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Camel urine benefits
« on: January 29, 2018, 04:35:20 PM »
Islamphobes try to refute experimental proof by theoretical logic. ;D
WHO asks for more data before allowing camel urine as medicine.
Are they really need more data?? I suppose they need more money.(see,no.2)
British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, ISSN: 2231-2919,Vol.: 13, Issue.: 4

Original Research Article

Antimicrobial Activity of Camel’s Urine and Its Effect on Multidrug Resistant Clinical Bacterial and Fungal Isolates

Marwa Salah Mostafa1* and Reham Ali Dwedar1

1Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt.



Aims: The aim of this work is to study the In vitro antimicrobial effect of camel’s urine on a variety of multi-drug resistant bacterial and fungal isolates.

Methodology: Agar dilution method was used to determine the effect of different concentrations of camel’s urine (10%, 7.5%, 5% and 2.5%) on 50 clinical bacterial isolates including: 10 methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), 10 multi-drug resistant coagulase negative staphylococci (CoNS), 10 multi-drug resistant Enterococcus spp., 10 extended spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL)–producing Gram-negative bacilli and 10 carbapenemase-producing Gram-negative bacilli. In addition, the antifungal effect of camel’s urine on four Candida albicans and one candida non albicans was also assessed.

Results: All used concentrations of camel’s urine produced complete inhibition of the growth of the four Candida albicans, Candida non albicans and the 10 CoNS isolates. The growth of MRSA, Enterococcus spp., ESBL-producing and carbapenemase-producing Gram-negative bacilli was completely inhibited by camel’s urine at concentrations 10%, 7.5% and 5%. However, these bacterial isolates showed significant growth at 2.5% camel’s urine concentration.

Conclusion: The present study provides clear evidence that camel’s urine has a strong antifungal and antibacterial effect against multi-drug resistant bacteria.

'WHO' wants to make money using cancer!!! So, They are denying camel urine. ( The documentary discusses the enormous amounts of money made by politicians and pharmaceutical companies in the cancer industry.)

Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy

(Alebie G, Yohannes S, Worku A (2017) Therapeutic Applications of Camel’s Milk and Urine against Cancer: Current Development Efforts and Future Perspectives. J Cancer Sci Ther 9:468-478. doi: 10.4172/1948-5956.1000461) 
Camel’s milk and urine are among such natural products enriched with molecules that are safe to humans and endowed with profound anti-cancer properties.

One such source of promising organic substances with profound health benefits & therapeutic values refers to products and byproducts of the dromedary camel, namely camel milk and camel urine.(Alghamdi Z, Khorshid F (2012) Cytotoxicity of the urine of different camel breeds on the proliferation of lung cancer cells, A549. J Nat Sci Res 2: 5.)

Anticancer Effects of Camel’s Milk and Urine

Despite waste product, camel urine has been also used as a source for many therapeutic agents

[Harrison RA, Oliver J, Hasson SS
(2003) Novel sequences encoding venom C-type lectins are conserved in phylogenetically and geographically distinct Echis and Bitis viper species. Gene 315: 95-102.)

. It contains various complex bioactive compounds that could act against carcinogenic agents

(Salwa M, Khogali E, Mohamed OY, Elhassan AM, Shammat AM, et al.(2009) Hepatoprotective effect against carbontetrachloride induced hepatotoxicity in rats. J Sci Techn 10:128-134.)

Drinking camel urine is shown to be effective in treating numerous cancers in human

 (Alhaider AA, El Gendy MA, Korashy HM, El-Kadi AO(2011) Camel urine inhibits the cytochrome P450 1a1 gene expression through an AhR- dependent mechanism in Hep1c1c7 cell line. J Ethnopharmacol 133:184-190.)

Safety Profile
Camel urine is a rich source of natural by-product with no harmful health effect in human. Compounds, such as ammonia and urea known to offer bad smell and toxicity of urine in human and all other animals are lacking or minimal in camel urine. Other distinguishing features of camel urine include; it contains about ten folds more mineral salts than human urine, it is basic with a pH value of 7.8 while human urine is acidic

( Read BE(1925) Chemical constituents of camel’s urine. J Biol Chem 64: 615-617.)

Numerous preclinical and clinical-based investigations have been done thus far on the safety profile of camel’s urine components (PM701, bioactive fraction (PMF) and its sub-fraction (PMFK)). As a result, it has found to be safe to human use as no change in the architectures and hepatotoxic, nephrotoxic effects and any hematological toxicity were observed under all experimental conditions used

(Khorshid FA, Rabah SO, HAbuaraki A, Ali A, Noor SO, et al. (2015) Safety of Oral Administration of PMF a Fraction Derived From Camel Urine: Acute Study on Mice. Int J Emerg Technol Adv Eng 5:6.
Rabah S, Khorshid F, Aboarik H, Hajrah N, Sabir J, et al.(2005) Safety profile of PMF a fraction derived from camel urine on mice (acute study). EnergyEnviron Mater Sci 978: 352-8.
Khorshid FA(2008) Preclinical evaluation of PM 701 in experimental animals. Int J Pharmacol 4: 443-451.)

Notably, these components are found to activate the immune system through enlarging the germinal centers of the white pulp lymph nodules in the spleen

  ( Khorshid FA, Shazly H, Al-Jefery A, Osman AA (2010) Dose escalation phase i study in healthy volunteers to evaluate the safety of a natural product PM 701. Int J pharm Toxic 5:3:91-99.)

Putrid camel urine boosts sleeping sickness research

Smelly camel urine could provide the key to finding a treatment for sleeping sickness, a potentially fatal illness that impacts thousands of people in Africa every year, according to scientists at Trinity College Dublin.

By isolating a metabolic by-product of the trypanosome parasite found in the urine, the biochemists think they may have found a foundation for anti-trypanosome drugs and treatments.

The team, led by Professor in Biochemistry at TCD Derek Nolan, in collaboration with Professor of Biochemistry Luke O'Neill, found the bugs break down amino acids, in the process creating an by product known as indolepyruvate which suppresses immune response.

The research findings were published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Volume 24, Issue 1, January 2017, Pages 23-29

Metabolomic and elemental analysis of camel and bovine urine by GC–MS and ICP–MS

Syed RizwanAhamadaFaiyazShakeel

Recent studies from the author’s laboratory indicated that camel urine possesses antiplatelet activity and anti-cancer activity which is not present in bovine urine...Several research reports reveal the metabolomics studies on camel urine but none of them completely reported the pharmacology related metabolomics. The present data of GC–MS suggest and support the previous studies and activities related to camel urine.
Osama A. Alkhamees, Saud M. Alsanad

Result: There have been several laboratory and limited clinical studies providing evidence of the therapeutic effects of camel urine in the treatment of cancer, viral hepatitis and other viral, bacterial and parasitic infections. Therapeutic uses in the cardiovascular system have also been discovered, with regard to platelet and fibrinolytic actions.
Conclusion: The exploration of the use of camel urine is of great interest to determine the efficacy of this practice, as well as the safety of the patients being treated. This review presented the benefits of camel urine, which were commonly drawn from small laboratory studies. Therefore, many more preclinical and clinical studies are needed to examine the efficacy and safety of the use of camel urine in in the treatment of disease.

Chronic hepatitis and hepatitis C infection

observations using camel urine therapy in patients with
Bilharzial liver disease supported this finding, as significant
improvement was noted in the clinical condition of these
patients with marked resolution of the ascites and morpho-
logical changes of the cirrhotic liver

( O’hag M, Mohamedani AA, Saeed O Kh, Al-Awad AM, El-
Turabi M Kh, Al-Haseen SA. Clinical trials for the treatment of
ascites with camel’s urine. J Arab Board Med Specializations
2000; 7: 25e29.)

Food allergies and other therapeutic benefits of camel milk

 In separate in vitro experiments, it was shown
that camel urine has potent platelet blocking properties
similar to the actions of the widely used anti-platelet
drugs, aspirin and clopidogrel

(Alhaider AA, Abdel Gader AM, Mousa SA. The antiplatelet
properties of camel urine. J Altern Complement Med 2011; 17:

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Re: Camel urine benefits
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2018, 07:21:15 AM »
Brother Osama and other Muslim bloggers already wrote articles about this topic, so yeah.

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Re: Camel urine benefits
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2018, 11:14:31 AM »
yes,I saw. I have just updated  it. I tried to  collecte recent journals. as you see,wikiislam says, camel urine can't cure cancer!  :o as evidence they say, American scientists refuted that discovery. but American society, probably, said it about France where urine therapy was used to cure cancer.
My argument is, American cancer society said this long ago. And it's 2018 now.why 'Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy ' published this discovery in 2017?
Islamphobes say,camel urine causes MERS.
Does Islam recommend to drink urine of a sick camel??my advice to those consuming it as medicine is to be sure it is pure and safe to drink, because it can predisposed one to other diseases if contaminated


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