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Re: The CIA trained terrorists
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2013, 01:05:26 AM »
The CIA supplies terrorists with training, funding and weapons all over the globe. They always have. They are the #1 terrorist supporters. The United States and Israel love war crimes. >:(

During the '80's, the ultra-capitalist regime (U.S.) feared communism and socialism, so the CIA trained and sponsored paramilitary 'Death Squads' in Latin America. They taught them torture techniques, etc. Look at the history of 'Battalion 3-16' in Honduras. They are still operating today. They formed in '79 and the CIA were best-buddies with them during the '80's, and they are still active today. They now hold primary positions in the Honduran government.

Islam is the new communism from the U.S. point of view. We want an end to European colonialism, and this neo-colonialism by US/NATO criminals.
Attempting to end exploitation of poor nations is seen as a threat.
To America, the financial gain of global elitists is more important than decency and humanity.
So called Western 'civilization' promotes piracy and a cutthroat mentality.


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