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Ali Sina and his clowns hit Rock Bottom of their Stupidity


Finally Ali Sina and his clowns have hit the Rock Bottom. They now want Dr.Zakir Naik arrested.


Ali Sina and his clown “Cod” fabricated a chat to “prove” that Dr.Zakir Naik is running a terrorist training camp.


It is such a pathetic effort really to prove that Dr.Zakir is running a “terrorist training camp” You can find this chat here





Ali Sina Writes:

contacted the Indian police but they did not respond. This is very unfortunate because India is a target of Islamic terrorism and many people have lost their lives or were maimed by it. 





Ali Sina thinks that Indian police too like his clown and he has mental illness. They would arrest Dr.Zakir Naik just on the phone call of some loony. WOW!!


Ali Sina says that he personally doesn’t accuse but he believes it. His clown even called the Indian police.


The chat, which they fabricated, is so funny. I was simply sitting back and laughing at the stupidity of Ali Sina and his clown.


In this chat, what the supposed Muslim “beeran_koya” says is not how Muslims speak but that’s how Islamophobists ridicule Islam. Let me show you some funny points of this chat.  


cod*** (8:59:17 AM): can u tell me about jihad
(8:59:22 AM): if its good i too want to go for it
(8:59:40 AM): well its holy war for allah
(8:59:42 AM): jihad is fighting for the cause of allah to spread islam around the world


WOW ! Told you people that will be funny. Muslims don’t do Dawah like that.


But lets continue with this funny chat.


cod*** (9:00:35 AM): will do anything for that
(9:01:04 AM): allah has promised us pure virgin hooris in jannat., this is only for the shaheed (those who died in jihad) . that is becos they are sacrificing everything in this world (including their family, pleasures everything) to go for jihad


In my entire life I have hardly even heard of my Muslim brethren telling me about “hooris” in paradise. I have not even heard any Imam in the mosque saying so. Anyone who has ever told me to practice Islam is to please Allah. But this supposed Muslim is telling the non-Muslim about “hooris” in Jannat.  Hilarious Indeed !!


beeran_koya2001 (9:01:33 AM): there is no better way to earn the pleasure and blessing of allah than to go for jihad   


No one has ever told me such a thing. Every Muslim up till now has told me to do righteous deeds to earn the pleasure of Allah but this supposed Muslim tells this to a non-Muslim who is about to convert to Islam.


Lets continue with the second part of the chat.


cod****  (6:47:46 PM): how will u kill me?

cod**** (6:47:48 PM): may i know?

beeran_koya2001 (6:47:56 PM): i will report u to mullah. insha allah he will issue fatwah for ur death

Hilarious indeed !!mullah” does not issue a fatwa. Its “Mufti” or a scholar who issues fatwas.


beeran_koya2001 (6:49:51 PM): ur faith is weak

beeran_koya2001 (6:50:04 PM): no., india will be islamic insha allah by 2020


Lets quote some more funny quotes. Remember “beeran” is the supposed Muslim.


beeran_koya2001 (6:53:38 PM): no. we dont respect anyone who does not believe in allah and his messenger

beeran_koya2001 (6:53:44 PM): first believe in allah

beeran_koya2001 (6:53:57 PM): then we will respect u and be polite

More stupidity


beeran_koya2001 (6:54:21 PM): u hindus and christians and buddhists are not humans

beeran_koya2001 (6:54:29 PM): u are animals according to islam.

beeran_koya2001 (6:54:35 PM): u are filthy.u are najis


cod****  (6:55:02 PM): u remain illiterates and blow up urselves

beeran_koya2001 (6:55:13 PM): shut up

beeran_koya2001 (6:55:21 PM): that is jihad


cod****  (6:55:43 PM): is it??? so u hate humanity

cod****  (6:55:48 PM): dat shows ur not humans but animals

beeran_koya2001 (6:56:06 PM): allahu akbar

beeran_koya2001 (6:56:12 PM): we will destroy u kufaar

beeran_koya2001 (6:56:20 PM): withion 10 years insha allahj

beeran_koya2001 (6:56:36 PM): the whole world will be islamic

cod****  (6:56:40 PM): ok beeran

cod****  (6:56:49 PM): i shall be glad if that happens without any force

beeran_koya2001 (6:57:03 PM): it will happen thru our jihad


I’ll stop here. How Hilarious this chat really is. This is the typical way in which Islamophobists ridicule Muslims and Islam. This whole chat is so funny.

This simply shows how sick and demented Ali Sina and his clowns are. They fabricate ludicrous chats and try to prove that Dr.Zakir Naik is running a terrorist camp.

The reply to Ali Sina the pathetic article of Ali Sina Zakir Naik: Promoting Terrorism” has been given by Brother Bassam. You can find the rebuttal to this pathetic article here






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