of Quran and in the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) by which nations of nations were transformed. Alcohol was drained on the streets of Medina never to be filled again on just only one verse of Quran from our Prophet’s blessed mouth. This is what I call a miracle. It’s an astounding miracle where you change the intellects of populace and their hard-coded appalling customs to true path in moments, and, they were just only words that brought about such a magnitude of cohorts. Such miracles never happened in any of the religions on the face of the Earth which kept their ever-lasting effects. Look at the Jesus of Bible; not a single person comprehended his message during his life time. Even his disciples forsook him in his last hours when he required them the most. Despite the fact he performed outstanding miracles; no one had faith in him till his last time. On the other hand, only one verse of Holy Quran from our Prophet’s (Peace be upon him) blessed mouth ordering full abstinence of alcohol had an everlasting and hard-coded effect on Muslims. This is how you identify a miracle. Furthermore, Pork/Pig/Swine total abstinence is ordained on Muslims and look at the outcome; till now Muslims do not consume this unclean and filthy animal. Same abstinence is also referenced in the Bible, although, it has no effect on Christians till now. This is what actually happens when people write books with their hands and then link them to God.


“And the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be clovenfooted, yet he cheweth not the cud; he is unclean to you.” (Leviticus 11:7)


          Ali Sina said, “Quran is no miracle at all. It is a book full of errors and inconsistencies”. Is he blabbering about the same inconsistencies that he presented in his article “World’s Greatest Showman” (http://www../debates/NaikCampbellintro.htm)? I have already thrown all of his so-called false claims, lies against Quran and inconsistencies in a gutter by replying to his article “World’s Greatest Jester” (https://www.answering-christianity.com/suhail_khalid/ali_sina.htm). In this article I have PROVED Ali Sina as charlatan, hypocrite and fraud who on one hand is hiding his “true-self” from his own family and on the other hand preaching “truth” to humanity. In my article “World’s Greatest Jester” I have provided facts, evidences and proofs in bringing down this dupe Ali Sina; despite, he did not provide any logical explanation and proofs.


          Ali Sina said, “Today’s modern Muslims, especially those whose standard of ethics is colored by western/humanistic percepts of right and wrong try to distance themselves from those hadithes that depict Muhammad as ruthless immoral and unethical gangster”. Readers! Again no evidence was afforded by him. I want to ask Ali Sina that how much these “Modern & Colored” Muslims are aware of their religion. How much have they strived and do research in knowing their own religion? Ali Sina also falls in the same category where these “Modern & Colored” Muslims with their dumb-witted intellect never accepts the true meaning of Holy Scriptures rather they only concentrate on the surface. These people lack the knowledge of Holy Scriptures, their eloquence and exquisiteness of lexis and how they should be inferred.


As regards to errors of Quran and I am assuming he is saying concerning grammatical errors and in his polluted vision the Quranic Arabic is not by any standards finest of all. I want to ask him regarding his yardstick? What is he using as his benchmark? What are his standards? On what scale he is concluding Quran to be not the best of Arabic Literature. Does he have any other High-Rank Arabic Literature available from where he can judge Quran’s Arabic? If he produces such a book then he will be able to trounce the challenge of Quran where it inquires for a somewhat similar chapter like it’s. It is lunacy to test anything without even having any standards to judge from. I can only expect such kind of inanity from Ali Sina. If he is using science as his ultimate authority then it is useless as science is indeed bounded in itself. Because of some imprudent non-Arab non-Muslims allegedly found some grammatical mistakes in Quran, he is pronouncing that Quran does not have the best of Arabic Literature. That’s mere idiocy again from Ali Sina.


There are many other items of “great” interest in his article “Did Muhammad Perform any Miracles?”, but this is again his sickness of going out of track and I am not going to speak about them in this paper as they are not in the area of discussion right now.


As alleged by Ali Sina and by several other non-Muslims that Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is the author of Quran (which is indeed not truthful); we Muslims still see him as a superior human being for many reasons in regards to performing miracles. I am posting here some points which I regard as Living Miracles, which are acclaimed in present times as well. If non-Muslims still allege that Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was the author of Quran (allegedly); then these points are definitely a slap on their faces.


1.     Bible was inscribed by 40 authors and Quran was written by only one person (allegedly). 40 against 1; and he transformed such a magnitude of cohorts and still increasing. It is indeed a miracle.

2.     40 Authors of “Highest Eminence” backed by 50 “Co-operating Denominations” recorded and embossed Bible as a “word of God” and still there are loads of inconsistencies in it. Against an ILLETERATE man who (allegedly) “produced” a book without a single error. Again a miracle.

3.     Fundamental message of the Bible concerning core concept of God changed (from oneness of God to Triune gods); whereas, it remained invariable throughout in the Quran. Miracle again.

4.     1500 years of writing to produce Bible with full of errors. Against 23 years of writing (allegedly) to produce Quran error-free. Astounding miracle once again.

5.     No one is able to produce a likewise chapter of Quran and no one can achieve it till eternity for sure. Miracle of Miracles.

6.     Alcohol was emptied on the streets of Medina never to be filled again on just only one verse of Quran from our Prophet’s (Peace be upon him) blessed mouth. Again an ever-lasting effect of Quranic verse. Miracle again.

7.     Flesh of swine is prohibited in the Bible; however, Christians are still consuming it more than any other meat available. Total abstinence is also mentioned in the Quran and Muslims are still adhering to the orders. See the difference in effects of both commandments. Miracle once again.

8.     Islam is the fastest growing religion on the face of the Earth. Again a living miracle. (http://www.cnn.com/WORLD/9704/14/egypt.islam/) (http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/newsid_4180000/newsid_4188200/4188287.stm)






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