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By: Anonymous-Muslim


2 Important News Stories


The Nazi Zionist propagandist at Memri mistranslated the Arabic of the "Mickey Mouse" on Palestinian television station.


Let us read:

Among those misled by Memri's "translation" was Glenn Beck of CNN, who had planned to run it on his radio programme, until his producer told him to stop. Beck informed listeners this was because CNN's Arabic department had found "massive problems" with it.

Instead of broadcasting the tape, Beck then invited Carmon on to the programme and gave him a platform to denounce CNN's Arabic department, and in particular to accuse one of its staff, Octavia Nasr, of being ignorant about the language.

Carmon related a phone conversation he had had with Ms Nasr:

She said the sentence where it says [in Memri's translation] "We are going to ... we will annihilate the Jews", she said: "Well, our translators hear something else. They hear 'The Jews are shooting at us'."

I said to her: "You know, Octavia, the order of the words as you put it is upside down. You can't even get the order of the words right. Even someone who doesn't know Arabic would listen to the tape and would hear the word 'Jews' is at the end, and also it means it is something to be done to the Jews, not by the Jews."

And she insisted, no the word is in the beginning. I said: "Octavia, you just don't get it. It is at the end" ... She didn't know one from two, I mean.

Carmon's words succeeded in bamboozling Glenn "Israel shares my values" Beck, who told him: "This is amazing to me ... I appreciate all of your efforts. I appreciate what you do at Memri, it is important work."

It was indeed amazing, because in defending Memri's translation, Carmon took issue not only with CNN's Arabic department but also with all the Arabic grammar books. The word order in a typical Arabic sentence is not the same as in English: the verb comes first and so a sentence in Arabic which literally says "Are shooting at us the Jews" means "The Jews are shooting at us".

I have written about Memri's tweaking of translations before. One example was its manipulation of Osama bin Laden's speech on the eve of the last American presidential election (details here, at the end of the article). Another was an Egyptian newspaper's interview with the mufti of Jerusalem. Memri's translators changed the question: "How do you deal with the Jews who are besieging al-Aqsa and are scattered around it?" to "How do you feel about the Jews?" They then heavily edited the mufti's words to give an anti-semitic-sounding reply to the new question.

(From: http://commentisfree.guardian.co.uk/brian_whitaker/2007/05/arabic_under_fire.html)


The Pagan Mormon Beck and Memri (which is run by Nazi Israel) do NOT even understand the basics of the Arabic language.  I had a good laugh when I read the above passage, because the Memri racist that talks with Beck tells him that his "translation" is write because "Jews" comes at the end, thus it must be doing something to the Jews.  But this is English structure, NOT Arabic!  I'm just beginning to learn Arabic and even I know the verb comes before the subject.  The child was saying "The Jews are shooting at us" this is how the Arabic is translated so we get the meaning in the English translation.  The LITERAL translation of the Arabic into English would be "Are shooting at us the Jews".  Arabic has a completely different structure then English!


By the way it's NOT suprising "Memri" mistranslates things it's run by a former Zionist Israeli Colonel!


MEMRI has been criticized primarily for its choice of the content it selects for translation. Brian Whitaker, the Middle East editor for the UK Guardian newspaper, has criticized MEMRI for having a pro-Israel bias and agenda, and not being explicit about this on its website. He has written, "My problem with Memri is that it poses as a research institute when it's basically a propaganda operation",[3] that material selected by MEMRI for translation, "further the political agenda of Israel, and ",[7] and that, "MEMRI's website does not mention you [Carmon] or your work for Israeli intelligence. Nor does it mention MEMRI's co-founder, Meyrav Wurmser, and her extreme brand of Zionism ... Given your political background, it's legitimate to ask whether MEMRI is a trustworthy vehicle"[3]

Hussein Ibish, a spokesman for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee comments that "MEMRI performs a useful function but unfortunately they have a pro-Israel, right-wing agenda."[8] He also says that: "There is of course some horrific stuff in the Arab press, but one tends to forget that the American press can also be very nasty.[8]

Brian Whitaker has said that "the stories selected by Memri for translation...reflect badly on the character of Arabs[7] In an article on the Guardian website, Whitaker claims that, in one video, MEMRI mistranslates a child's statement "I'm going to draw a picture" as "Ill shoot". [9]

Ken Livingstone, former British MP and the current Mayor of London, has stated of MEMRI that: "The translation and selection of quotes tend to portray Islam in a very negative light."[10] He has accused MEMRI of "outright distortion".[11]

Ibrahim Hooper, a director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, stated in the Washington Times that "MEMRI's intent is to find the worst possible quotes from the Muslim world and disseminate them as widely as possible."[7]

William Rugh, former US ambassador to the United Arab Emirates and Yemen, describes MEMRI as a service which "does not present a balanced or complete picture of the Arab print media. ...Quotes are selected to portray Arabs as preaching hatred against Jews and westerners, praising violence and refusing any peaceful settlement of the Palestinian issue."[12]

Leila Hudson writes in the journal Middle East Policy, "MEMRI simultaneously highlights stories emphasizing the most extreme stereotypes of clashing Arab and Islamic civilization, which would not otherwise come to light. In effect, it amplifies the noise that most effectively distracts from the projects of engagement and negotiation. This is compounded by the interlinked series of websites, blogs and forums on the right wing of the think-tank periphery. Like the Israeli disinformation site Debka.com, MEMRI produces and amplifies noise, while buttressing the weak 'clash of civilizations' theory with selective extremist writing."[13]

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MEMRI





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