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My Experience with Sam Shamoun and his bad Character

Bassam Zawadi



Sam Shamoun has been on my Paltalk list for a good 4 to 5 months now. I added him at first so that I could ask him questions regarding Christianity because I thought he had a lot of knowledge regarding it. However, ever since I became an author of www.answering-christianity.com and he noticed me writing rebuttals against www.. he keeps on sending me annoying offline messages claiming that my articles are stupid and that he is going to refute them and so on and so forth. I told him that we are here to find out the truth and we shouldn't be insulting each other and that he should abide by 1 Peter 3:15 which states that he should be gentle and kind with those that question his beliefs. Yet, this missionary still does not behave. 

After being exposed for his foul and immature manners.......... 






we thought that Sam should have learned his lesson and began washing his mouth with soap like a little naughty boy should do. However, apparently he continues his immature ways. He sent me a message yesterday saying that he will make me a priority and refute my articles and then I told him that I find it ironic that he would bother refute my articles if he found them so stupid. This is the message that I found when I opened my Paltalk messenger............ 


Answering Islam: <<(01/23/06 1:06 PM EST)>> my man

Answering Islam: <<(01/23/06 1:07 PM EST)>> want is boring is ur stupiditry

Answering Islam: <<(01/23/06 1:07 PM EST)>> the fact is u have lost

Answering Islam: <<(01/23/06 1:07 PM EST)>> by defending a false prophet

Answering Islam: <<(01/23/06 1:07 PM EST)>> because of ur mouth

Answering Islam: <<(01/23/06 1:07 PM EST)>> I will make it worse for u

Answering Islam: <<(01/23/06 1:07 PM EST)>> keep checking

Answering Islam: <<(01/23/06 1:07 PM EST)>> since I will keep exposing u and ur lies

Answering Islam: <<(01/23/06 1:07 PM EST)>> keep it up loudmouth


H e made a spelling mistake in the second line, the word is "Stupidity". Why is he calling me stupid? I have actually shown nothing but respect (which he doesn't deserve) to Sam Shamoun and he is talking about my stupidity? He calls me a 'loudmouth'?

Is this Christian behavior? Is this what the Holy Spirit inspires people to do? No decent and well respected Christian Ministry organization would ever ruin their reputation by even letting such a man join their ministry. I would feel ashamed if I was Jochen Katz as he is the webmaster of Answering Islam and has this ill mannered man working with him.

Sam may argue back that other Muslim authors insult him. Well I don't care, its between you and me buddy and each time you do it I will keep exposing you to the public. I have warned you several times to stop sending me your annoying offline messages. Let the world see you for who you are.






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