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Is Jesus God Because He Said He Said He Was The Good Shepherd And Is Joseph of Arimathea God According to Jesus?

Bassam Zawadi




I would like to analyze two similar passages from the Gospels of Mark and Luke. As you can see from the passage a man came up to Jesus and called him good. Jesus is asking him why he is calling him good, only God alone is good. 

The word good in the passages is agathos. 

Agathos could mean.... 

1) of good constitution or nature

2) useful, salutary

3) good, pleasant, agreeable, joyful, happy

4) excellent, distinguished

5) upright, honourable

Source: http://www.blueletterbible.org/tmp_dir/words/1/1138800840-2955.html 

So according to Jesus only God could be agathos

Have a look at the passages for your self......


Mark 10:17-18

17As Jesus started on his way, a man ran up to him and fell on his knees before him. "Good (agathos) teacher," he asked, "what must I do to inherit eternal life?" 18"Why do you call me good (agathos)?" Jesus answered. "No one is good (agathos)—except God alone.


http://www.blueletterbible.org/tmp_dir/c/1138800574-2758.html#17 (for Mark 10:17)

http://www.blueletterbible.org/tmp_dir/c/1138800680-5422.html#18 (for Mark 10:18)


Luke 18:18-19

    18A certain ruler asked him, "Good (agathos) teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?" 19"Why do you call me good (agathos)?" Jesus answered. "No one is good (agathos)—except God alone.


http://www.blueletterbible.org/tmp_dir/c/1138801237-1224.html#18 (for Luke 18:18)

http://www.blueletterbible.org/tmp_dir/c/1138801260-1148.html#19 (for Luke 18:19)


 Christians try to use this verse to show that Jesus is saying that he is God...

John 10:11

I am the good (kalos) shepherd. The good (kalos) shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.


Christians say that since only God alone is good and Jesus said he is good that means he claimed divinity. However, when we look at the Greek word for 'good' in this verse the word is not agathos, it is kalos.

Source: http://www.blueletterbible.org/tmp_dir/c/1138801689-5462.html#11 


Kalos means 

1) beautiful, handsome, excellent, eminent, choice, surpassing, precious, useful, suitable, commendable, admirable

a) beautiful to look at, shapely, magnificent

b) good, excellent in its nature and characteristics, and therefore well adapted to its ends

1) genuine, approved

2) precious

3) joined to names of men designated by their office, competent, able, such as one ought to be

4) praiseworthy, noble

c) beautiful by reason of purity of heart and life, and hence praiseworthy

1) morally good, noble

d) honourable, conferring honour

e) affecting the mind agreeably, comforting and confirming

Source: http://www.blueletterbible.org/tmp_dir/words/2/1138801779-3061.html 


Therefore this is not the same kind of 'good' that Jesus was referring to previously as can only be attributed to God alone. 

So Jesus was not claiming divinity in John 10:11. 


However, interestingly when we read the following verse.......


Luke 23:50

Now there was a man named Joseph, a member of the Council, a good (agathos) and upright man,

Here we have Joseph of Aramethia being referred to as an agathos man. 

Source: http://www.blueletterbible.org/tmp_dir/c/1138801934-7820.html#50


We saw previously that Jesus said that only God alone is agathos. So was Jesus' statement that God alone is agathos incorrect or is Joseph of Aramethia a divine man now?






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