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Refutation of the Trinity.
« on: August 22, 2016, 09:15:24 AM »
                                                             Refuting the Mythical Trinity
First of All:
Let's start with the writer of the Bible we know today itself that is PAUL.
When you ask a common Christian on the street "Who wrote the Bible?"
Afcourse he will say Paul,now let's get more into the HISTORY of Paul,
Paul was born on AD 5 and died in AD 67,Now between these year's he NEVER EVER visited Jerusalem where Jesus PBUH was,until before his death,he was in Damascus in AD 40s.
Paul preached to the GENTILE'S OF ROME,note that down,he didn't fulfill The Bible,The Bible speaks of a prophet who will preach to the Easterners
and he was in TURKEY!,not Arabia,when we get more in-depth of the bible,he was not a warrior,he fought with INNOCENT'S,not the Army-men he destructed every men,women,child
he saw,he was beheaded in Rome,he also added up and edited The Bible,so if he was the Apostle of the Bible as most of these Christian-Cross-Worshippers claim,
Why did he not die and preach ALL HIS LIFE in Arabia?,Infact The Bible has Paganic elements to it,the Knot and Cross sign of the bible is the sign of a Egyptian pagan god,
So indeed Paul was no apostle,but a worshipper of the Egyptian pagan god,

Now second of all:
The errors in the Trinity
The Trinity itself is a paganic thing,
It tries to make Jesus PBUH a pagan god,astaghfirullah,
This is what Trinity tries to do,
Before The Christians Indian believed in it
they made God into 3 sections
Indian Trinity consists of Brahma, Fishna, and Seva
But the one that matches with the Trinity the MOST is Egyptian Paganism,
Ozirous, Izes, and Hoars,The Egyptian believe it in the same Order the Trinitarians believe it
Egyptian Pagans believe Izes is the son of Ozirous and Hoars is a SPIRIT,sound familiar? does doesn't it? So the Churches that formed 300 years after Jesus,most likely copied it out of Egyptian Paganism.
 of all:
Trinity DEGRADES God,
The Trinity give's human attribute's to God,how can God be a God if he has a Son?
Basically Trinity say's God is HUMAN,astaghfirullah,God cannot have physical Contact with Mary,instead
God kept Jesus in her instead of having Physical Contact,
It is simply Illogical for God to have a son,God cannot have a son since god is not PHYSICAL,as the Qur'an explains beautifully,كُنْ فَيَكُونُ "He says Be and It is!",
So Allah said to Jesus "Be" or "كُنْ",and HE WAS!,Qur'an is indeed the word of God,without Qur'an and Islam NO Religion is true,
Fourth and Last of All:
Jesus cannot be the Son of god,
if he was how come It was GOD who gave him power,he should've had powers himself,
and how could he,according to Christians BE KILLED?!,It is simply Illogical for God's son as Christians claim TO DIE!
Infact,not only that,once we look more in-depth we realize Jesus NEVER died,
There are soooo many verse's pointing Jesus iived through it,so indeed,Christian's are deceiver's,
The Christians are soo big of Deceiver's one of them claims she was "30 days in hell" and ended up in a mental hospital
There are soo many fake testimonies by dumb Christians,Christians are fraudulent,once we disprove them they blame us for
                                                                  Jazak-Allah Khayrun

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Re: Refutation of the Trinity.
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2018, 09:52:34 AM »

 Salam alekom brother,

  Did I understood rightly you said Paul is writer of Bible !?

  Because if so then this is wrong brother Paul wrote what we can say 50% of the 27 NT books and some of those books or letters Christians ASSUME it is from him while the source is unknown such as Hebrew book.

 Paul never every taught Trinity nor mentioned Divinity of Jesus.

 Even his words refutes this doctrine for example he says:

 [KJV][Eph.1.17][That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:]

 LORD JESUS CHRIST have GOD and this God is FATHER.

 So I guess I now defended Paul :)

   To destroy doctrine of Trinity the bible can be used as this Doctrine of Trinity is NOT in the bible at all this is why they even had two change some verses such as Matthew 28:19 and 1 John 5:7 to insert some how the formula of Trinity.


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