From Jesus's Point Of View

Section 1: Christian-Muslim Dialogue

             1.1 Christian perspective                                           1.2 Muslim perspective

'Blind faith' or 'Prove all things'?   1.2.1          The 'Trinity', or 1+1+1=1                 1.2.2

Matthew 28:19 (In the name of..)     Corinthians 12:4-6 (diversity of gifts) I

Corinthians 13:14 (grace, love..) II   Jude 1:20-21 (Building and Praying)

John 5:7 (these three are one) 1    John 1:1 (the word was God)  

John 10:30 (I and my father...)       Genesis 1:26 (We/Our)           

John 14:8-9 (hath seen the father)      John 14:6 (I am the way)         

John 20:28 (My Lord and my.. )   John 10:33 and John 5:18        

A logical analysis                    On 'steam, water, and ice'        

Who did the disciples call 'God'?   Trinitarian scholars admit it!      

The 'Son of God'                           1.2.3       Anglican bishops declare that Jesus...

How many 'Sons' does God have?    Because God was his 'Father'? 

Because he performed miracles?    Because he was filled with the Holy ...

Because he was the 'Image of ...    Because he was 'from above'?   

Because he was the 'Messiah....?    Because he was called 'Lord'?   

Because God 'gave His only ...'? What about 'Unto us a child is born'?

How did Jesus' people know him?  Is God a man?                           

Does God pray to Himself?   Jesus is God's servant                

Does God have a God?        Is God greater than Himself?      

More to think about             Was God ignorant and savage?   

But he must be God, or else... But he must be God, he was lifted up

But he must be God, he was the... But he must be God, he was crucified ..

'Worship me!'                               1.2.4      Who can forgive sins?                

Jesus said 'I am' so he must be God1.2.4.2  But people 'worshipped' Jesus and..

But he doesn't need to say it   Historical origin of the 'Trinity' myth     1.2.5

The systematic destruction of the...  1.2.6    Christianity's true founder, Paul...          1.2.7

Summary: What is a 'Trinity'?          1.2.8    Conclusion                                          1.2.9

Christian Missionaries, like John Gilchrist, have relentlessly debated when there are prophecies of Muhammed in The Bible. Lets turn the tables and answer the so called "Prophecies" Of Jesus In the Old Testament. Here is More to think about, the missionaries write long and quite repetative articles on supposedly "Answering" whether or not, Muhammed is foretold, yet Jeff Lowder, answers 61 supposed prophecies of Jesus in the Old Testament, Including the resurrection and crucifixtion ones, as well in one shot. More Food For your Mind.

Here is Another Gem, by Dan Barker. He is a former fundamentalist minister who is quite knowledgeable with respect to Scripture and provides chapter and verse to buttress many of his points.

Why Jesus ?

Answers to 25 Most Frequently Asked Questions of Christians.

For further examination of the so called "Divinity" of Christ, here are some of Gary Miller's "Thoughts on the "Proofs" of the Alleged Divinity of Jesus.

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