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I am reading the Wikipedia article about Saudi Arabia, and the (Wikipedia) article "Women's Right in Saudi Arabia".  The article mentions how weak women are in the country, that no one protects them, that they were inferior to men especially in the court... you can see how much is the article demonizing Saudi Arabia. I mean, can anybody help me to stop that? I'm sick of all the lies about Saudi.

Also, there is also an article that mention a Briton jailed in Saudi (now he's/she's freed), now I don't know whether it is an old news or what, all I care about is it true or not?

Thank you.

I was reading a Wikipedia article about Leonine City, and then I found a statement that said the wall was built as a defense for "Muslim raiders". WHAT??

Any historians out there? I believe it is just another myth propagated by the orientalists.

Thx ..

Assalamu'alaikum wrb.

Brother, in one of your article, "Does Islam Believe in Evolution?", i saw you wrote "the faculty of God like knowledge and will, which, if rightly used, would give man superiority over other creatures". What I don't get it is why you wrote in the article "God like knowledge"? Whereas God (Allah) is far more superior than anything.

Assalamu'alaikum wrb.

Brother, I've read your article called "Can Muslims take non-Muslims as friends?", and I saw you wrote in the article that some Jews and Christians can go to heaven. How it is possible? Whereas the only religion accepted by Allah is Islam.

Thank you.

Note: For Jews and Christians, if you are reading this, let me clarify to you that I, as a Muslim, can still be kind with you. This question is, however, is a part of a Muslim's creed, that the only one religion which was accepted by Allah is Islam.

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