Author Topic: The question of the famous Passover Seder, this great family meal of the Jews:  (Read 1614 times)

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Was Jesus' Last Supper a Passover seder? And the answer will probably be yes !!
Is there a connection between the Jewish Passover and the Christian Passover ... Yes of course and a close relationship? Yet Jesus could very well have known what a "seder" was, and for having modeled his Last Supper on it, even if the elements of the primitive seder were born decades after his death. It is because Jesus was, as we know, a Jew respectful of the commandments and that on the day of Pesach he went naturally to the Temple to sacrifice a lamb on the altar of the Temple, as biblically prescribed

"You will sacrifice the Passover offering ... where the Lord ... will dwell his name [Temple of Jerusalem]" (Deuteronomy 16: 2)

He was celebrating Pesach, moreover, it was on this occasion that he was arrested by the Romans, tried and condemned. And from there, there was the development of all Christian theology of the Last Supper, although no seder of this kind could have been practiced in the time of Jesus.



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