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According to Hindu Veda who created the universe?

One god was the reason for all the creation. His existence was above the sky (Rig Veda 10:129:1,-2 - 0:129:6, 7)

First of all hernias (one god) only existing here, he create all things in our universe. Universe follows his rules and regulation. he has many sense organ, he saw all the things alone (Rig Veda 10:121:1) (Shwethashathora Upanishad 3:3,4)

What are the basic things of creation of this universe? .one god creates universe by his own power (shuklaya yejur Veda 17:-18)

All the Planet and all the stars are depends to one god (Adarva Veda 13:-5 to 22)
He (one god) created and protects universe, earth, sky and space between sky and earth (Adarva Veda 7:26:4)

Movement of air, sun rises, fire and all things are due to his power (Shwethashathora Upanishath 2:8:1) (Mundako Upanishath 2:2:11)

He controlled the entire world, he is alone. He (Greatness) looking (Vivacious) his creation (Rig Veda 8:25:16) (Shwethashathora Upanishath 16:17)
) According to Hindu Veda who was a Hindu to do worship?

According to Hindu believes Primitive Hindus pray to one god ‘ohm’.

If someone preys to immortal things, they reach to hell. If someone unbelief the god they go to the hell. (Eshavaswa Upanishath 12, 13)

One god creates all the matters in our universe, Deity, paradise and earth. He is the source of all the good things so we pray to him only.
(Rig Veda 10:-81:-1.)
(Shwethashathora Upanishath 3:1)

We Obeisance to one god for the creation of the entire universe.
(Krishna yejur Veda 4:-6 to 9)
(Shwethashathora Upanishath 6:16 to 17)

Rigveda 1:34:11

"Come, O Nasatyas, with the thrice-eleven Gods; come, O Asvins, to the

Rigveda 8:30:2,

"Thus be ye lauded, ye destroyers of the foe, ye Three-and-Thirty Deities, The Gods of man, the Holy Ones."

Rigveda 3:6:9 Atharvaved 20:13:4

"Agni bring hither according to thy wont and gladden the three and thirty gods with their wives..."

Rigveda 1:139:11 says,

"O ye Eleven Gods whose home is heaven, O ye Eleven who make earth your dwelling, Ye who with might, Eleven, live in waters, accept this sacrifice, O Gods, with pleasure."

Rigveda 8:35:3 states,

"Aswins, associated with all the thrice eleven gods, with the Waters, the Maruts, the Bhrigus, and united with the Dawn and the Sun, drink the Soma."

 akam sadhypra bahuda vadandhi " (Rigveda 2:3:6)
" a sholor declare god Essence in different way "

" akam santham bahudha kalpayanthi "(Rigveda 8:6:6)
" a Intelligent understand that essence of god in different way "

"Three times a hundred gods and thrice a thousand and three times ten and nine have worshipped Agni." [Rigveda 3:9:9]

The same number is mentioned in Rigveda 10:52:6 and Shukla Yajurveda 33:7.

Atharvaveda 1:30:3 says,

"All Gods who dwell on earth or in the heavens, in air, within the plants, the cows, the waters. Grant this man life to full old age, and let him escape the hundred other ways of dying."

In another passage (Rigveda 1:27:13) the gods are spoken of as divided into great and small, young and old.

Rigveda 8:30:1

"None of you, o gods, is small or young. You are all great."
In Rigved 1:113:19, Usha, the Dawn, is charaterized as the mother of all gods (devaanaam maataa).
In Rigved 9:87:2, Soma is said to be the father and skilful GENERATOR of the gods (pitaa devaanaam janitaa sudakshah).
Rigved 4:17:4 says

"Some portion of (his strength) Indra derives from his mother, some portion from his father: he who through his progenitor, has begotten (the world), and animates its vigour repeatedly, as the wind is driven by thundering clouds."
ee also Rigved 8:45:4; 8:66:1 and 10:134:1.

In Rigved 6:59:2, Indra and Agni are said to have had one generator and to be twin-brothers (samaano vaamjanitaa bhrataraa yuvam yamaav ihehamaataraa).

Atharvaved 1:30:2 speaks of some of the gods being fathers and others being sons (ye vo devaah pitaro ye cha putraah sachetaso me shrinuta idam uktam).
Rigveda 9:106:8, the gods are said to drink Soma to attain immortality (tvaam vaaso amritaaya kam papuh).


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