Jochen Katz has collected info about Trinity [1] Where he is trying to explain and prove trinity for Muslim readers.

I am providing the following links because they provide valuable information in understanding various teachings of Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him) However, this does not mean that I endorse each and every expression stated in these references, nor that I endorse the total teachings and practices of the individuals or groups that provide the websites.

As for our christian readers, I have collected links which may assist you in your search. The following links have been provided to me by christians themselves.

My recommendation is to read first THE LORD OUR GOD IS ONE LORD.

Many Christians believe that Yeshuah is Elohim Himself. According to this idea, Elohim limited himself into the form of a man so he Himself would be the sacrifice. site shows that in the Bible there is not any mention of this theology that was developed by Christians who were pagans.

Answer to the critical question, Is Yeshuah, Elohim himself ?

Did Jesus Really Exist Before He was Born ?
Do men really pre-exist ?

Jesus and The God of the OT             Jesus and The God of the NT
Is Jesus spoken of as a then existing personality ? Does the NT mention tri-une God in mentioning Jesus Christ ?

Okay, so how about In the Beginning the Word Was God ?
A comprehensive look at John 1:1 by Reverand Allon Maxwell

The Nicean Creed
A requirement of being Christian ? The Three Roman Idols

The Trinity - Satan's False Doctrine Note! This is a christian web page!

The Trinity Very Anciently a Current Heathen Doctrine
"Chataubron, speaks of an ancient Greek inscription on the great obelisk at Rome, which reads -- "1. The Mighty God. 2. The Begotten of God (as Christ is declared to be "the only begotten of the Father" (John i. 14.). And, 3. "Apollo the Spirit" -- the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost -- thus presenting in plain language the three terms of the Trinity." And Also The Divine "Word" of Oriental Origin.

How the Doctrine of Trinity Come Into Church ? Recommeded for Christian readers! A deep look at the formulation of the trinity and examination of the Athanasius creed and its history and the founders. Early Unitarians In Christian History.

What Indeed Was The views of the Early Church Fathers ? A comprehensive look at what the early church father's views really was of Jesus Christ.

Early Christian Beliefs
What were the Nicene mythology interpolated into the bible immediately preceding the council of Nicea in 325 C.E. And how about those fabricated quotes ? What really were Pagan Themes in the Trinity ?

The Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost a frequently updated site. Loads of links, articles, rebuttals, and essays, highly recommended!

For Muslim readers we know the trinity is NOT the teachings of Hazrat Isa (Pbuh) My recommendation is to read first From Jesus's Point Of View

..And Fazal Ahmad's essay on regards to The Trinity Controversy In Church

The Trilema-- Lord, Liar or Lunatic ?
Jim Perry critique of Josh McDowell's Evidence that Demands a Verdict

A Muslim response to a Christian Response
Robert Squires response to Steve Walker has useful information about Trinity.

The Trinity - A Muslim Perspective      Is Jesus God ?

Fact To Fiction - Trinity

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