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Enough posts on Abdullah Sameer.
« on: August 21, 2017, 06:57:53 AM »
After reading through horribly aid-filth-filled blogs of Abdullah Sameer,that people think are "Brilliant"
Im done with this guy,all of what he said A-Z is just the same claims made by Sam Shamoun,etc,etc in a Different manner so he can seem smart.

I've refuted some of his works,rest of which have already been refuted by others,
and literally he's just looking for fame, he hasn't even told us any VALID reason he left Islam
rather than quoting a book by Richard Dawkins,or Sam Harris to prove a point,and these books have been refuted by Muslims.
and he himself Knows he's just self-deluding himself for fame and money,the way he is in his videos just shows it all,he's working for the fame,not for knowledge,not for teaching,he wants those ad revenues.

And literally he hasn't targetted Islam at all, all he has done is point towards spiritual sides of Islam and blame anything he can find,which shows he's running out of errors,

I can list a few examples which have been plagiarized from Christian apologists and already refuted:
The story of Zainab and Zaid
Muhammad SAW in Petra or Mecca?
Islam copies other religions
Embryology has an Error in islam
Abrogation Myth
Trying to make something like the Quran
Ibn Ishaq's book
Divorce in Islam.
Islam is the cause of Violence(seen in his interviews),etc

Therefore Abdullah Sameer is a Number one plagiarizer,a liar,a troll and a useful idiot who doesn't prove his points
rather just lives in his own ignorance and apparently just left Islam because "It was too strict"
Not because of Flaws.
I think his ignorance has already been exposed enough,after watching his videos and comparing anti-Islamic material to his sayings,Its all clear that he is plagiarizing and just watching Anti-Islamist videos to prove a point.
And theres proof in his own VIDEOS,he literally forces to watch The Masked Arab,etc,etc.
There's no proof of his claims rather than just sayings he mocks instead of researching,so by this we see,he really has no argument,He also is very close-minded.
Rather than searching for what is the TRUE RELIGION he just sits there and blames God for it.
rather than searching he just sits there,making videos,ignoring the teachings of Islam,just using unauthentic books like Ibn Ishaq,etc
doesn't use the Quran in context,uses weak hadiths,etc to prove a point to his gullible followers,so therefore
we see that Abdullah Sameer is a huge liar and he has no arguments and it makes me doubt,was he ever a Practising or researching Muslim? Or he just went and did Da'wah for no reason?

And on the issue of Black Magic,evil eye,Jinns,etc,etc
People have witnessed it first-hand like me,this is the Non-physical side of Islam,if the Physical side of Islam is completely true therefore the Non-physical side instantly becomes true,so we see that Islam has not even be challenged by Abdullah Sameer,he's just recycled arguments,copied the Masked arab and other youtubers,and just heavily cherrypicks from the Qur'an.
And we conclude:
Abdullah Sameer is no different than Bill Maher,Sam Harris,Richard Dawkins,Sam Shamoun,Brother Rachid or any of these people,his arguments are just gonna eventually fade away like mist due to how bad they are,infact in his blogs comments,people have already REFUTED HIM,and literally he told them to Screw off,and was being rude to them like every Atheist,one person got banned for refuting him, and the others who refuted him SILENCED him,he never responded to the ones who refuted him,he only responded to those who asked Questions,so this just shows the Ignorance of this man.


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