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By: Anonymous Muslim


Great Article Refuting Pagan Christian LIAR and FRAUD Josh McDowell



The following link is for a great article by Steven Carr written for the website www..; this article refutes the LIES of the Pagan Christian Apologist Josh McDowell regarding his alleged "biblical prophecies" regarding 12 different nations and places.  Steven Carr destroys McDowell's LIES and FRAUDS.


Here is the link for Steven Carr's article: http://www../library/modern/steven_carr/non-messianic.html


Also after looking at Steven Carr's article you should also check out this great article refuting the FAKE and FRAUDLENT "prophecies of the future" that Pagan Christians LIE and say exist in the Corrupted biblical "Book of Daniel" the link for this article is here: http://www.2think.org/hundredsheep/bible/comment/daniel.shtml



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