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Examining Sam Shamoun's Character


Part 5


Respecting the Missionaries request.











Well as you all know, I had recently put up an article which documented Shamoun's slurs and insults towards me in one of his e-mails. Here is the link to where you can find it:





Not long after I told Shamoun that I would be posting his email for all to see, he sent me another email which just as vile and disgusting, however what made this one more worse is that he actually told me to post it on the site!!!!!! I have no idea why he told me to post it on the site, but since I am kind, I will respect his request and post it for all to say, I will also post 3 other emails of his in which he also insults me as usual. I will also post a response from the Answering-Islam website in which they first accused me of making the emails up, but later backed down from that claim when I proved that I wasnt making these emails up. Anyway here is the email which Shamoun asked to be put on the site:



(Note: The yellow highlights below are mine; Osama Abdallah.  Also, the foul missionary even insulted brother 's mother!)



From : sam shamoun sam_shmn40@hotmail.com
Sent : Sunday, November 27, 2005 5:52 PM
To : -@hotmail.com
Subject : RE:


Hey queer boy. I just got svyat to save your exchanges with her, the one about her going to hell. So thank you for that loser since now I am going to nail you. You whine about people exposing you but have no problem doing the same. Wow, how much like Muhammad you really are.

So sissy does this mean you will be a man and come on tonight where I will also get Gomer in there so you stop trying to use Christians like me to defend you? I am saving this email because I want you to post this in its entirety since the readers will see that you follow Muhammad's example. If you don't post ALL OF IT then I will further humiliate you. Wow, what an idiot you are.

Make sure this appears on the site that you use Christians to save you, then slander them, and then complain when they expose you and your false prophet.

Again, THANK YOU FOR THOSE EXCHANGES AND FOR THIS EMAIL. You are a loser as we have all come to know on Palltalk. Ok mythomaniac sissy, make sure to get out of mommy's skirt and come in the room tonight. Looking forward to cremating you. Love ya!



So there you go, why he wanted me to post this on the site, I have no idea.


I guess he thought I would be afraid to post this email because of some the comments he made in the email. So I will highlight the main parts of the email to clear a few things up.


Shamoun said:

 You whine about people exposing you but have no problem doing the same


Wrong, I never complained when Christians supposedly tried to expose me and insulted me, in fact I told you guys to bring it on. You guys can insult me all you want, I will just expose all of you when you insult me like I am doing now by showing all the readers how low you guys really are. So I never whined about any body insulted me.


Shamoun said:


So sissy does this mean you will be a man and come on tonight where I will also get Gomer in there so you stop trying to use Christians like me to defend you?


When did I ever ask for you to help me? This is a false claim on your part, I never asked you to defend me, not even once. I never even asked any other Christian to defend me, so you are wrong there buddy.


What Shamoun is most likely reffering to is when I confronted a Christian on using bad silly tactics against me. The Christian told me that there was a Muslim who supposedly disagreed with me, so the Christian and Shamoun always used this against me and always brought it up saying ' there is a Muslim who is against you!!'.


So what I basically told the Christian is so what? What am I supposed to do if a Muslim said he disagreed with one of my articles, any logical reader will agree with me in saying there is no use in running around saying a Muslim doesnt agree with you and then try to use this against you. So I told the Christian why do it? The Christian then apologized to me and said it was wrong to do such a thing and that she was only trying to tease me!!!! That my freind is not asking a Christian to defend me, that is confronting a Christian asking why use bad silly tactics to try and argue against me.


What is more funny is that even after the Christian admitted she brought it up just to tease me, Shamoun still brings it up! The Christian even apologized for using such a silly thing against me, however Shamoun continues to always bring it up, what is more sad is that this Christian who apologized to me for using such a tactic against me is Shamoun's source, so Shamoun's source admited it was all for teasing and was wrong for doing so. However the most funniest thing about this is that the Muslim never once told me this! I happen to talk to him on the chat network paltalk and he never brought it up!!! Shamoun and the Christian never showed me any quotes from the Muslim saying he disagreed with me, so that even makes their tactic against me even worse because they could even be lying the whole time!


Shamoun said:


Make sure this appears on the site that you use Christians to save you, then slander them, and then complain when they expose you and your false prophet.

I never did such thing, this is a fabrication of your own mind.



Now let the real fun begin, let me just highlight the insults he threw at me once again:


Shamoun said:


Hey queer boy


Once again he calls me gay, and also queer is the insulting version of calling someone gay, it is really calling someone a f*g. Is this the language apologists use with each other? Calling others F*g's? I wonder what Shamouns God would have to say about this.




Shamoun said:


You are a loser as we have all come to know on Palltalk. Ok mythomaniac sissy,


More and more insults. I am a sissy now, and a mythomaniac how nice! I must say insults from a missionary is something good, it means I really got to him and really refuted him badly with my rebuttals!!!!


Also on a side note, the true sissy is the one who is only capable of insulting behind a computer screen and not face to face like a real man. ;)



Shamoun said:


make sure to get out of mommy's skirt


Aha, now the loser has to mention my mother. How sad, just for your information please dont mix my mother with your own, my mother doesnt go around wearing skirts thank you very much. Now I know this is a form of slang, but to most Arabs like myself, you mention any sentence with our mother in it in an insulting manner then you are insulting our mother as well. In fact I am also American to, and to most Americans if you mentioned any sentence in an insulting manner with their mother in it, they would get really ticked off.


Also I dont want my mother mentioned in any of your silly dumb slang insults you have towards me. Thirdly what type of apologist uses such language? Especially a missionary!



An addition from me, Osama Abdallah:

I think what the barking missionary forgot is that the Muslim woman, such as my mother and brother Muslim's mother, and his sisters and my sisters, etc... only knows one man in her life and that is her husband.  Unlike the barking missionary's christian women, where many of them lose their virginities during their teenage years in high school, and dress in cloths that literally expose 99% of their bodies such as bikinis on the beaches, our women remain chaste and virgins until marriage, and they never have boyfriend-girlfriend relationships with any man.

Visit: X-Rated Pornography in the Bible, where women's vaginas and breasts taste like "wine".




Well there you go, thats the email. However so here are two other insulting emails:


From : sam shamoun sam_shmn40@hotmail.com
Sent : Sunday, November 27, 2005 7:16 PM
To : -@hotmail.com
Subject : RE:


Sure she did. Evryone will see what really happened, queerboy. We saved the discussion why you snapped like a mad dog. So keep barking. Down boy, down. How stupid you must feel when we do this to you. :-)


More and more insults. Anyone who reads this article, Christian and Muslim will say that it in fact you who must feel like an idiot after posting such emails to me and wanting me to show it.


Another email:


zzzzzzzzz. Make sure you quote everything you say as well otherwise this will give us the chance to expose your disease and sickness caused by the Sunna. I am saving these in case you don't since we are sent to help you remain honest and cure your mythomania.

We are waiting in the room for you. So come out of mommy's skirt and defend your claims for once. I pormise not to let Muslim Gomer spank you too badly. Ok queerboy? And don't delete these and post them word for word so everyone knows how you were begging us to fight a Muslim for you, who made you look stupid like we have been doing.

Boy you gotta be steaming mad that we are getting under your skin and making you look stupid. Love ya!


lol, this is funny. I think any reader will conclude that the only angry one here is you, and it is me who is getting under your skin which is why you are insulting me this much. In fact you are comprimising your own faith! Your religion teaches you not to act like this, so my freind, you just comprimsed your beloved Jesus.


Also any reader reading this article can see I am not steaming, or else I would have just filled this article up which full of insults back to you, but I shall lead by example and not sink to your level.


So those are his emails. Word for word, I am not shy to hide anything, I have no idea to why he would want me to post this on the site. His pride god the better of him in this one. :)






Here are 2 emails from answering Islam, I will be posting the entire first email which included their response and my initial email to them:


From : HighwayTo Emmaus highwaytoemmaus@yahoo.com
Sent : Sunday, November 27, 2005 8:13 PM
To : " z" -@hotmail.com
CC : <sam_shmn40@hotmail.com> Subject : Re:


Greetings ,

It was interesting reading your email. You need to work a little harder and pay more attention to detail if you want to fake a letter from Sam. You have at least four issues that indicate that your letter is a fake. I will be willing to discuss them in the future.

I challenge you to forward the email to me directly without any alteration. As you can see, I am also sending to Sam via Cc.

for www..
"How can a man be RIGHTEOUS before God?" {Prophet Job, 9:2}
www.injil.org/TWOR <> http://goodseed.com/theprophetsenglish.aspx <javascript:ol('http://goodseed.com/theprophetsenglish.aspx');>
----- Original Message ----- From: " z" <-@hotmail.com </cgi-bin/compose?curmbox=F000000001&a=a178b38dc7b0e5e8b9bdd7fca0ee477c5da652d6ca08dd9bc3802fccd85cc3cc&mailto=1&to=-@hotmail.com&msg=MSG1133122424.13&start=937789&len=4218&src=&type=x>>
To: <dialog2005@. </cgi-bin/compose?curmbox=F000000001&a=a178b38dc7b0e5e8b9bdd7fca0ee477c5da652d6ca08dd9bc3802fccd85cc3cc&mailto=1&to=dialog2005@.&msg=MSG1133122424.13&start=937789&len=4218&src=&type=x>>
Sent: Sunday, November 27, 2005 2:46 AM


That was their response to my intial first email to them which said:


hi i am a Muslim of answering-christianity, i have been refuting one of your writers sam shamoun, and i just wanted to inform that very soon many ppl will not take him seriously after an email he sent me which i saved and will be posting on the site, here is the email he sent me:


From : sam shamoun <sam_shmn40@hotmail.com </cgi-bin/compose?curmbox=F000000001&a=a178b38dc7b0e5e8b9bdd7fca0ee477c5da652d6ca08dd9bc3802fccd85cc3cc&mailto=1&to=sam_shmn40@hotmail.com&msg=MSG1133122424.13&start=937789&len=4218&src=&type=x>>  Sent : Sunday, November 27, 2005 5:44 AM
To : -@hotmail.com </cgi-bin/compose?curmbox=F000000001&a=a178b38dc7b0e5e8b9bdd7fca0ee477c5da652d6ca08dd9bc3802fccd85cc3cc&mailto=1&to=-@hotmail.com&msg=MSG1133122424.13&start=937789&len=4218&src=&type=x>
Subject : RE:

| | | Inbox

Hey the little queer boy who isn't man enough to defend his fake prophet and doesn't have the guts to confront gomer and so needed a Christian to confront him for him! Hey psycho will you come in the room now that you got a mic? Your was Saudi Arabi too cheap to send you a working one. Well, what do you expect from a mythomaniac sissy.

Bye loser. :-)


So note, the Answering-Islam website thought I had supposedly made it up, they had requested I forward the email for proof to which I happily did. After I forwarded the email to them they retracted their statements and knew I didn't make anything up, here is there second email:


From : HighwayTo Emmaus highwaytoemmaus@yahoo.com
Sent : Wednesday, November 30, 2005 1:34 AM
To : " z" -@hotmail.com
Subject : Re: Re:


Hi ,

Good to hear from you. I hope that your situation is resolved. It really has no bearing on us so we will leave you guys to work things out.

I was wrong to say that you faked the message, I should have said that you doctored (altered) the message. If you print out the message that you forwarded to me and the original one that you sent, you will see the difference. You put the wrong header on the original message. In the header was a reply indicator (though only on the first line) which indicated that it was not an original, but a previously sent message. You will also notice the word inbox is part of the original that you sent me but not in the letter that you forwarded to me. Next to the word inbox is what appears to be three reply indicators from rich text. The original message that you sent did not have any reply indicators which put it at odds with the header (and possibly the word inbox). I hope that you can see that you gave the impression (by your alterations) that you faked the message. We get all sorts of hoaxes so we try to be careful.

I do appreciate your offer to put my letter on your website. In fact, I find it rather flattering that you would want to take the time to give me that much attention. If you should go to all the trouble please send me the link. I would really like to see if you put it up unaltered.

It is good to see that you have such a good attitude about it. A good laugh is always needed in our lives. As scripture says, "A joyful heart is good medicine, But a broken spirit dries up the bones" (Proverbs 17:22).

Take care,
for www..
"How can a man be RIGHTEOUS before God?" {Prophet Job, 9:2}
www.injil.org/TWOR <> http://goodseed.com/theprophetsenglish.aspx <javascript:ol('http://goodseed.com/theprophetsenglish.aspx');>
----- Original Message ----- From: " z" <-@hotmail.com </cgi-bin/compose?curmbox=F000000001&a=a178b38dc7b0e5e8b9bdd7fca0ee477c5da652d6ca08dd9bc3802fccd85cc3cc&mailto=1&to=-@hotmail.com&msg=MSG1133314468.10&start=1202028&len=3975&src=&type=x>>
To: <highwaytoemmaus@yahoo.com </cgi-bin/compose?curmbox=F000000001&a=a178b38dc7b0e5e8b9bdd7fca0ee477c5da652d6ca08dd9bc3802fccd85cc3cc&mailto=1&to=highwaytoemmaus@yahoo.com&msg=MSG1133314468.10&start=1202028&len=3975&src=&type=x>>
Sent: Tuesday, November 29, 2005 9:30 AM
Subject: Re:


So I there you go, I didn't fake any letter, as for altering it or changing abit, I did not do that either, that comes automatically after I copied and pasted it into MS-WORD.


If anyone still has some doubts that I faked all this, here is Answering-Islam's email, you can contact them and ask since it will be the same person:




You could also email Sam Shamoun and ask him if I made any of this up, his email is:




So you could contact them both and ask for yourself. :)










 Now since Shamoun called me a mythomaniac, I thought I would return the favor by showing he is the mythomaniac not me. For interested readers, a mythomaniac is someone who often changes their mind, changes their mind alot when confronted with the truth. Anyway, Shamoun is very inconsistent when it comes to following his own rules.


In one of Shamoun's article Shamoun stated:


The very abusive and foul nature of the Muslim response article shows that my original paper has really struck a nerve. The authors were obviously very angry with me and saw no other solution than to go on an ad hominem rampage. That's fine. We are mature enough to handle such heat and will simply ignore it for the most part. In the long run, the only effect of personal attacks is to expose a person's inability to deal intellectually with the arguments set before him.


His article is thoroughly refuted at:
  1. https://www.answering-christianity.com/shamoun-nursing.htm  Also, Was Paul a homosexual when he sucked the blood from Timothy's penis by his mouth after circumcising him?
  2. "Suckling Pornography" in Islam?
  3. Rebuttals to Jim's hoax on "suckling porn in Islam" lie.

WOW!!! I guess Shamoun forgot about writing that! It seems he cannot stay consistent with what he preaches, so using Shamoun's own criteria, this means he cannot deal intellectually with my arguments which is why he has to insult me time and time again.











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