Author Topic: Morocco could blow up another SUNNI Arab Spring, insha'Allah  (Read 1710 times)

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Morocco could blow up another SUNNI Arab Spring, insha'Allah
« on: December 11, 2022, 11:00:02 AM »
As'salamu Alaikum Everyone,

The previous "Arab Spring", which claimed the lives of a few Arab dictators, and have thoroughly exposed the filth of the shias for what enemies to Islam they are, and has broken the iron grip of the West on the Middle East, this spring all blew up because a Muslim man selling vegetables on a small cart setting himself up on fire due to the oppression of the then corrupt government and police in a humble and small village in Tunesia.

Morocco's continuous Fifa victories is causing the Arab nations from the Atlantic Ocean to the Persian Gulf to errupt.  This may insha'Allah bring the Sunni Muslims to rise and remove all of the corrupt dictators that are ruling them, especially that the rise of the western LGBT there, and open homosexuality and open lewdness and drugs are on the rise in Saudi Arabia.  This is becoming more and more noticeable.  Visit also the horn of satan will come from Saudi Arabia Islamic prophecy:


Keep in mind that Saudi Arabia had also recently fulfilled the following alarming Prophecy in 2020:


When pilgrimage is denied prophecy:

Prophet Muhammad said:
"The Hour (Day of Judgment) will not be established until the Hajj (pilgrimage) to the House of Allah Almighty (i.e., the Kaaba in Mecca) is not carried out (i.e., Hajj becomes prevented / abandoned / denied / stopped)  حتى لا يحج البيت ."
(Sahih Bukhari, Volume 2, Book 26, Number 663)
لاَ تَقُومُ السَّاعَةُ حَتَّى لاَ يُحَجَّ الْبَيْت


(Click to enlarge)

Mecca usually receives 1.5 to 2.5 million pilgrims every year.  But during the Corona pandemic in 2020:  

1-  "It’s a far greater figure than last year’s largely symbolic Hajj that saw fewer than 1,000 people from within the kingdom taking part." (Aljazeera)

2-  "Unprecedented' Hajj begins -- with 1,000 pilgrims, rather than the usual 2 million" (CNN)


2020 Hajj during Corona:



The Scientific Miracles Prophecy [1] [2].


Sheikh Hamza Yusuf (Muslim convert Mark Hanson) [1] [2] on some of Islam's STUNNING End of Times Prophecies [1] [2] including ISIS:

If Saudi Arabia goes into an all out revolution against the worshipers of satan there, and their Al-Salaf Al-Salih (sarcasm) toilet papers, then all of the Arab and possibly even the Muslim world's nations will erupt and unite, insha'Allah.

I believe if Morocco wins the Fifa world cup insha'Allah, this will create so much unified energy among all SUNNI MUSLIM ARABS, that this may turn into an all out Arab Spring Revolution, insha'Allah.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah


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