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Is John 15:13 An Inspired Verse?

Bassam Zawadi




Here is what the verse says...

John 15:13

13Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.


Christians come up to you and say that this is a beautiful inspired verse from God. They tell you to ponder about the beauty of this verse. How beautiful it is to sacrifice ones life for his friends. Of course this is true. It is indeed great love that someone has in order to sacrifice himself for his friend. However, is there no greater love than this just like the verse says?

Well, I don't think so. For someone to lay down his life for his ENEMY is even greater love than laying one's life down for his friend. Despite the fact that the individual is the person's enemy, due to the great amount of love for his brother in humanit1y, he still is willing to lay down his life for that individual despite him being his enemy. 

So the verse is incorrect. Laying down one's life for his friend is not the GREATEST love and there is a GREATER love that one could have. So this verse could not be inspired by God because it is simply not true.


From me, Osama Abdallah:

How about laying down your life for the love of GOD Almighty?  To martyr yourself for Him and His Holy Cause?  It doesn't have to be through in a battle field.   It could be through a simple missionary work. 

The fact that the corrupt verse above says that there is no greater love than to sacrifice your life for your friends clearly proves that it is not a Divine Revelation from GOD Almighty, because it is not an accurate verse.  And GOD Almighty doesn't make linguistic errors; let alone silly errors of this type!





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