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Anonymous Muslim 's Rebuttals section:

Rebuttals to Silas:

  1. Refuting the Pagan Silas on the Zoroastrian text called the “Book of Arda Viraf”.


Rebuttals to Sam Shamoun:

  1. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun: Jesus in the Rabbinic Traditions.
  2. Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun on Qumran Cave 7, Magdalen Papyrus (a.k.a. "Huleatt Manuscript", "Jesus Papyrus", "Papyrus 64"), etc.
  3. Rebuttal to Shamoun, Shamoun's silly claims the Corrupted Bible is an "accurate history book".


Rebuttals to Robert Morey:

  1. Refuting the fraudulent and absurd claims Pagan Trinitarian Christian missionaries make about Almighty Allah.


Rebuttals to Walid Shoebat:

  1. The following table-addition is brother 's refutation to the article: Walid Shoebat's "Prophecy 101: Islam and Satan" lecture:
Walid on the 666 and his "Islamic" Symbols lie.

Brother (Anonymous Muslim ) [1] has thoroughly refuted this clown on this point in the following articles:





Brother is one of this website's authors.  With his permission, I've also backed up his above articles on this website to preserve them: [1] [2] [3] [4].


Articles on Christianity:

  1. 7Q5 Papyrus and The Magdalen Papyrus (Papyrus 64) and the LIES of the pagan christian APOLOGIST Carsten Peter Thiede.
  2. Pagan trintarian christians LIES Regarding the Dead Sea Scrolls.
  3. The 3 Oldest Manuscripts Containing the Corrupted Greek New Testament.....
  4. The Bible (Torah) Codes are CLEARLY FAKE. Also, assassination stories in Moby Dick!
  5. The Truth About Abraham and his SON Ishmael, Peace be upon Them.
  6. What About All Those People (Prophets and others) who came before Jesus (peace be upon him)?
  7. The Investigation into what Language Jesus Spoke.
  8. Detailed article refuting alleged “prophecies” in the Old Testament regarding Jesus.
  9. Refutation to the lie about the New Testament's events were documented by historians.
  10. Refutation to the pagan christians' Deceitful argument that the Corrupted Bible is all a legitimate history book.
  11. Lists of Serious Errors and Contradictions in today's CORRUPTED bible!
  12. The pagan trintarian christians LIES of “amazing” prophecies of certain events and more.
  13. Rebuttal to the MANY pagan christians who simply say that people should believe on “blind faith”.
  14. The STUPID LIES of the FARCE called the "Shroud of Turin".
  15. The pagan christian LIARS and FRAUDS Rev. Ted Haggard and Benny Hinn.
  16. More fraud on shroud.
  17. More Bible codes fraud.
  18. Bible genocide and mayhem.
  19. Pagan Christianity.
  20. Borrowing from pagan sources.
  21. Constantine's lies.
  22. More and more evidence on Bible fraud.
  23. More details on Pagan Christians (today Catholics) worshipping of Mary(May Allah be pleased with Her).
  24. Excellent quote from one of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat's (May Almighty Allah have mercy on him and grant him paradise, Insha Allah) free literature.
  25. Concise Refutation of a "historical" Jesus(Peace be upon him).
  26. Some details about the pagan LIAR, Emperor Constantine I.
  27. Rebuttal to some Pagan Trinitarian Christians claims about sayings of the False Apostle, Anti-christ Paul.

  28. Revisiting Rebuttal to the fraud Carsten Peter Thiede's fraudulent dating of the "Magdalen Papyrus" (a.k.a the "Huleatt Manuscript", "Jesus Papyrus", and "Papyrus #64".

  29. Rebuttal to Pagan Christian's who falsely interpret Isaiah 11 as an alleged "prophecy" of the Creation of the illegal Zionist "state" of "Israel" in 1948 C.E.

  30. Refutation to the few Pagan Christians that attempt to say the Bible documents earth's creation and the earth is only between 6,000 and 10,000 years old.

  31. More information on Paul's LIES of "500 Witnesses" exposed.

  32. Refuting 2 Common arguments Pagan Christians attempt to use for their "early dating" of the Gospels.

  33. The Real Exegesis (Commentary) of Corrupted Bibles Galatians 1:6-9.

  34. 2 Corinthians 11:14, Refuting Christian missionary claims, Paul’s analogy using Eve and his Copying of Jewish Pseudepigraphical Apocryphal work.


Articles on Islam:

  1. The "Produce a Surah like it" challenge.
  2. Ottoman Empire: The true origins of the "star and crescent".


General Articles:

  1. The US war crimes in Iraq.
  2. Zionists and the Holocaust.
  3. The US' terrorism.
  4. The zionists' illegal settlers.
  5. US military devils.
  6. Interesting article regarding alleged “confessions” from KSM clearly obtained via torture.
  7. Zionist Jewish led massive Holocaust in Gulags of the Soviet Union.
  8. America did 9/11.
  9. Racist foolish Pagan Christians lying (like those on fox "news") attempting to say psychopathic Virginia Tech killer was a Muslim.
  10. The Nazi Zionist propagandist at Memri mistranslated the Arabic of the "Mickey Mouse" on Palestinian television station.

  11. Evangelical Christians are taking over the US military.

  12. Apartheid Zionist "state" of "Israel" was a staunch ALLY of Apartheid South Africa.




Rebuttals, and exposing the lies of the Answering Islam team section.

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