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It is so simple. The people of the book include everyone who reads a holy book that they claim to be from god.

I think you hate that I'm a feminist.

There is a difference between a strong woman, and a feminist.  To put it simply for you, Islam is 100% anti feminist.  Women are EXPECTED to be obedient to their husbands, and to submit to them.  On the other hand, the husbands are EXPECTED to meet their responsibilities:

1-  Financially.
2-  Emotionally, by being the wise authority of the family and the home.
3-  Patiently, by absorbing the everyday issues that arise in his household and to resolve the issues with wisdom and compassion.
4-  To be loving and supporting to his wife and his children.
5-  To defend until the last breath and drop of blood in him his wife and children, and of course his parents and family and neighbors and community in general as long as it is for Justice.  Injustice is forbidden in Islam, and Muslims are commanded to stand out for Justice even if it's against their own selves, their parents, rich or poor.  There are many Noble Verses such as the following in the Glorious Quran:

"O ye who believe! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to God, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be (against) rich or poor: for God can best protect both..... (The Noble Quran, 4:135)"

But the wife must submit entirely to her husband!  Her Lord is her husband.  Her head is her husband.  Her master is her husband.  Whatever he asks her or tells her to do, as long as it is reasonable and not disobeying to the Will of Allah Almighty, then she must obey and do.  He can even order her to not go out of the home, and she must obey:

"Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because God has given the one more (strength) than the other, and because they support them from their means. Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient, and guard in (the husband's) absence what God would have them guard. As to those women on whose part ye fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them (first), (Next), refuse to share their beds, (And last) beat them (lightly); but if they return to obedience, seek not against them Means (of annoyance): For God is Most High, great (above you all). (The Noble Quran, 4:34)"

To the reader, please visit: to see how the "beating" also means to leave, and I've proven this from both the Glorious Quran and the Hadiths.  This is especially important for the Muslims who live in countries that criminalize spousal beating, or beating of any family member, in general.  All Western countries have these laws.

This is Islam.  If you don't like it, then I sincerely suggest that you leave it.  You're no more than a fast food "Muslim" anyway.  Really, fast food people like you who enter our community spoil it.  They do far more damage and harm than good.

You will never find peace and happiness.  Men are your eternal enemies by VIRTUE OF THEM BEING MALES!  You'll always be single and hateful to men and even to women.  Your hostility comes from jealousy towards the successful women who are living in peace and love and harmony in their marriages.  Women like you seek these women to destroy their marriages.  You pretend to be their sister and best friend, while in reality you're no more than a snake that seeks to spoil them and destroy their lives, and their husbands' and children's lives as well.  You're snare is probably eating you alive right now.

So I sinerely and seriously advise you to reconsider Islam.  It may not be for you, after all.  Seriously, you're just far too hateful.

Osama Abdallah

You've just confirmed what I've suspected Islam to be. With Islam like this, I can't--it makes me sad that Islam for a woman means what you've said above. So, I support the USA's invasions of Iraq and Afganistan. And, I have a feeling that no matter what Jihad is started, Islam will lose.

Before I learned about how sexist islam was, I used to be so sad to discover that some Muslims have become Christians. I used to think, Islam is so nice, in that it's all about worshipping ONE GOD. I didn't know that it was about the man being the woman's lord.

Anyway, what's done is done. At the end of the day (after death), Allah is the only real and fair judge. He'll know who was right or wrong. He will know who was misguided. And He will know who was "causing mischieve in the land".

The truth is: I'm no messiah or prophet. I'm not responsible for anyone's soul. My opinion doesn't really matter. I might be right: I might be wrong.

And I will, for your benefit and my benefit, stop fighting for the rights of muslims. I won't care about any muslim. I won't give zakat, because, they have husbands to...


We also need a section for islamic pessimists and sceptics

that is not a new idea  .... I have suggested:

Clarifications about Islam :Answering anti-Islamic Allegations

Disagreement in Islam ,This forum should gives muslims against muslims a chance to voice their opinion, albeit interpreted as anti-islamic

that is (answering-christianity ),it means to concentrate all our efforts to that goal ,instead of wasting the efforts answering the small muslim sects .
the last quotation , just exposes more and more your identity , you as a hater hypocrite , would love to watch the muslims involved in MUSLIM VS MUSLIM debates.....
that is one of the beloved goals of the haters of Islam,is to widen as mush as possible the disputes between muslims..

I still don't know the goal of this forum
the goal of  this forum is to protect the muslims from the people of your goal.

I see muslim on this forum usually chicken-out of answering an "anti-islamic" question by slander and accusations of hypocricy.

we have in the forum other memebrs who usually bring anti islamic points, yet they receive all the respect and praise....   so why you are the only we treat you otherwise? ... I think you will never understand why the people disrespect you whether in real life or online ... and you will continue to play the victim...

well ,You have prated that prattle long enough. If you can't come up with anything better with me, I suggest that you come up with nothing at all. Enough is enough. My patience in teetering on the edge of incivility. You'd do well to remember what Abe Lincoln said about keeping your mouth closed?
I think you hate that I'm a feminist. I can't see any other reason. I'm not a victim. Never have. I'm a survivor. My enemies are six-feet under. I'm still alive. I guess Life respects me.

A woman is like a rose, the arabs say... She has thorns. Be careful how you handle a woman. I smell beautiful; look beautiful; but, I can make you bleed.

I have been keeping my mouth shut. I let my fingers do the talking.

You have a preset idea of what a woman is meant to say. So, now, when you meet a woman that doesn't fit your small submissive role, you panic. I mean, at first, you thought I was a man. How could a woman cause so much chaos? Only men are able to be on the offensive! But, guess what, you have to rethink your old oppressive ways. It's a new world.

The other reason might be that muslim are, seemingly not used to being challenged by their own muslim. You would probably rather eat from the same plate as Bin Ladin, that have to deal with muslim, like myself, who protest against human rights abuses by muslims. I might be against some of the so-called islamic practices, but I'm not one of those who kill and rape and force into prostitution fellow female and child muslims.

And we need something for the ladies. I mean you cannot possibly neglect us, feminists, can you?

We also need a section for islamic pessimists and sceptics like myself. I see muslim on this forum usually chicken-out of answering an "anti-islamic" question by slander and accusations of hypocricy.

For example:

1>Women in Islam
>> Feminist Views

2> Disagreement in Islam
>> Scepticism in Islam

Muslim are divided. So, the moderators of this forum should accept that fact. One example is the division between shiites and sunies. This forum should gives muslims against muslims a chance to voice their opinion, albeit interpreted as anti-islamic.

I still don't know the goal of this forum, but insha'allah, we'll somehow stumble across the real purpose of islam and hopefully be better people, worthy of paradise. Amen

In Islam / Re: Allah blesses women
« on: September 29, 2012, 05:10:48 AM »
Please explain how a man can feel "bullied" by a woman's appearance.

When you get repeatedly turned-on, without being able to succumb to this temptation. It is a torture. It is Tantalus's punishment.

You can exercise self-control on moderate levels of temptation, but beyond some point, it becomes impossible. You cannot build a society by repressing desire. This energy has to flow somewhere. It is better to channel this energy in constructive ways, instead of desperately trying to suppress it with harsh and violent laws (or inner codes of conduct). What did they achieve with this brutal method? In my opinion, just frustration and unhappiness.

In most non-Muslim countries (in the West and elsewhere), they do not need these repressive laws. They distinguish between harrassment and legitimate courtship. In those countries, women have the right to attract men with provocative dress, and they enjoy being respectfully (but confidently) approached and complimented. They also have the right to decline sollicitations (more or less politely) from unwanted approaches, and rejected men silently move on to the next. And life goes on for everyone.

There are many problems associated with this more liberal way of life, but in practice, Muslim societies have certainly not found the solution to them.

In Islam / Re: Allah blesses women
« on: September 27, 2012, 10:38:36 AM »
In Muslim countries, women on streets get harrassed because men feel "bullied" by female appearance,

Please explain how a man can feel "bullied" by a woman's appearance.

and they try to overcome this feeling of vulnerability by getting aggressive

When Muslim women respect male sensitivity, they will no longer need hijabs and [...]

I have to disagree with the above. I think [bold] muslim men [/bold] should take responsiblity for their actions, and learn to control their actions. The muslim governments must toughen laws against those harassers. We need sharia-reforms that will protect women--and their freedom to dress and act as provocatively as they please. 

I think so. If you've said your debt, you are no longer a debtor. So, I think that executed criminals will go straight into heaven.

In Islam / Re: Allah blesses women
« on: September 23, 2012, 01:15:08 PM »
I have, while still catholic, read the bible from genesus to revelation.

Since i had abandoned christianity to be "muslim", i haven't read the bible, except for verses quoted online.

I don't care what the bible says about polygamy. Christians, and their deeds are not my problem.

I just meant to state how "allah blesses women", but i regret what has become of this topic. This topic has meant my persecution.

Mokko, you are a very sensible man. You got me thinking that maybe Egyptian and Final Overture might be single. They have to be--what married man would have the time to do what they have been?

I believe that love is an important part of marriage. When you love your spouse, you don't look for a replacement or auxiliary when they get bed-ridden. When you love your spouse, you don't try to lessen your burden by looking for a second wife; you understand that marriage is a job made for one woman; marriage is not an assembly line; marriage is artistry; marriage can be a masterpiece by one woman. When you love someone you don't judge him by his bank account; marriage is not for convenience; two people can work together to build an empire; and if you fail--so what? When you love someone you stick by their side thru the flood and drought; you work on your marriage, even as peasants. When you love your spouse, even after aging, or sickness or injury or faded beauty, you remember that they are still the same in spirit; you see the  person you first felt in love with even behind their wrinkles.

I could go on and on...and on... You get the point...if you know what love is.

But, many muslim don't know the meaning of the word. They cannot get it (love) around their heads, or in their hearts. In islam love is not a requisite for marriage. Marriage is just about a dower and...hmm, that's about it. It's very sad for me. But, maybe I'm just being sentimental. Mothers are not even required to love their children. In many cases, they breast-feed their kids for monetry compensation. How would you feel to know that your mother only mothered you because she was being paid. Thankfull, their are plenty of muslim mothers who love their children dearly over and above what is required by sharia law. It's also good to know that their are muslim couples who love each other dearly and unconditionally.

For the single guys who spend their lonely lives defending polygamy: don't worry inshalla you'll have a hot wife (or 4) and precious children to keep you occupied.

I actually live in a free country. I'm free to do what i like as long as i don't break the laws. So, i didn't start this thread out of frustration. I'm free. It just irritates me when muslim women, out of desperation for food parcels, go to madrassa, to be indoctrinated into believing that they are useless without men--even jobless, drunkard men. These women are already suffering from low levels of motivation, but these muslim institutions don't address the causes of these social dysfunctions. All they do is hand out food parcels. And, the only way for these literally poor muslim women to get those food parcels, is to attend regular madrassa during working hours, so they can't even have jobs. Even in this free country, muslim women indoctrinated like this don't finish school, don't live decent lives. These women are talked into marrying foreign men to secure a home and food. These women don't even get dowers. Many of them still have to rely on state social grants, because their husbands don't work to support them.

So, was it wrong for me to have hope for them--hope that allah can be gracious to such women?

In Islam / Re: Allah blesses women
« on: September 23, 2012, 09:53:22 AM »

Antiaparteid, I feel sad about this thread, because your opponents fell in the trap of sending threats and anathems

May be her language "see her expressions with daughter of Islam" could be tolerated in non-religious forum , but we can't simply ,allow such slutty language in Muslim's forum....

the rest of your post ,mokko,is as usual balanced ....  and hope you one day initiate a thread ,attracts me to participate....

wish all the non-Muslims learn your style of how to properly convey their point of view ,without hiding themselves behind a Muslim identity ,nor the licking language of Antiaparteid !...

all the best
what slutty language? I'm not the one fantasying second wives for my husband. I'm not the one who want my husband to double dip me and another woman. I'm not a slut. I respect my body. My body is not up for negotiation. I'm a strong woman who can handle all my house chores and my man by myself and give birth to my own children. I'm not useless like many other muslim women who can't do basic things like look after their own men and families without having to resort to polygamy. Polygamy is for women with no self-respect. Even the pagans practiced polygamy! How does polygamy make muslims better than the pagans? You carry on as though polygamy were a commandment. This topic was not about polygamy. But, daughter of islam just had to hijack it with her dirty laundry. She made my whole thread smell like old raw fish. It was disgusting. Then she had to tell me that i was blind. Blind to what? Other women's husbands? How can i go to hell for not advocating polygamy? How can i go to hell for being stupid enough to ever believe that allah could bless women?

In Islam / Allah does not bless women
« on: September 23, 2012, 04:14:27 AM »
Why do women do salat behind men? It's simple. Men pray to allah; women pray to men. That is why i cannot call myself muslim, anymore.

A woman doesn't have to ask her husband for permission to cook or clean for him; but she has to ask his permission to pray. Cooking and cleaning is the woman's duty; praying to his allah is a privilage. That is why I am no longer muslim.

The man submits to allah; while the woman submits to the man. The man obeys allah; while the woman obeys the man. The man is blessed by allah; while the woman is blessed by the man. That is why i am not a muslim.

I'd need a sex-change to be truly muslim. That is why i hate islam.

I am a hypocrit because i do not submit to men. I am a hypocrit because i believed that allah could possibly bless women. I am a hypocrit because i thought there was mercy and hope for women. I am a hypocrit because i thought that women could be independent. I am a woman because i do not believe in adam and eve plus aisha plus this woman and that woman. I am a hypocrit because i don't always agree with men. I am a hypocrit because i am not a bible basher. I am a hypocrit because i love my neighbors as i love myself. I am a hypocrit because i don't search for the bad in other religions. I am a hypocrit because i believe i am strong. I am a hypocrit because i have morals. I am a hypocrit because i believe men and women are equal. I am a hypocrit because i don't believe that men are always right. I am a hypocrit because i think about the well-being of children.

The God, Almighty in whom I believe is neither male nor female. My God loves every one of his creations. My God is there for anyone who reaches out to him. My God blesses everyone, male and female, black and white, big and small, young and old, rich and poor, healthy and sickly, big and small, learned and unlettered, those with big faith and those with only little faith. My God is the same to everyone........................ But, allah is very different. Allah only loves men. Allah hates women; and only tolerates them with the man's permission. Allah is a puppet who's master is the man. Allah is the man's ego. Men worship their egos aka allah. The christians worship the flesh; while the muslims (males) worship the male ego. The muslim women also worship the flesh--their muslim males.

In Islam / Re: Allah blesses women
« on: September 22, 2012, 01:57:33 PM »
Muslims are depraved. Christians, jews, muslims clearly pray to different gods--imaginary. The qur'an is nothing but propaganda. I'm no longer muslim, thanx to you muslims. I hate islam.

Hadiths & Sunna, and Prophet Muhammad's Person / Re: The beard in Islam
« on: September 21, 2012, 08:07:43 AM »
Just google "beardless boy islam". Ever heard of "bacha bareech"?

I didn't mean to offend.

In Islam / Re: Allah blesses women
« on: September 21, 2012, 07:38:31 AM »
Oh, so second wives are actually glorified maids? Wonderful. I know, people can't afford maids these days. And if your husband got disabled, or couldn't cope working, or couldn't have more kids, would you consider a second husband to make things easier for him? I'm sure, you'd really be turned on, hearing the moans  and screams of pleasure from the woman being throbbed and licked and made love to by your husband, in the other room, trying to make brothers and sisters for your son. How nice! You'd be living in jenna already. Or are you going to tell your husband to find an unexpressive, dull wife who just looks at the ceiling till it's over, for your sake? Would you and your co-wife take turns in washing each other's dirty sheets?

If i hurt you, daughter of islam, by my comment, you're welcome, it was my pleasure. :)

Hadiths & Sunna, and Prophet Muhammad's Person / Re: The beard in Islam
« on: September 21, 2012, 12:31:28 AM »
Muslim men must keep a beard because (muslim men's) looking into a beardless face gives them homosexual, and pedophilic desires. So, if you don't want other muslim men desiring you, you should keep your beard.

In Islam / Re: Allah blesses women
« on: September 21, 2012, 12:24:12 AM »
Muslim women are too submissive to men--not submissive enough to allah. You know that a woman must first get her husband's permission to pray at home?

Muslim men are hard-wired in their thinking. They have been brought up to believe that they are superior to women. The man is always right. The man is the protector.

"The man will provide for you. Get a husband."

 "Don't go into the corporate world--it's the West trying to corrupt us. The woman's place is in the kitchen."

 "Muslim homes are so inhygienic and rat-infested these days because the wives are out working."

 "If your husband refuses to work, don't get a job, just stand in a queue to receive food parcels."

 "We can't help you find a job, but we'll nikka you up with a muslim foreigner."

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