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Exposing Ali Sina's extreme hate and foul mouth Part I:


The True Face of Ali Sina....



Recently, we challenged "Dr." Ali Sina to a live debate on pal talk with our representative brother Saami A Muslim. Ali Sina declined this debate challenge, but insisted on a debate on text, saying it was scholarly.


In this essay, we will examine the true face of this liar, deceiver, and foul-mouth person. Not only is this person very unprofessional, but he lacks proper manners.



Let us proceed with part 1 of our article:




Exposing Ali Sina's foul mouth...


Ali Sina once challenged a Muslimah:


"I challenge you to go through my site and if you find one sentence

 where I have shown hatred against Muslims I will remove this site. "


 (Source:  http://www.humanists.net/alisina/maryam.htm)


Well folks, where does Ali Sina show hatred against Muslims in his site??


Well, let’s just examine the following:




 Ali Sina

Joined: 13 Feb 2004
Posts: 2345

Posted: Sun May 28, 2006 6:38 pm    Post subject:


Where does it say [GOD FORBID] that the prophet was a rapist or a thief or the other things you were saying. You are confused my friend. The phrophet was so compasionate, kind, caring and loving he used cuddle little children, play with them look after the old. When the phrophet used to go to war he use make sure and tell his army never destroy any ones land, don't hit the old, women or children. Now if that is not kind, caring and loving what is. How is that a terrorist?

Look: I have no compassion for stupid people. But you are fed with lies. I have proven all these charges and can show you that everything you have said about MuHamMad is lies. Before I waste my time with another scumbag terrorist, tell me what would you do if I prove to you that Muhammad raped women captured in war and ordered his followers to do the same? That he raided innocent civilians looted them and massacred unarmed men? What would you do if I show from authentic Islamic sources that Muhammad set fire to trees and chopped them? What would you do if I show you this monster beheaded his prisoners of war just like your terrorist brothers do it today? Tell me what would you do if I show to you that this man you think was kind and loving was a monster?

I know what you would do. You have no brain. You are a Satan worshiper. You come here to lie about your demon prophet claiming he was a kind and loving but will not leave him if I show to you from the very Islamic sources that he was a monster. Why? It’s because you have sold your soul to Satan and you are destined for hell. No one can save you because you don’t want to be saved. Truth will never affect you because you have no use for it. You only follow Muhammad to hell because you can’t think. Your brain is damaged.

Now prove me wrong and say that if I can prove any of those things I say about Muhammad, you would leave Islam. Can you do that? No you can’t. You’ll believe in Muhammad even if you see him with your own eyes beheading innocent people including young boys as 12 years old just for having grown pubic hair. You’ll follow him even if you see him raping women whose fathers and husbands he tortured and killed on the same day.

You are Satan worshipper. There is no hope for you. You are destined for hell fire because you are not able to think. You are evil, your prophet was evil and you will go to hell.
Don't be a follower, but a prophet unto your own.



(Source: Thread: “Ali Sina this is the Reply to you”, as seen on June 18,2006)



I guess our self proclaimed scholar of Islam "Dr." Ali Sina doesn't think that saying a Muslim has no brain isn't showing hatred, its infact very lovable. I guess also saying “I have no compassion for stupid people" specifically referring to a Muslim is also not showing hatred against Muslims...




"This Muslim (I find the word "Muslim" very derogatory and insulting. It is synonymous to stupid, barbarian, thug, arrogant, brain dead, zombie, hooligan, goon, shameless, savage and many other ignoble things. I don’t know whether this most disgusting word elicits the same meanings in you or not. So when I want to show my despise of someone I call him "Muslim". But because Muslims are stupid, they don’t know all these things and they are proud of this name. This is a win/win situation because I insult them and they are happy and thank me for it. Isn't that smart?"


(Source: Debate with Muhammad Asadi as accessed on June 18, 2006)


It is hilarious to note that when one visits Ali Sina's forum, his "shoulder above" forum members always accuse the Muslims of ad hominem which is attacking the person, rather then the argument. Here in this case, Ali Sina:


1) Attacks the person


2) Again shows the world what a little child he is, therefore he resorts to insulting.


Moreover, if the above isn't hatred, then what is it?? And to any person with an iota of consciousness left in them would say that it is indeed hatred, so why hasn't Ali Sina shut down his site yet as he promised??




 "Muslims are liars by nature. Muslims are the followers of Satan and they lie instinctively. They blatantly and shamelessly lie the way Muhammad instructed them to do."


(Source: “Every time I read a Muslim letter I Want to Puke” by Ali Sina, as accessed on June 18, 2006)


I guess since Ali Sina is now God, he can tell everyone who is a liar by nature, and who isn’t!!






"As long as Muslims are Muslims they do not deserve to be treated in accordance to the Universal Declaration of Human Right"


(Source: Ibid, as accessed on June 18, 2006)


I'm glad this guy isn't a leader of any country.





Ali Sina

Joined: 13 Feb 2004
Posts: 2345

Posted: Mon May 29, 2006 6:36 am    Post subject:

ia786 wrote:

Would I approve of her marrying an older man? mmm..maybe, depends on the person and if all parties agreed. Well in this case the person is the Prophet Mohammad, I would stand up and declare God is Great, I would approve if all parties agreed. Ya RasullAllah how much are you Worth!!!


Yep. Indeed this person is a total fool.

What the hell are you talking "if all the parties agree"? How can a six year old child agree? We are not asking her whether she wants icecream or cookies. This is marriage we are talking about. How can a six year old girl consent to marriage?

And this idiot tells us he has high IQ. for the sake of heaven you are a moron. You are less intelligent than a donkey. This is what Islam has done to you. Stupidity dripps from evey word you have written.
Kick this idiot out of UK. What contribution this stupid person can make to Britain? Send him back to where he came from.

Send all the Muslims out of the West. They are all the same. Disgusting is a mild word.
Don't be a follower, but a prophet unto your own.



(Source: Thread “Goodbye” as seen on June 18, 2006)


And all this time we thought Hitler was dead!





Ali Sina

Joined: 13 Feb 2004
Posts: 2345

Posted: Mon May 29, 2006 7:17 am    Post subject:

SirZubair wrote:

Ali Sinner Said :


Send all the Muslims out of the West. They are all the same. Disgusting is a mild word.

Im a muslim living in the west,everyday i spread the message of peace among Muslims,Christians and Jews.And i know many others that do the same.

So saying crap such as "they are all the same" is unfair Ali.

Its like,me saying something like "Ali sucked off a dog and then let it impregenate his mother.."

See,i dont have proof,so i wont say it so until you can prove that "all muslims are the same",please excerise your rights to keep your mouth shut.

Yes I have proof and have proven that all the Muslims are evil to the degree that they follow Muhammad.

What message of peace you are spreading. YOu are fooling no one here. Isam does not have any message of peace. If indeed you spread the messag of peace that is not from Islam. I doubt you do because it is unbecomming for a Muslims to actually spread any love an unity among mankind. All you can do is spread hate through deciet.

Be specific. Tell me what you have done for peace and give addreass so we can verify. You are only dangerous creatures and nothing more. Filthy to the core. Evil in your hearts. Disgusting is your thoughts of hate. Satanic is your ethos. Barbaric is your conduct. You must be rounded up and sent to where you came from. Leave Islam or leave our country. This must become the slogan in all the Western countries.

It will be. As time passes and you will add to your terrorism, people including the stupid leftists will wake up and kick you out of their countries.
Don't be a follower, but a prophet unto your own.


(Source: Thread: “Goodbye” as accessed on June 18, 2006)


And we have refuted your lies, and proven you to be a liar and deceiver.






  Ali Sina

Joined: 13 Feb 2004
Posts: 2345

Posted: Wed May 31, 2006 8:03 pm    Post subject:

crazy canuck wrote:

Ali Sina wrote:


They would then have to spit or piss on a Koran, and then stomp on it with their feet. (I think that would probably be enough, but if anyone has any better ideas, I'd love to hear them).

No I do not have any better idea. That is great.

Sure Ali your support for this memorable quote will help you lot to sale your book.

While reviewing your book this will be quoted in bold face.

Looks like now either you have to give out your book free or can be sown loaded free from this site only.

This is your idea of fighting evil ideology known as Islam.

Cool down CC. That was sarcasm. Didn’t you see the laughing smilies? I thought about how to enforce this pissing and stumping on the Quran and I could not help but to laugh. We don’t have to be always serious. Laughter is good too. Ridiculing Islam is even better.



(Source: Thread “How to deal with Islam ONCE AND FOR ALL” as accessed on June 18, 2006)



The fool doesn't realize that the joke is on him..





"As you brain dead Muslims want to believe"



(Source: Every time I read a Muslim letter I want to Puke by Ali Sina, as accessed on June 18,2006)


Just more barks from a barking dog...





“It is not an insult to say Muslims are not humans"


(Source: Ibid as accessed on June 18, 2006)


I guess saying Muslims aren't humans (that we are just animals, or monkeys swinging on branches) is also not hatred.





“They must be colonized and ruled with iron fist”


(Source: Ibid as accessed on June 18, 2006)


Once again, Thank God this guy isn't a ruler of any country!




Ali Sina

Joined: 13 Feb 2004
Posts: 2345

Posted: Tue Jun 06, 2006 4:04 pm    Post subject: Responce to Elaine


Dear Ali,

I stumbled across your website and was quite appalled at the manner in which you conduct yourself. I do not know you, but you have succeeded only in painting an arrogant, pompous and ignorant portrait of yourself. I read the debate you had with Mr. Shahzad, and I'm sorry to say that he came off the better man. As a non-muslim and a Christian, I was very taken aback by the disparaging remarks you made about Islam and its prophet. Though my knowledge of the religion is limited, i recognise that your accusations were baseless and downright disrespectful.

You say this website is not meant to create trouble of any kind, but to
"build bridges". With all your intelligent witicisms etc, I am confused as
to why you cannot see that you are merely offending Muslims and turning them away with your brass, distasteful attitude? Perhaps you should reconsider the reasons for writing in the website. Masquerading behind a humanitarian facade in order to belittle others is a very pitiful thing to do, Mr Sina. Poking fun at the Muslims' comments, especially a 16 year old girl is really small. And it occurred to me that you are somewhat of a coward, hiding behind the anonymity of the internet and a questionable pen name. And the fact that you attack the Muslims' comments by making snide remarks after each line further illustrates this point. it is very easy to attack someone when you think you have the last say. Also, you might want to brush up on your grammar a little bit if you insist on trying to make other people look stupid.

I feel ashamed and embarrassed for you, and despite being a Christian, I'm with the Muslims on this one. If you are the spokesperson for all the non-muslims, then we're in trouble. You are a reflection of what you believe, and i hope to God that you are not a Christian. No self-respecting person would say the things you have said. Your website only serves as a window for the world to see how small you are. You come off sounding ridiculous and preposterous most of the time, it's almost enough to make a Christian Muslim. You are a disgrace to mankind and humanity. I await your witty reply, though I have my doubts if you'd even post this. Yes yes, prove me wrong.


Dear Elaine:

You are deeply hurt to the extent that you have lost your objectivity and have become full of venom and vitriol, and I am an ex-Muslim who is very familiar with all the silly tricks Muslims play. Nonetheless, let us play your game and pretend you are not a Muslim posing as a Christian to feign impartiality.

How did Mr. Shahzad win the debate? Can you be specific?

In that debate I proved that Muhammad was an assassin, a pedophile a rapist a lewd person and a misogynist. Do you think these are divine attributes or do you think I failed to prove these charges?

If it is the first case, you lady must convert to Islam right away. You love evil and you found it. But if you think I am wrong, all you have to do is prove me wrong and claim your $50,000 dollars reward. I will close this site, as promised.

Anyway, both of us know why you are so hurt. The reason is that you don’t know your religion well. Please read the Quran and save your soul. You are following Satan and hell is where you are heading. If you were ignorant up to this day, you are no longer. Truth has been revealed to you. Now it’s your turn to disprove what we say or investigate further and leave this demonic cult of hate and violence.

All good people must despise Islam just as all good people must despise hate, violence, discrimination, abuse, and terrorism. Islam stands for Ignorance, Savagery, Lopsided thinking, Arrogance, Misogyny and more. You can love and defend Nazism and pretend to be a nice person but who would believe you? You would be only fooling yourself. If you defend Nazism you are either a fool of an evil hateful person. Islam is no different. You claim to be ignorant. I can see that. But this is no excuse. Now you know the truth. You must either refute it or accept it. Get over your misplaced loyalty. Stop defending something you yourself say that you know nothing about. Isn’t this the acme of stupidity? Face the truth. See Muhammad for who he was and leave this cult of hate that makes you lie and act like a hypocrite with straight face and with no shame just to defend it. Defend your cult with truth and knowledge if you can. Are you up to it?

I am not the spokesperson for all the non-Muslims, but you are in deep trouble nonetheless. You must either wake up from your slumber or prepare yourself to be ridiculed, humiliated and despised for being a fool and for taking a pedophile assassin as your prophet. Imagine how you would view someone who follows a pervert criminal. You wouldn't have much respect for him would you. You may not say it in his face but certainly you think he is nuts and you pity him. This is how the world is gradually coming to see Muslims - a bunch of Miscreant, Uneducated, Scoundrel, Lazy, Ignoramus Morons. How can you be proud when you know everyone else thinks you are a zombie follower of a pedophile? Is there anything more embarrassing than that?

So my dear, save all that shame and embarrassment for yourself, because as the truth about Islam keeps spreading, you will need a lot of it.


Ali Sina
Don't be a follower, but a prophet unto your own.

Last edited by Ali Sina on Tue Jun 06, 2006 6:31 pm; edited 3 times in total


(Source: Thread: “Response to Elaine” by Ali Sina, as accessed on June 18,2006 )


Ali Sina speaks in the imperative, that the "good" people AKA the hateful people MUST despise Islam. Again, he was just being sarcastic, he's not showing any hatred....





A total of 9 barks from a fake scholar of Islam, showing that indeed this person is full with hate.


Now, let us examine just one quote, from this *perverted* hater:


"This explanation is absurd unless honey is a code name for what Muhammad drank from between the legs of Mariyah."


 (Source: “Mariyah the sex slave of the holy Prophet” by Ali Sina, Edited on March 28, 2006.)


We have already refuted that article, but what’s important to note here is how this trash twists the narrations, to suit his own perverted thoughts! Hilarious indeed.


If these are the kind of arguments that Ali Sina will produce, then it is no wonder Dr. Zakir Naik etc., wouldn't want to debate him!


The Qur'an clearly describes people like him:


Summun bukmun AAumyun fahum la yarjiAAoona


They are deaf, dumb and blind. They will not return. (Sura 2 Ayat 18)


The example of the unbelievers _ (An advice to them, is like a bleat to a sheep) _ is that of a shepherd calling a flock. They (the sheep, and so also the unbelievers) hear nothing but shrieks and shouts. They are deaf, dumb and blind. They do not understand (a thing)! (Sura 2 Ayat 171)


And then, there are those among them who pretend to listen to you. We have wrapped their hearts in a thick veil, so they understand nothing. We have rendered their ears deaf (for the truth). They would not believe even if they see all the signs. To an extent that, they argue and dispute with you when they come to see you. The unbelievers say, “These are just legends invented by those gone by!” (Sura 6 Ayat 25)


Those who reject Our revelations (and signs) are like the deaf and the dumb (groping) in the dark. Allah leads astray whom He wants; He shows the right path to whom He wants. (Sura 6 Ayat 39)


He turns away arrogantly when Our verses are read to him, as if he did not hear them, or as if both of his ears were afflicted with deafness. To such a one, announce the news of a painful punishment. (Sura 31 Ayat 7)


However, people like Ali Sina aren't new. Anti-Islamists existed since the beginning of the appointment of the Holy Prophet (S). The Qur'an says:


We know indeed the grief which their words do cause thee: It is not thee they reject: it is the signs of God, which the wicked contemn.


Rejected were the apostles before thee: with patience and constancy they bore their rejection and their wrongs, until Our aid did reach them: there is none that can alter the words (and decrees) of God. Already hast thou received some account of those apostles.


If their spurning is hard on thy mind, yet if thou wert able to seek a tunnel in the ground or a ladder to the skies and bring them a sign,- (what good?). If it were God's will, He could gather them together unto true guidance: so be not thou amongst those who are swayed by ignorance (and impatience)! (Sura 6 Ayats 33-35)


Muslims who visit Ali Sina's website begin to doubt their Deen and some have apostatized because of that website. However, Allah SWT tells us that their words caused grief even to the Holy Prophet (S), however this happened to all the Prophets. Even if the Prophet (S) climbed a ladder all away to the skies to get a sign, what good there will be??


We should learn from this example, and that no matter what we say to some of these anti-Islamists (specifically Ali Sina), it will never do any good.



I would like to thank brother "Goku" for providing many of the above quotes, without him this article wouldn't be possible. May Allah Almighty always be pleased with him... Ameen!


Thus, we have ended Part 1; Part 2 of our essay to follow up Insha’Allah.








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