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As salamu 'alaikum dear brothers and sisters in Islam! I'm a Muslim and a complete newbie to this blog, and I REALLY URGENTLY need your answer to this question: ISLAM ALLOWS AMULETS CONTAINING QUR'ANIC VERSES, SURAHS AND/OR SPECIAL DUAS??? Could you please give me COMPLETE DETAILS about which madhabs or sects of Islam allow it, on what occasions it is allowed and also hadiths about its allowance? I'm currently using an amulet given to me by a khateeb of a mosque (I don't know if he himself or some other, possibly more pious person e.g. a "pir" or auliya made it) and it's a very small closed metallic cylinder with an even smaller ring through which a string is passed and tied to my arm. The khateeb told me that the amulet contains paper on which is written "Allah's kalaam". I told him that the website "" says that some of the sahaabah completely forbade us to use amulets, while others allowed using them provided that they contain only clearly written Qur'anic verses, sahih ahadith and/or names and attributes of Allah and nothing else. The site also quoted many ahadith and the site's shaykhs came to the conclusion that is impermissible. I also told him that in the book "Qur'aner Aalo" (a Bengali book; the title translates to English as "The Light Of The Qur'an"), 3rd edition, by Mohammad Amjad Hossain Chowdhury (published by Darul Hikmah Bangladesh) on pg. 52 it's written that Muhammad (peace be upon him) forbade us to believe in the beneficial properties of "taabeej" (Bengali for amulet). I also told him that I have read quite a number of sahih hadiths saying that Muhammad (peace be upon him) himself during ailments used to recite particular surahs and blow on his palms and rub his palms over his face and reachable body parts' and also used to recite Surah Al Fatiha and blow on water before drinking, and also used to prescribe these 2 actions to his followers, I have not read a single hadith- sahih or not- saying that he used amulets or prescribed them to his followers. He said that it's "jayez" (I think it means allowed) to use amulets containing Qur'anic verses, surahs and/or special duas, but it's forbidden to use other types of amulets e.g. seashells and also amulets containing paper on which praises, invocations etc. to pre-Islamic Arabs' gods and/or goddesses are written (which he said was practised by pre-Islamic Arabs).
P.S.: I live in Bangladesh and here (and also in many other parts of the Subcontinent) amulets are very popular not only among Muslims but also among Hindus.             

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Purpose of amulet? Is it for bringing good fortune, wealth or protection from sorcery?

When dealing with 'unseen' matters something that we could not measure or judge (unaccounted future events) . Never rely on creations. Just seek protection from the Creator.
So there is not of a need of an amulet as you can just ask directly to God for protection anytime anywhere by heart, not needing to even voice it out.

If an undesirable event had befall upon someone,
lets say if that person is sick, with rare sickness , modern medicines could not be of aid.
he takes an amulet from a box which contain the "same few" verses . believing that few verses will be able to give cure.
What prevents him from just taking a book of Quran that contains "all" verse  and use it  as an amulet.

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Wa laikumus salam akhi shoumik,

I am from Bangladesh too. And amulet or tabij is not permitted. Majority of the salfe salehin prohibited it. You may want to buy the book ‘The Fundamentals of Tawheed’ by dr Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips. You will get that from Tawheed publications. That book is a masterpiece and will answer many of ur questions.

And as a Bangladeshi too, a piece of suggestion. Do not trust our local scholars. Always seek ur answers in Quran and sahih hadith, which most of our country’s local scholars don’t follow. You should immediately leave the Tabij. আর পীর দের তো ধারে কাছেও যাবা না! Only follow authentic scholars and books. You will get authentic bookz from Tawheed publications, peace publications etc.

And yeah Jayez means allowed :P

Allah Hafiz dear brother
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