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Asalam ul laykum brothers and sisters, take a look:

There are few tweaks I need to make, for example how to get rid of the Quran3:19 verse from other pages, so it only shows on Home page and not other pages. Btw most of the Art I will be using are of my own creation. For example the featured image you see on Quran and Science page is my creation through Adobe Photoshop.

Brother Dawud I referenced the work to your facebook page underneath.

jazakallah kayrum.

Asalam ul laykum brother Dawud, great work on your facebook. I will be using ur material and referencing ur facebook page. most of ur articles will be at "Quran&Science" section under Miracles Tab. jazakallah brother.

Walaikum Salam brother Osama, jazakallah brother I will be using material from here as well and will indicate the reference to the specific locations. Brother I set up the forum, currently making forum discussion boards and categories.

Categories I have made for the Menu are: Home, Interfaith, Miracles, Rebuttals, Forum, About, Contact

features: Webchat

Please leave your suggestions, jazakallah.

Asalam ul laykum brothers and sisters, as some of you know I am currently building a website to help spread the message of Islam. in this thread I will be giving updates on what I am adding to the site and will eventually release the date of when I will make it open to public since I made it Hidden because I am still constructing it. please leave ur suggestions on what you would like to see on it.

Asalam ul laykum brother Zoraise, can u take a look at some WordPress what do u think would look good for the theme of the website. Jazakallah.

Asalam ul laykum brothers, the thing is most people do not realize what David Wood is doing. what he is stating about Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim and and Abu Dawud being most reliable sources, isn't necessarily untrue. HOWEVER, he is being ambiguous and not entirely truthful. AFTER Quran, yes these are the most trust sources. but are they completely trusted sources? no their not, the COMPLETELY TRUSTED SOURCE is Quran. He is putting to much emphasis on most reliable sources. What i have learnt watching and listening and debating with Christians and other people is that people while they act like their being honest, by withholding any part of the full truth. but stating only half of the truth then u end up distorting the whole thing. It is a trick they play to fool people to submit to their rhetoric. It isn't surprising they learnt this from Paul the Pharisee.   ;)   

Asalam ul laykum brothers and sisters, I got into bit of a heated debate with couple of Christians on a video comment section of a video of David Woods, see how I exposed these Christian's true intent:

They think we Muslims aren't intelligent until we actually leave Islam LOL!!! See how I expose this with a Quranic verse.

walakum salam brother Zoraise, we are a team bro, just make sure you properly designate the work. jazakallah.

Asalam ul laykum dear brother Osama, I bought the domain   right now it is under construction. But if you want you can eventually add it to the list of Islamic sites that you have. Jazakallah.

Asalam ul laykum brother Zoraise, I looked at the site, I like the format it is simple and clean and good format for just articles. Btw brother, you cut out my name from the work. Make sure when you post an article that you have to include it entirely, meaning you need to add the Title and whom it is by. jazakallah

Asalam ul laykum dear brothers Osama and Zoraise, I would love to get ideas for the website I am building. let me know of your suggestions. Luckily buying the domain is cheap only $18 annually, $2.99 a month. So defiantly this is nothing because the reward of it will be much greater from Allah swt. Again would love some suggestions. Jazakallah kayrum.

I already have a refutation to the Atheist belief, I will make it into a WORD form soon. Most Atheists become at least Theists when they thoroughly and honestly think about Law of Cause and Effect and the singularity of Big Bang Theory.

Asalam ul laykum dear brother Zoraise, yes brother I will look into refuting that video. But I would just like to be updated regarding the video for Ahmed in DSS in Hebrew and this refutation. I will make more works but I do not want to burden you with too much. jazakallah.

Brother u should name it RefuteDavidWood.wordpress then we can add all refuttation to David Wood so any brother looking for rebuttal against people who use his claims can refute them.

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