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Another Terrific article, this one Refutes the pagan christians' Deceitful argument that the Corrupted Bible is all a legitimate history book

By: Anonymous Muslim
(He is a new convert to Islam)


This article is very well done and also a Must-Read.  It is very good largely because pagan christians often try to excuse the GRAVE DEFECTS in their Corrupted Bibles by saying that the Bible accurately details history.  This article destroys this CLAIM; this article shows that the Bible certainly did NOT mention MANY, MANY historical events and facts correctly; and it shows that of course the Corrupted bible ERRORED greatly regarding MANY, MANY true historical facts and events.

MUST-Read the Link is Right Here:  (http://www../library/modern/alex_matulich/why_i_believe

All Praise is Due to Almighty Allah!





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