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By: Anonymous Muslim


This is a Wonderful Article that shows the depth of the RETARDNESS and INSANITY of the pro-authenticity claims of Shroud of Turin advocates.  The claims of this FRAUDS that make up the pro-Shroud advocate are so ABSURD and use such PERSONALLY CREATED and IMAGINARY Pseudo-science and Pseudo-historical claims that LEGIMITATE researches and Ph. D’s etc. WIPE THE FLOOR WITH THE PATHETIC CLAIMS OF THESE IGNORANT AND FICITIOUS Pro-Shroud PAGAN christian apologists




This article is great also because it dispels more ABSURIDITES of the pro-Shroud PAGAN christian cult.  Like the earlier article I posted on this site dealing with this same FRUAD, Schafersman shows how the Shroud of Turin is without any DOUBT dated to the 14th century CE and EVERY test done on it shows that it is without any DOUBT NOT blood; but PAINT.  But this article also goes in depth rebutting and DESTROYING the pagan christian FALSITIES such as the Shroud containing Pollen from Jesus’ (PBUH) time; Mr. Schafersman the author shows how dating and categorizing this alleged “pollen” would be IMPOSSIBLE (definitely read this!)  Mr. Schafersman credentials STEVEN D. SCHAFERSMAN
Department of Science and Mathematics
The University of Texas of the Permian Basin
Odessa, Texas

Also Mr. Schafersman shows that pro-Shroud pagan christian LOONEY TUNES are clearly WRONG and LYING when they try to state that the ABSURDITIY that the Shroud of Turin has a “photographic negative”; or a pagan ABSURIDITY of a pseudo-(doesn’t even deserve the recognition of the word!) science, claiming the Shroud has Three-Dimensional Encoding Properties, Mr. Schafersman DESTROYS this FALSEHOOD.


The Pagan christian apologists’ claims are ABSURD almost beyond belief.  Some of them claim that this “3-D information” is the result of “miraculous burst of radiation or the flow of vapors from the body” (it’s hard not to laugh reading such plain GARBAGE, FAIRY TALES, and CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY “Theories”, again they don’t even deserve to be called theories they are so LUDICROUS!


Finally another point of this article that made me laugh was when Mr. Schafersman says how some of the most desperate pagan trintarian christian shroud advocates claim that the scientists are deliberately “fudging or changing the results” because they have an anti-christian bias.  These are works of research done by professional Scientists that have been SCRUTINIZED in-depth by academics all over the WORLD and accepted by trained and skilled scientists, scholars, and other HIGHLY KNOWLEDGEABLE and SKILLED PROFESSIONALS.  All these hardworking scientists and truth seekers deserve a thank you for their sincere, honest, and COMPETELY METICULOUS work.  This is compared to the CRACK-POT LOONEY TUNES that make up the pro-Shroud advocates that only arguments sound like something out of the X-Files or some Sci-Fi movie!!!!  The desperation of the pagan christians to find something to base their religion on his laughable.  All their COUNTLESS different Bibles are proven to be a translated fakes (from originals that no LONGER EXIST!) and the error counts in the books are almost mind-numbing in length.  Because of this pagan christians resort to Frauds such as the Shroud of Turin in a LAST HAPLESS and DESPERATION move to base their INHERENTLY FALSE faith and christian doctrines on.  Again as with all their desperate attempts they fail because the bible is Corrupted and christianity itself is a sad farce, but most importantly Almighty Allah has given mankind the Noble Qur’an and One True Religion of Islam as a SINCERE and EVERLASTING BLESSING!


Again definitely check this out, here’s the link to the site again



All Praise is Due to Almighty Allah!




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